Hello everyone once again. This here is Cory of PRIVATE Corp with the final story to this trilogy known as the Ed, Edd n Eddy Project and now this is the moment I have been waiting for… it's time to bring all of the nonsense that has been going on in the past two stories and wrap them up in a pretty bow. But it's not going to be easy in this story.

Now then, to give a good explanation, this here is actually a THREE-WAY crossover with the Ed boys as the stars, the Soul Eater world as my playground, and one particular series that is going to interlock together to form a back-story. Plus I got a ton of original content and guest characters coming from other genres… and like I said: this is all going to take place on Earth, not in space. So this is going to add a little more variety to what I'm working on.

Also note that this story has some heavy original content, especially when it comes to students attending the Academy, so if you are familiar with the Soul Eater series and want to have your character to be part in this story, please contact me through a message and not in a review. And speaking of original content: this story contains an original character/canon character relationship. If you are offended by this pairing, please either refrain from flaming or leave the story alone. That will be your only warning.

And so, we will begin a new story with an original take to this idea, and we will begin the end to the Project. So let's begin!

Legal Stuff: I DO NOT own Ed, Edd n Eddy or Soul Eater. The Ed boys are copyrighted by the great Danny Antonucci and the team at AKA Studios, and the world and characters of Soul Eater is copyrighted by Atsushi Okubo. All original characters and other characters guest-starring belong to their original creators, and every other original content belongs to me.

Chapter One – The Ed Boys Rise Again!
There a Weapon's Soul inside of Ed?


A lone cricket slowly chirps on in the dead of night, its sad song echoing off the hallow walls of sleeping buildings. Mixed in with this song is an unusual heavy stream of a low laughter, sounding very close to a snickering wheeze, as the two sounds fill up the nighttime air of a mid-sized town. The hour is late into the night and there is not a single brave soul to wander the barren streets, including the creatures of the night and the lone patrolman that is supposed to be protecting these streets. This leaves only a very peaceful atmosphere over the town, blanketing over the people and animals, telling each and everyone to sleep peacefully away and not worry about the outside world.

Despite all of this however, there is one set of noise echoing all around being loud enough to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere.

Rudely calling out into the night, a pair of girlfriends drunkenly stumbles down the sidewalk, their movements varying as the two women laugh merrily and loudly over whatever they are talking about. Both women reek with the scent of strong alcohol and the two of them are dressed very poorly, despite the two women wearing fine clothing. Their hair have been ruffled up, the straps to their dresses are loosely hanging off their shoulders, their shoes are barely on their feet, and the women are swaying all over the sidewalk, all in an attempt to get to one of the women's home.

With the alcohol controlling their every move, the two women keep a smile on their faces as they began to recall the events prior to getting the alcohol in their systems. "Oh man, did you see what Delilah did back there?" the first woman, a brunette, asked in her slurred voice. "I thought she was really serious about doing all of that to Bobby."

"Oh, you mean where she was going to pour her drink down his pants, all in an attempt to change out and…" the second woman, a redhead, commented before bursting into a spontaneous giggle.

"Yeah, that little skit, and it almost work too. If she wasn't so drunk off her ass and a lot quieter…"

"She would have that flamboy in her grasp, but he woke up too soon and started eating right at her!" the redhead snorted, pressing the near empty bottle of liquor to her lips to take a swing. "Ah, that'll probably be his only time seeing the real thing right in his face!"

"That lucky son-of-a-bitch," the brunette mumbled, pulling up her bottle to view the amount of liquid inside, only to find a few intoxicating drops left. "If I were in Delilah's shoes, I'll do anything to let that man get a peek at me."

"So those aren't your shoes, then?" the redhead asked.

The brunette takes one good drunk look down at the shoes that are loosely gripping onto her feet and she flashes a sly smile on her face. "I can't remember if these are mine or hers," she answered. "If these are hers then there's nothing she can do to get them back from me…"

Following this statement, the woman takes her near empty bottle and drinks the last few drops, all before tossing the bottle over her shoulder and allows the glass to shatter into many various fragments. "And you know what? Delilah can screw herself if she thinks she can get a man through drinking," she started. "I don't need any of that to get the mood. If you just put me in front of any man you can get and set up an audience, and I'll put on a show you've never seen before."

"And before you know it, you'll be getting this week's paycheck if you really go with that," the redhead retorted, before the women howl in a drunken laughter. As they are walking, they approach an abandoned alleyway with no visible or audible signs of wildlife or people roaming around its dark corridors. The redhead checks her bottle to see if there is anything left to drink, only to come up empty, and the woman begins to feel a tingling sensation right between her legs. "Hey, I need to go take a leek," she commented. "Do you mind keeping an eye out for any perverts or other freaks?"

"Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea," the brunette replied, sounding serious despite the alcohol controlling her. "Haven't you heard the news about some serial killer roaming around in this area and killing off every woman he can find?"

"Now where you're getting that bull-crap from? Have you been spending all-nighters again watching those thrillers? You know what those movies do to you… and now you're going to have to spend the night at my place again."

"No, I'm being serious about this! I heard on the news that there's this man that's in this area and he's killing everyone he sees, mostly women! We need to get inside before that man finds us out here!"

"Would you just relax? There's no one out on these streets and if they were, no stupid man is going to touch us. As long as the two of us stick together, we'll be back at my place before this serial killer finds us."

"Are you sure?"

"I swear on it, drunk or not," the redhead replied, raising a hand. "Now then, be a good little girl and guard the entrance while I go take care of business."

Knowing that they are safe for the moment, the brunette puts on a sly smile and her friend leans over to give her a kiss before heading into the alley. The first woman starts to walk back and forth between the entrance of the alley, behaving like a drunken guard, and the redhead heads down far enough to be in the shadows and out of eyesight. With only the moonlight helping her to see, the woman slides her hands into her skirt to remove her underwear, and lowers them enough to where she needs them to do her business. Noticing a dumpster nearby hidden partially in the shadows, the redhead takes her empty bottle and positions it under her, planning on using that for her toilet and then tossing the bottle into the dumpster.

With everything in place, the woman squats down and starts to go, but she cannot feel anything coming out. Just as she begins to wonder why she could not go, one short, sharp bang rings out from the entrance, and the redhead looks towards the entrance to notice her friend stumbling towards her. There is another bang, clearly the sound of a gunshot, and the brunette grasps onto her shoulder as she tries to reach her friend. However, she did not get too far, as the poor woman collapses to the ground, bleeding from her shoulder and stomach. The redhead tries to head over to her fallen friend, but a hulking shadow slowly walks into the alleyway.

The redhead is now stricken with fear as she gazes upon a large man hiding among the shadows. With some moonlight to give her an accurate identity, she can see that the man is well-built, possibly strong enough to crush her small figure, what appears to be a torn jacket, and a shiny barrel of a rifle sticking out of his right arm. The man has the rifle resting on his shoulder before lowering the barrel to show the gun is really a part of his arm, and he aims the long barrel right at the brunette to make her shriek in horror. The shadowy man smiles crudely as he pulls the trigger from within him and fires only one shot into the brunette, penetrating her back and hitting her heart to stop her cold and leave the body as a bleeding puppet.

The redhead lets out a yelp as she watches her friend been shot right before her eyes, and then from the corpse a blue glowing sphere with a flaming tail slowly rises up to go to the heavens. A pointed tongue slivers out from a razor mouth as the man folds his gun back into his arm and latches his palm onto the glowing sphere. The man pulls the sphere to his face and lets out a chuckle as he takes his sharp tongue to lick his dry lips. "Finally, a fresh meal in weeks," he rasped, taking the sphere into his mouth and swallowing it whole. The flame-like tail whips around a little bit before the man sucks the tail in and starts chewing the sphere, taking the time to grind the strange meal down and then swallowing every last bit. Once his mouth is free… "Just where do you think you're going, missy?"

The remaining woman stops cold in her tracks, only reaching a quarter of the way to the other end of the alley, and she stiffens up when the man spoke. The man has a cold tone to his voice, sending a large chill throughout her body as she slowly twists her body around to confront the killer. She expects to see some of the man's eccentric killing face, but once getting a good look she notices that he is rather calm about the situation. While staring into the killer's eyes, an idea pops into her head and she reaches down to grab her bottle, intending on using it as a weapon. Putting a tight grip on the neck, the redhead charges forward with her panties around her ankles, and she raises her weapon high above her head to swing.

With one good swing, the bottle hits the man in the chest and the woman is pleased to know she cut him. However, the man is unfazed by all of this and he looks down to notice shards of glass sticking out of his chest and some glistening drops of blood dripping out of his wound. Letting out a chuckle, he backhands the woman and starts removing the shards from his wound, not caring how sharp the shards are. "Really now, you really believe an empty bottle was going to stop me?" he questioned. "If want to go for broke, you could have it full and then you could have some real damage."

The redhead can feel the adrenaline pumping through her veins and she quickly starts thinking of a plan that will help her get away from this killer, but she is still under the influence of the intoxicating alcohol. Her mind is wandering and cloudy, her body is slowly swaying and she is getting the urge to use the restroom once again. Her only option is to make it either around the man or head to the other end of the alley, but that will allow the killer ample time to gun her down. Realizing her current situation, the redhead begins to feel hopeless as she cannot find a means to escape.

"Well now missy, it's about time that I put an end to your misery and eat your soul," said the killer, taking out the rifle that shot down the brunette. "As long you don't put up much a struggle, we can be done with this and I'll get another bite to eat."

"Y-You… Y-You can't get away with t-this!" the redhead drunkenly blurted.

"Heh, do you really believe that? Tell me miss, do you hear the sounds of sirens in the distance or the hasty footsteps of those of the Academy getting close? I don't hear anything myself and I got some of the best hearing in the business. If there were something heading right towards us, then I wouldn't be here with a streak of murders but I found myself in a sleepy town with a sleazy drunk in a dark alley. I've been going at this for a long time now, killing every person that I come across to reach 100 souls, and you're only one more stone in my path that I need to step before I reach that last soul!"

"Why souls? Why do you need to eat my soul?" the woman proclaimed. "I don't even have a tasty soul!"

"It's not the taste I like…" With the sound of clicking, the killer aims the barrel right at the redhead's heart and loads a barrel into the hidden chamber. "… It's the texture."

In a blink of an eye, everything around the redhead freezes up when bullet left the chamber. The sharp, deafening bang has been reduced to an inaudible huff, a chill is taking over the woman's body and there is a warm liquid running down her legs. Everything around the woman is happening all so fast, as her body collapses to the ground and rests right next to her still friend, while bleeding from the bullet wound in her chest. Similar to the brunette, a blue sphere with a tail levitates up from the fallen body, and the man collapses his gun back into his arm as he grabs the so-call "soul" from the air.

"One way or another, I got myself another fine soul to feed my appetite," the man said out loud, putting the sphere into his mouth and starts chewing. While eating the sphere, the killer takes a look at the two bodies and decides on leaving them in their current state, as moving the bodies will get his hands dirty and running into the police will result an end to his feast. He swallows his meal and heads out of the alleyway to rejoin the sleeping world again. The killer pans his head up to view the moon, grinning a wide smile similar to the crescent moon, as the man pulls out a map from his jacket's pocket and unfolds it to get a good look of the area.

"All right, the closest town to this sleepy joint is Peach Creek Estates," he muttered, tracing his finger along the shortest. "Hopefully there's some excitement waiting for me there. If those Academy students are supposedly following me, I'm going to need that if I were to take on a witch."

The man folds his map back up and sticks it back into his pocket, and he turns to the direction he is going to take to head for his next destination. Before he can take off, he bumps into an unknown person and the man quickly recognizes the person to be a teenage boy, follow by noticing a woman with black hair standing behind the boy. The man quickly apologizes for running into the duo, but the boy shrugs the killer off as the woman apologizes for the teen.

"Uh, excuse us sir but what exactly are you doing up at this hour?" the woman asked kindly. "Shouldn't you be sleeping like everyone else?"

The killer takes a good look at the duo's clothing and recognizes them from the Academy he mentioned. "I'm just talking a nightly stroll," he lied, sounding very casual with his response. "I like the nighttime air and I really prefer to walk in silence instead of the usual hustle and bustle during the day. Plus I usually work later in the day so I don't have to worry about waking up early in the morning."

"Oh really?" questioned the boy suspiciously. "Now, we heard some gunshots within this area and here you are taking a stroll. Did you happen to see the shooter or what happened during the shooting?"

"I'm sorry but I didn't see or hear a thing. The shooter may be making his escape as we speak and the victims are still in the alleyway. All I can say to you two is you should go home and call the police. They should know what to do about this and they can handle this kind of situation."

"Thank you for the suggestion," said the woman, "but we're capable of handling the situation ourselves. We'll keep an eye out for the suspect and hopefully bring him into justice."

The killer nods to this and walks pass the duo to make his leave from this town and onto the town named Peach Creek. The killer takes one last look at the moon and he grins widely, knowing that he fooled two of the Academy's finest students and is continuing on with his streak. To this man, he only needs four more souls, one being a witch, and then will be an unstoppable force. Of course, he will run into those students once again and he plans on acquiring their souls, along with one soul from Peach Creek, then he can go search for a witch and challenge her so he can get her soul.

As the man is heading towards the town's limits, the duo continues to watch the man get farther away from them. "That man smells fishy," said the boy. "You think that he's the target we're seeking?"

"Sure looks the way," the woman replied. "He recognized us but didn't acknowledge that up front. He must be onto us when we ran into him. Surely Lord Death would be please if we retrieve his soul before he goes Kishin."

"Indeed," the boy replied, sticking an arm out to grab onto an unknown object.

In a bright light, the woman disappears from view and the boy grabs onto the handle of a weapon. Placing the weapon onto his belt, the boy tails the killer to follow him to his next destination, all while staying out of his sight. High up in the starry skies, a streak of red light spans across the world as the moon watches over the sleepy town below, unblinking and adding on to the nighttime noise.


"As of last night, two women from Maple Falls have become the latest victims in a stream of serial killings happening lately. An officer patrolling the area found the bodies lying in an alleyway and found bullet wounds similar to the other victims in the killings. The connections are unknown, other than these two women are part of the killer's, identity still unknown, growing list which has been mostly women. It is believed that the killer is heading west en route for…"

One loud click from the remote and the television changes from the current news channel, going away from the local news to a monster movie. However, the person sitting the closest to the television does not possess the remote, instead the device is in the hands of an irritated boy, clearly annoyed from watching the news and is now relieved since the images playing is a movie. The remote is taken from him by another boy, only slightly older, and he changes the channels back to see if he can catch the end of the news report.

"Oh come on Double D! I'd only changed the channel because it was getting boring!" snapped the irritated boy, grabbing the remote and changing it back to the movie.

"Eddy please, there's a reason I had it on the news in the first place, and that's because of the report of the serial killings happening," the other boy replied. "That man, whoever that killer supposes to be, is within our area is could be heading to the cul-de-sac as we speak!"

"Nah, there's no way that's going to happen. What're the odds of that guy showing up here in the cul-de-sac? It's not like he's going to walk up to one of our houses, say 'Hello, I'm here to kill you,' and then shoot us point blank."

"Well that maybe true about what you said, but those odds are still there. I'm as worry about this as everyone else in the cul-de-sac and in town, plus it's also good to know if we need to be on guard or not."

"But isn't a few good miles, about two or three hours, from Maple Falls by car?" asked the first boy. "It's probably going to take the guy a long time if he's traveling here by foot."

"I dunno about that Eddy," answered the boy sitting in the chair to the television. "From what I heard about the killer, the man always walks from city to city, killing every person he meets and he takes their souls and eats them for dinner to make him stronger!"

A strange, awkward and familiar silence lingers in the basement's atmosphere, waiting in the air for only a few seconds before getting burst by one of the boys. "Ed, you really need to find a new hobby," said the second boy.

Down below in the basement of one of the boys' homes, there sit three friends that known each other for a very long time. The boy living in this resident is the owner of this basement, and he has a very strange interest in the bizarre and unusual, and collects just about everything relating to monsters and science fiction. He is a tall boy for his age, only a few inches taller than his friends, and he wears a blue jacket with long coattails, white racing stripes on his sleeves, and has a unique style of collar up. He is also wearing a black futuristic undershirt with neon blue lines going in every direction, dark brown baggy jeans, and black running shoes. The boy sports a goofy smile on his face, bright brown eyes and orange hand that needs to see some professional help.

The other boys are guests to this house, with the boy first to speak is the younger one of the trio, and he is the supposed "leader" of the group. The young boy is rather a greedy person in nature, along with possessing a dark history, but the past two years have been nice on him and gave the three boys some break time from all the insanity they experienced. The boy has a green shirt with two light green stripes going down the left side and a dollar sign on his right, white sleeves covering his arms, purple jeans, black shoes, and a silver watch hidden under his left sleeve. The greedy boy has slick black hair with three spikes, chilling blue eyes and a mind scheming up a plan to earn the boy money and keeping the remote.

And the third boy is the middle one of the trio, who he considers himself to be the smarter one and also the more grounded of the three. This boy is wearing a sock-like hat on top of his head, concealing whatever mystery lurks under the hat and to this day eludes only a few people. Along with his black hat, the boy is wearing a school attire-like outfit of a red vest over a beige dress shirt, navy blue suit pants, brown leather shoes, a single brown glove sticking out of a pocket, and sparking emerald eyes round out the boy's appearance.

With the three boys accounted for, the greedy boy loses his patience and starts blurting out what is been on both his and the smart boy's minds. "All right Ed, this is getting boring! Unless something happens in the next few seconds, I'm blowing this pop stand!"

"Please Eddy, don't go!" pleaded the tall boy. "Did you forget about my exciting thing that I told you about? I really was going to show you guys what I can do!"

"Well, we have been waiting here for about three hours now and you have yet to show us this 'amazing' thing you wanted to show us," said the smart boy.

"It's true Ed," said the greedy boy. "All we've been doing the past few hours is done nothing but watch boring news and little TV. We want to see what this amazing thing is."

The tall boy named Ed got up from his chair and points a finger up to the ceiling, trying to come up with what he is going to say. "I forget," he answered.

The greedy boy named Eddy lets out a heavy sigh and places a hand over his eyes. "That's Ed for ya," he mumbled, "always forgetting the most important things. Well screw this, I'm outta here."

"Oh, no wait, I remember now!" Ed stated happily, snapping his fingers as well. With his index finger pointing straight up to his ceiling, the two guests pan their heads to see what is lying above them.

"Ed, I don't see how your ceiling can count as something ama…" started the smart boy known as Double D, taking a good look at the ceiling to notice some small holes dotting the white top. He and Eddy squint to see the hole in a little more detail before shifting to wide eyes as their friend is giving them his typical smile.

"Well at the very least it wasn't a new comic or action figure," Eddy noted.

"Ed, how in the world did you get bullet holes in your ceiling?" asked Double D. "I know your family isn't as violent as Eddy, sans Sarah, and I know your parents don't own any firearms. Plus we heard those gunshots two years ago and we thought you were being robbed!"

"Oh… sorry about that," Ed sheepishly apologized. "I made these holes when I discovered I can do the Spirit Gun thing and I shot out these purple bullets," he explained, getting his right hand into a gun pose.

The smart Ed tries to bring reason to the nerdy boy that it is impossible for the Ed to shoot anything from his fingers, only to notice concentrate purple energy leaving Ed's finger and hearing a small gunshot as well. The little energy ball pierces right through the ceiling and creates a new hole, allowing the supposed bullet to keep on traveling through house before breaking through the roof. The two guests look in astonishment by what the tall Ed has done, by simply having a single purple energy ball leaving his finger and behaving much like a bullet, and their amazement shifts to fear from a loud, sudden boom.

The single bullet was not the source of the boom, but rather the noise came from inside the house and the Ed boys are very familiar with this particular shout. There is a long silence at the moment, giving the Eds time to get a few moments to breathe, but they are panicking knowing that what waits beyond Ed's door. Knowing that there is impending doom heading towards the basement, the tall Ed looks towards the small window that leads to the outside world and he rushes over to the escape hatch to make his leave. Eddy decides on joining his nerdy friend, heading over to the small window to help his friend get out before leaving himself, leaving only the smart Ed. Double D also decides on leaving through the window, but the door flies open and a little girl storms into the room with fury boiling.

"ED! Ed? Where are you, Ed?" the girl shouted, searching every little crack inside of the basement. She scans underneath each piece of furniture, in the closet, walls and bathroom, all in the search for the tall Ed. Once she is done searching, she turns her attention to the remaining Ed to see if she can get some answers. "Double D, where did my idiot brother run off to?" she asked in a calmer tone.

The scared Ed, shaking all over in fear of the little girl's wrath, tries to come up with a cover story, but words are failing him and there is a nicking feeling in his head, telling him not to lie. Standing before the Ed is an intimidating girl despite her age, and while standing in front of the Ed she appears to be calmer. She has the same hair and eye colors as Ed, due to them being siblings, but her personality seems to shift whenever her brother does something stupid or insane. She has grown over the years, with her getting taller and wearing a different style of clothing, with a light-yellow, spaghetti-strap tank top, green ankle pants and pink shoes.

Oddly enough, Double D is losing his nervousness and is feeling more comfortable knowing that he should not be afraid of this girl. Plus he remember he once had feelings for her some time ago and can feel at ease talking to her without worrying about the tension between her and the Ed boys. "Double D, are you all right?" the girl asked, sounding worried.

"Oh, um… yes, I'm fine Sarah," the boy replied.

"Great! Now then, do you know what where did my brother run off to?"

"Ed… uh, really I have no idea where he could have ran off to, but all I know is he's outside somewhere Sarah. He left through the window just before you got down the stairs, so he couldn't have gone that far from your house."

"Right…" the girl named Sarah stressed. "Well, if you do see him, tell him to get his fat behind back here so he can help me fix the hole he made."

"All right, I'll let him know that." The smart Ed politely allows the little girl to leave the room, but he stops her so he can add on to his conversation. "Say Sarah, how long did you know about Ed's 'ability?'"

"Ever since everyone in the cul-de-sac heard those gunshots two years ago and ran over here like idiots to see we were getting robbed," explained Sarah. "He was rather excited that he discovered this ability to shoot out of his finger that he went overboard and turn both his roof and my floor into Swiss cheese! I yelled at him of course, threatening to tell our mom that he shot a gun in the house and ruined my room, and like always he pleaded not tell any of our parents and that we can fix the mess before anyone noticed. So we did everything we could to fix the holes and me and Ed never told anyone about what he can do, although I do have to get him to follow some of my rules to prevent me from squealing."

"Huh, I would never suspect Ed is capable of doing something like that," said Double D. "I mean being able to shoot something from his fingers. So, for all this time, your parents don't know a thing about Ed's ability?"

"We made sure not to let anyone know about what Ed can do and we promised not to tell them, and of course Ed did everything that I ask him to for a few weeks. They even didn't notice the repairs that we made and Ed is happy that he can go on living."

"That's interesting. In all of my time knowing Eddy and Ed, I have never once seen Ed shoot anything like a burst of purple energy from his fingers. There must be a reason as to why he is able to do something like that."

"Yeah, I'd like to know the exact thing! I'd to put up with him all of this time through all of his stupid stuff, and never once did I see that until two years ago. He must have gotten that when you guys were off on your adventures."

"Well, I'm not certain if Ed got that during when we were fighting in that tournament and it could be when we acquire that magic notebook or when he became a wizard," explained Double D. "Still, he never did anything of the sort when we had the notebook and when he was a wizard, but I guess I should ask him about…"

Before the Ed can finish his sentence, a strong, rupturing pulse bangs away at the boy's mind hard, and he grasps onto his temple as he staggers from the pain. Sarah rushes over and starts asking him about his current state, and Double D only replies in moans. The little girl grabs onto the smart boy and starts leading him out of the basement, taking him up to ground level and into the kitchen. Sarah grabs a seat from the table and rests Double D down in the chair, leaving him to rest his sore head on the cold tabletop as the girl heads over to the sink to get a towel and cold water. She returns with the towel soak and she presses her hand against Double D's forehead to feel it burning, and Sarah presents the towel to the Ed which he then takes from her to place it on his head.

"… Thank you Sarah," the Ed weakly replied.

"It's the least I can do," the girl replied, looking worried. "Are you sure you're all right? It feels like you have a bad fever."

"I don't why I have that, but as far as I know this is just a bad headache and this is a bad one at that. I knew I should have brought along some medicine with me to deal with this…"

"Does this mean you've been getting a lot of headaches?"

"Only the past few weeks, but those were minor cases. They were never really this extreme like this one, and I never experienced any fever-like conditions."

"Well, I could go grab some medicine for you but I don't want you to get any more sick from the stuff we have," said Sarah. "What I can say for now is to go home and lie down in bed, along with telling your parents about what you're experience."

"That sounds like good advice. I guess you did learn something when you were playing doctor that one time," said Double D, getting up from the chair while keeping his hand on the wet towel. "At least I do have some medication that will help treat these kinds of headaches, but I don't think I can make it to my house."

"Do you need help getting home?" offered the girl. "If you want, I'm willing to help you across the cul-de-sac to your home."

"Thank you Sarah, but I think I can make it on my own. If I collapse in the middle of the street, then go find someone and help me into my home, and if I appear to get worse call 911."

With a nod from Ed's sister, she escorts the sick Ed to the front door and opens it up for him so he can venture outside. Once out in the open, the bright sunlight of the midday takes him by surprise, slightly blinding him as he adjusts his eyes to the light and also trying to tune out the pain in his head. The medium Ed takes his first step away from the doorway and onto the front yard, where he can barely see the other residents of the cul-de-sac. From what he is gathering, there are other children out and about, doing miscellaneous tasks to get out of the way or to entertain themselves. Hardly has anything changed in the past two years, with the exception of three particular events, but those were strange occurrences and they all happened in the mail. Everyone is out having fun and enjoying their time, knowing that their summer vacation is coming to an end.

Spying his house in the distance, Double D begins to struggling journey from his friend's house, across the cul-de-sac and to his home, all to obtain some medicine and alone time in his bedroom. His walking feels like he is spending an eternity walking in a desert, with the cul-de-sac stretching on and on for miles and the sun beating down its blistering rays like in the dry oceans of sand. The smart boy sways and tumbles his way across the pavement, feeling nauseous in the stomach and the beating in his head getting stronger, and strangely his vision starts to fail. Double D remembers feeling this splitting headache before, but never at a level such as this and this particular headache is now making him start to hallucinate.

The world around him slowly melts away, with the homes leaving only their burnt skeletons, trees their decaying stumps and the pavement cracked and dried. Every form of life that surrounds the Ed begin to slowly die as he suddenly feels warmer and notices the licks of fires burning in the distance. All that remains of the cul-de-sac is nothing but ruins, decay and death and the Ed is the sole survivor of this holocaust, except for one other person. Standing a few feet away is a man the boy remembers only faintly, remembering only a few details about this man but he knows this is not someone he should be messing with, and the man slowly turns around to send a chilling stare right at the Ed boy.

The vision soon breaks as he touches onto the warm metal of a doorknob. All life rushes back into his view and the Ed quickly turns around to see the world is back to its peaceful self. Letting out a sigh of relief, Double D twists the knob and heads inside his home only to find the place empty. The boy can feel sweat dripping down his face, either from the pain of his headache or from nervousness of his vision, and his stomach grows even more nauseous as the smart Ed heads towards the kitchen in search for his parents.

"Mother? Father? I've returned home and I am need of some medication!" the boy shouted, his words echoing off of the empty walls.

There are no signs of his parents anywhere in the house, meaning that they have left to do chores and also leaving the Ed an entire room full of sticky notes to read. He spies a very familiar shape and color posted on the refrigerator and he peels the sticky note off of the metal door. He reads off the door out loud, learning that he parents are gathering food and supplies, along with some medicine for his recent headaches that are only miles away, and the Ed has received a letter in the mail. Putting the note back on the door, Double D turns his attention to the table to find a stack of mail, with various bills, junk mail and letters from others, he picks out the one with his name addressed and starts investigating the envelope.

Strangely, this particular letter he acquired is an acceptance letter to a school he has never heard of. He checks over his memory to see if he send out any applications to schools across the country, but he does not remember sending something to this school. With the pain blocking some of his thoughts, he recalls never getting an application and filling it out to send it to the school yet here is a letter from the very place. The Ed is wondering if the school is a university or a regular college, but he is a bit young to attend college, plus he has the urge to throw the letter out in the garbage. However, there is that part of him that wants to know more about the acceptance letter, so he opens the envelope and pulls out its content to notice that the letter is written in a foreign language.

Double D is not in the mood for translating, thanks to the headache and fever, so he heads over to where the medicine is and takes out a few pills to ingest, getting the right amount to take to help ease the pain. Once swallowing the medicine, he takes the letter and starts making his way upstairs to go get some rest. The Ed opens the door to his room and he rests the letter down on his desk, all before walking over to his bed and collapsing onto his blanket. His eyes begin to close, feeling the medicine kicking in and the beating in his head slowly dwindling away. All he can do now is get a good rest and wait for the pain to go away, so he can focus on translating the letter and find out why he got an acceptance letter in the first place.


Back at Ed's house, the other two cowering Ed boys emerge from their hiding places to see if the wrath of Sarah has pass. They watch the house for a few minutes before assuring themselves that Sarah is not coming outside to look for the duo, and both Eddy and Ed step out from their covers to listen for the sounds of an angry little girl. Both boys let out a sigh of relief, hearing that Sarah has left them alone, and the small boy heads over to his tall friend to start extracting information from him about his shooting ability.

"So Ed, I was wondering on how exactly you acquired this ability to shoot bullets out of your finger?" the greedy boy asked.

Ed presses a finger to his lips and begins to concentrate how he got the powers in the first place, thinking really hard as he focuses strongly on the past. "I can't remember a darn thing Eddy. I sorta just raised my hand above my head like so and just fire like a normal gun, like I did some time ago. That's really what I can remember on how I got it…"

"Really Ed, that's all you can remember? You just raised your hand to the sky and just imagine pulling the trigger like a normal gun? Come on Ed, there's no way anyone can do that just at random. You must have gotten it when you were a wizard or when we were inside that computer."

"We were inside of a computer?" the tall Ed echoed slightly.

"Yeah Ed, we got that some puppets to work with us and… never mind, I don't think we got any magic stuff during that time." At that moment, an idea pops into Eddy's head and he puts a smile on his face. "Say Ed, why don't you practice your skills by setting up a shooting range, just to see how accurate you are?"

"But Sarah won't allow me to use my…"

"Screw Sarah, we don't need her option about this. This is just between us and maybe Double D if he shows up. As long as we keep the noise down, Sarah won't know a thing and we could have a massacre on our hands… in a good way Ed, not what you're thinking."

Disappointing Ed slightly, he quickly shifts his frown into a smile as the two Eds break away from the backyard and starts searching around the cul-de-sac for junk. They search through garbage for empty cans and bottles, grabbing these so they have their targets, and Eddy spies an abandoned table that is calling out to them. Telling Ed to head for the Junkyard, the two boys grab the table and made their way back to Ed's house to get the shooting range all set up and ready to go. Getting the cans and bottles set up and align, the personal shooting gallery is open and Eddy takes cover under the table, along with a box full of replaceable targets.

Extending his right arm out, Ed takes aim at the first row's targets by starting at the end and he starts imagining loading several bullets into his arm. Pulling the trigger, Ed unleashes his bullet hell onto the cans and bottles, blasting the aluminum cans far off the table and shattering the glass bottles into pieces. Eddy quickly restocks the rows from underneath the table, keeping his hand out of Ed's view to prevent getting shot at, and he watches the cans go flying off the table as Ed unloads his hand. Eddy is astonish that his friend is firing like a sub-machine gun and the small boy reaches down into the box to feel that he is out of targets. He signals Ed to stop his firing and Eddy slides out from under the table, carefully not hitting any glass shards, and he surveys the surrounding area to notice the carnage Ed left.

"Damn Ed, you have really left yourself go back there," the greedy Ed whistled, watching his footsteps. "Have you ever thought of showcasing your hand off and possibly make money off what you can do?"

"But Sarah told me that I can't go blabbing about what I can do or she'll tell Mom and I'll get into big trouble…" said Ed before realizing what he has just said. "Sarah is going to kill me! We need to clean this place up before she finds us!"

There is a low, but loud on the inside, cry of anger coming from within the house and the Eds start to panic as to what to do next. They take a good look at the backyard and they start cleaning up everything they can see, even going through the grass to pick up the smallest of glass shards. Once done, Eddy dives into some bushes and watches his friend struggle to find a hiding place, as he notices his sister getting closer. With his brain going into overdrive, the tall Ed suddenly starts to glow very brightly and he disappears from view, leaving Eddy confused as Sarah opens the back doors and screaming at the top of her lungs.

"ED! I heard you shooting back here again!" she growled, searching all over the backyard for her dumb brother. "If you don't come out here this instance, I'm going to call the cops to put you away for shooting at me randomly!"

The girl begins to walk out onto the grass and she bangs her toes against something metallic and sharp. Her eyes pan down to the ground and notices that there is a large sword right at her feet. The sword is a rather strange claymore, with its tip broken off and a line dividing right the broad spine of the sword, making the cutting edges look small. The blade itself is an unusual shade of light yellow and the handle has a dark green based wrapped with a green cloth. The hilt appears to be a generic hilt like any other sword, and it is also dark green as well. And attached to the handle is a tassel made out of red and white stripes alternating between the two, similar to Ed's old shirt. All together the sword resembles Ed two years ago and Sarah quickly figures that this sword belongs to hi,

"Ed, wherever you're hiding at, come out here and grab your stupid sword!" ordered Sarah, reaching down to grab onto the sword. She tries to lift the claymore up but strangely she is not able to pick the weapon off the ground. "Come on Ed… come get your sword… and get inside so you can… fix the holes you made today!"

"Uh… believe it or not, Ed's not home at the moment," the sword began to sing worriedly. "Ed's never thought he is so free, getting away on wings of a prayer. Who could it be? Believe it or not, Ed's not at home."

After hearing that strange message, Sarah immediately loosen her grip on the sword and quickly backs away from the cursed item before recognizing the voice and speech pattern to her brother. Once she starts to see the sword as Ed, Eddy jumps out from his hiding place and walks over to check out the situation is with the girl and the claymore. "Ed, are you in the sword?" the girl asked.

"… Excalibur?" answered Ed randomly.

"Oh yeah, that's Ed all right," said Eddy, sounding not so pleased that his friend is in a sword. "Ed, how exactly did you manage to get inside of the sword?"

"It's so dark in here guys," the claymore replied. "It all happened so fast, like it is was in a blur, plus it was when Sarah was getting close to the door when I got stuck in here. Plus I'm naked in here as well."

"That's not something I should be hearing Ed," his sister answered, with Eddy faking that he is throwing up. "… So you have any bright ideas on how you can turn yourself back into your dumb self?"

"I don't know! I've never tried turning into this before!"

"So, if you're really stuck in this form, then how much do you think you can go for if I were to sell you?"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on there, squirt!" stated Eddy. "If there's going to be any selling, it's going to be me. I want to get myself rich off of Ed's current form, so stand aside shrimp so I can get Ed outta… YEOWCH!"

When the greedy boy pressed his hands against the handle of the claymore, there is a slight burning sensation of the cold variety eating away at hands. Eddy immediately pulls his hands away from the claymore and shakes them violently to get rid of the pain running through his burnt hands. Letting out yelps of pains and strings of curses that Sarah is too young to hear, a bright light engulfs the claymore and a fully clothed Ed sat upright to see his friend struggling with his hands. "Dammit Ed, what the hell were you doing!" the greedy Ed cursed. "Are you trying to burn my frigging hands off?"

"It wasn't me Eddy, honest and for truly!" the tall Ed pleaded, begging before his friend. "I've never wanted to do harm to you or to Sarah!"

"Well you just gave me freaking freezer burns on my palms when I tried to grab, you dumbass! Sweet God, this freaking hurts like hell!"

"Hey, don't you use that kind of language in front of me," Sarah snapped. "Besides, it is your fault that you picked Ed up in the first place!"

"That's coming from the girl who couldn't even pick up her own brother in his sword form!" Eddy protested. "Seriously, you have done things that Ed has done in the past like ripping through houses and uproot trees, but you can't pick up Ed as a sword?"

"Uh Eddy, maybe you should wear gloves when you wield me," Ed offered kindly. "Double D has that one glove, so maybe you can ask…"

"Stay out of this Ed!" barked both Eddy and Sarah at once, leaving Ed to give them a stink look.

"Hey, wait a minute… I got myself an idea!" the greedy boy stated proudly. "OK Ed, how about we go get the others and have them try to pick you up to see which one of them can wield you without any painful after-effects?"

"Why are you telling this to me?" asked Sarah. "I've already try to pick up Ed and I don't want to be part of another of your stupid scams."

"Whoever said it was a scam?" And with that, the greedy Ed made his way out of the backyard while grabbing onto Ed's collar to drag the brother away from his sister.

Out in the cul-de-sac, the two Ed boys split to their separate ways to go gather supplies for Eddy's next big plan. Eddy runs into someone's garage to grab himself a paint can and an used curtain before heading out, along with some pieces of wood, while Ed is searching through the nearly completed construction site for any extra pieces of lumber and a large boulder. With supplies in hand, the boys meet up in front of Ed's house and the duo quickly began to work on the project, building a crude stage out of the wood and some nails they gathered. Within an hour, the two are finished and Eddy orders Ed to get behind the curtain and transform into his claymore form as the greedy Ed finds a traffic cone and uses that as a megaphone.

"Attention boys and girls of the cul-de-sac!" the greedy boy stated loudly. "We the Eds are issuing a challenge to all who want to win a great price! Step right up and take a crack at what we have to offer, but only one of you will be walking away the winner!"

As soon the announcement is made, several children of all shapes appear and surround the make-shift stage to see what the two Eds have in store. Eddy orders Ed to go behind the curtain and get ready for their plan, as the crowd begins to get anxious. "Hey Eddy, we all though you were giving up on your stupid scams," said one jock-looking boy.

"Ah, but this here is no mere scam, by fellow neighbors," explained Eddy. "I'm not here to take your hard-earned money and spend it on Jawbreakers; only for a moment of your time. As I already called out, this here is a challenge, in which one of you lucky fellows is going to be walking away the winner."

"So what exactly is this challenge?" asked a blonde girl.

"You'll be finding out shortly. Now, what you are going for is not cash but the title of being the only one in the cul-de-sac to wield a mighty weapon me and Ed call…"

"The Rutabaga!"

Once again an awkward silence falls upon the greedy Ed boy, but this time around he is not alone in this strange outcry. "So what you're saying is that we're going to be swinging around a giant vegetable?" a boy carrying a piece of two-by-four questioned.

Eddy shoots an irritated stink face out to the crowd as he pulls back on the curtain to unveil Ed's "Rutabaga" form. On the stage is a large gray boulder with the claymore sticking out of it, and the children of the cul-de-sac are in awe. Eddy begins to explain that this claymore is similar to the famed story of the Sword in the Sword (worded differently thanks to Eddy and Ed's lack of knowledge on the subject), and he explains that they have only one chance to pull Ed out from the boulder, along with giving some warnings when grasping onto the hilt.

"And what exactly do you mean by these so-call 'hazards,' green-as-grass Ed boy?" asked a foreign boy.

"Since you asked, when I tried to grab onto the sword, he gave me a bad case of freezer burn," Eddy responded, showing off his hands and disgusting the others.

"Ha, what nonsense!" proclaimed the foreign boy, jumping up onto the stage. "Rolf will show to you all that what the Ed boys have here is just some… what-cha-ma-call-it, and pull the Sword of Manhood from the Fabled Stone!"

"Go for it Rolf!" shouted the jock boy.

The first person up to take the stage is a tall, lanky foreign boy of unknown origins, appearing very skinny for his figure despite his rather carnivorous lifestyle. The boy has hardly changed over the years, with the physical exception of building some muscles under his shirt and his common striped shirt has swapped palettes. With blue hair growing on his arms, a combination goatee and a full set on top of his head, this boy is turning into a man everyday… leaving the mental aspect of him to remain true, since he remains to be truly inept to modern-day living. He reaches out and grasps onto the hilt, using his muscles to aid him in lifting Ed up, only for the foreign boy to get a massive jolt.

Everyone jumps back from the sudden surprise, keeping their fearful eyes on the tall boy named Rolf as he continues to grip onto the sword and tries to lift it from the boulder. Enduring the amount of electricity flowing through his body, Rolf pulls himself closer to the claymore and he starts to lift it up before receiving a powerful jolt. The boy's hand rips free from the hilt and the body of Rolf is sent flying above the other children, quickly leaving the cul-de-sac. The others look in horror at the foreign boy before they turn back to the stage and started protesting.

"Hey, hey, hey, that wasn't part of what we're trying to do here," Eddy proclaimed. "I'd said something that you might get some pain if you pick the sword up, but I didn't think it'll be like that. If you want proof that I'm not trying to shock you, I'll grab the sword!"

Taking a good, long look at Ed sitting in the sword, the greedy Ed lets out a sigh as he reaches out to grab the handle. With his fingers around, he stands on the stage perfectly still, struggling to keep his hand on the claymore as the burns eat away at his hand. Once set, the Ed removes his hand from the hilt and clenches his teeth as he shows off his blistering hand to everyone. "Are you serious about getting us hurt?" asked the jock, looking a little green from seeing Eddy's hands. "We're not going to go up there if you're showing off your burnt hands and also what happened to Rolf."

"OK, I need to repeat myself here… I said that you might get some pain if you try to pick up the sword, but Sarah already tried this and she didn't experience the same thing like me or Rolf. She couldn't lift the sword off of the ground, maybe due to how heavy Ed is…"

"It's true!" stated the little girl.

"All right, then allow me get a shot at this, but if anything happens to me you're going to regret messing me up." The boy that is taking the stage is a sports jock that owns many skills in the different fields of sports. He is wearing a school jersey over an orange shirt, grey jeans and black and white running shoes, along with a school cap worn backwards on top of his red hair. The jock takes one good look at the claymore, inhaling a deep breath before reaching out his hand to grab the handle. He can feel his hand shaking from the nervousness and he wraps his fingers around the green handle, all to find no shock or burning coming from the claymore.

"… See, what did I tell you, Kevin?" said Eddy. "Now go on and show the cul-de-sac the man that you are and lift the sword from the stone!"

The sports jock nods his head in response and he places his other hand on the handle and a foot on the boulder, getting himself into position to lift the claymore up. With a tight grip, he starts pulling up on the sword but the claymore is not budging at all. The boy relaxes his muscles and tries again, straining everything in his arms as he tries to free Ed from the boulder. Seconds tick by and the jock struggles to get the sword out of its prison, only for the boy to loosen his grip and fall back onto the stage.

"Experiencing that heavy weight there, Kevin?" teased the greedy boy.

"Yeah I am," the jock named Kevin replied harshly. "This sword here is freaking wedged in there, plus it's too damn heavy. How in the world are you going to get anyone to lift that thing if it's stuck in there?"

"Allow me and Plank to give it a shot," said a boy carrying around a piece of two-by-four, climbing up onto the stage to join the others.

This boy is slightly younger than the rest of the cul-de-sac by a year or so, and with him is his "closest friend" ever since. He is a rather unique individual with a large cranium, a similar size imagination and a split personality that alternates between a hero and a villain. The boy is a nature lover with him wearing a forest green sweatshirt, baggy blue jeans and a pair of old white sandals. He is slightly brown in color, similar to the shade of Rolf's tan, and he has a large forehead bearing little hair except for peach fuzz. In his hand is wooden plank with two different oval red eyes and a blue smile, giving the board a face and also somewhat of living soul.

The boy grabs onto a random stick and props the plank up on the stick, putting the board aside as he prepares himself to pull the sword free. He places both feet onto the boulder and both hands on the handle, and he lifts up on the handle to begin taking the claymore, but nothing is happening. He gives several more tries at loosening the blade from the stone, but the boy's arms turn into gelatin and he frees his grip from the handle to collapse on the stage much like Kevin. Getting help from the others, the nature boy allows his arms to dangle at his side, as he listens in to the sound emitting from the lumber and tunes in to hear what it is saying.

"What's that Plank, you want to get a chance at pulling the sword from the stone?" the nature boy asked, sounding a bit worried. "I don't know, you saw what happened to Rolf, Kevin and me. I don't know what would happen to you if you try to lift it out."

"Come on, Jonny boy, just humor us all here," said Eddy. "If Plank wants to pull the sword out and he does, then maybe I can give you a cash prize for having Plank remove Ed from the stone."

"Really Eddy?" the boy stated, perking up when hearing that he will get some money for having his piece of lumber remove the claymore. The three boys step away from the wood dubbed Plank and all of the children watch as the board stares at the large claymore. With nothing happening in ten minutes, the stick that is holding Plank up begins to shake before snapping all by itself, and the piece of lumber drops down flat. The nature boy named Jonny rushes over to help his friend off of the ground and he brushes the board off as he listens to Plank's "words."

"Plank said that lifting that sword up is nearly impossible unless we get a jackhammer or a chisel, have superhuman strength, or establish a connection with the sword's soul," the boy explained, translating the silence from the wood.

"Establish a connection with the sword's soul?" echoed Kevin. "That's crazy talk Jonny! There's no way a sword has a soul!"

"Believe me Kevin, you have no idea what this thing is capable of," the greedy boy commented, taking a good look towards Ed. "So all that remains are Nazz and Jimmy, and possibly Double D if we see him and those two lovebirds, wherever they may be."

"Then that means I'm up next dudes," said a blonde girl, jumping onto the stage.

In all of her years living in the cul-de sac, this girl has been the center of attention and the common goal to the other boys. She has attracted nearly all of the males living in the cul-de-sac, and all but one has successfully won her heart one way or another. She is a very beautiful girl, possessing luscious short blonde hair, sparkling bright eyes, a black shirt with the sleeves torn off the shoulders, a red and black-trimmed skirt, and red shoes. There are several reasons why the boys have a crush on this girl and two of those reasons are her beauty…

… And how she behaves much like the guys some times, showing off her hidden strength as she tightly grips onto the claymore and tugs on it. The blonde is showing what she is capable of, using every ounce of strength in her body, and she turns different shades of red as she struggles to remove the sword. The claymore remains firm in the boulder, not showing any signs of budging, and the hilt begins to glisten with water droplets and the girl removes her hands from the handle to notice that the sword has sweat dripping down.

"What is this?" the blonde asked, taking a closer look at her hands. "Is this my sweat or sweat from the sword?"

"Sorry," Ed apologized.

"Ew, that's so gross," the girl called Nazz groaned, shivering at the thought of a sword sweating, and she jumps off of the stage to head back to her home.

"OK, so all that remains is Jimmy," said Eddy. "If he doesn't get Ed out, we need to go search for Double D and those two lovers and see if they can get the sword out."

"I… I'm not sure if I can do this, Eddy," muttered a timid looking boy.

"Oh come on Jimmy, it's not that bad," said Jonny. "Kevin, Plank, Nazz and I didn't experience any sort of pain like Rolf, except for sore arms. Just give it a try by giving it a few pulls and you might be the lucky one to pull the sword out!"

"I… I g-guess I can."

The boy named Jimmy is definitely not one of the bravest boys in the cul-de-sac. He is a very frail-looking boy that bruises very easily, shown with a bandage wrapping his left elbow, and he has some braces on his teeth after a certain incident, but he is now wearing simple wires instead of a complex device. Jimmy is also wearing a white polo shirt with a sky blue sweater wrapped around his waist, khaki shorts, black leather dress shoes, and a gold watch on his left wrist. With nervous black eyes and curly blonde hair, the timid boy looks at the claymore and stares at it for some time before bulking up and stepping up to the sword.

Grasping onto the handle with both hands, Jimmy steps onto the boulder in hopes of getting some leverage into removing the claymore. He lifts up on the handle and struggles to free the blade from the rock, leaving his arms trembling from the tension he is exerting. After a few seconds, he drops down and takes a small break, panting heavily as the rest of the cul-de-sac starts to chant him on. With some enthusiasm flowing through him, the small boy tries once again at lifting the sword out, but with no success whatsoever. A few minutes in and Jimmy collapses to the ground, exhausted from using too much of his energy on the sword.

Eddy walks over to the claymore and gives it a few quick tapes, noticing that the claymore has started to come loose. "Come on Jimmy, you finally got the sword to come loose!" stated Eddy. "Get up so you can pull it out!"

"I… I can't Eddy," panted Jimmy. "My arms… they're too tired… I don't think I can… lift anything else today."

The greedy boy places a hand to his head as he gathers his thoughts about the current situation. So far most of the children, including him, have tried to lift to free Ed and only one has successfully got the sword boy to move and that person is on the ground trying to recover the energy he used. Then there is Rolf getting electrocuted and flying from the scene and Nazz collecting sweat on her hands, and then there is the Ed himself who has gotten a bad case of freezer burns on his own hands. There are only three people left that can try to lift Ed out, but Eddy does not have the slightest clue as to where these people are.

Thinking that Double D might be the only one who can lift Ed from his prison, Eddy grabs his traffic cone and raises it back to his mouth to call out to his friend. "Paging Double D, Double D!" he shouted. "We need your service out in the cul-de-sac! Repeat, we need your service out in the cul-de-sac! Paging Double D, Double D!"

"All right Eddy, I can hear you all the way from my room," groaned the called Ed, grabbing onto his head showing that he has not fully recovered from his headache. "You should really put that traffic cone away in the garbage. You don't know where that has been, plus I'm not in the best of moods right now."

"Sheesh, you're never in the mood when we need you," said Eddy. "You always have these headaches and you had to go home to go treat them. How are we supposed to get our done quicker if you keep having these headaches?"

"I'm not one hundred percent certain on what's causing these headaches and recently this fever, but I'm investigating the situation as of moments ago when you rudely woke me up."

"Well, sorry about that," Eddy rudely replied.

The smart Ed pans his eyes over to the claymore still sticking out of the boulder, getting a good look before focusing back onto Eddy. "Is there a reason why you have a Sword in the Stone set-up going on here?"

"Me and Ed are trying out to see which one of us can pull this sword out of the boulder, simply grabbing onto it and drawing it out without dealing with any pain," explained Eddy. "So far Kevin, Jimmy, Plank, Jonny and Sarah tried to lift the sword out but they couldn't lift the stupid thing, Rolf got electrocuted from grabbing onto the handle, Nazz is at her home washing her hands after getting them sweaty, and I got a bad case of this."

"Good Lord, Eddy! Why are you showing me this to me in this state? Are you trying to get me more sick?" Double D shrieked, jumping away from the sight of Eddy's blistered hands. "Are you also applying that this sword did that to you, along with shocking Rolf!"

"Yeah it did, and plus I said that some of the others didn't get this bad kind of treatment other than sore arms. Really you should have seen Jimmy and Sarah trying to lift this thing out."

"Are you mad? There's no way that I'm going to dare touch that thing now knowing what it did you and also to Rolf!"

"Come on Double D, you're one of the only people left who hadn't tried to draw Ed out of the rock," said Eddy. "Besides the two lovers and I have no idea where they are but that's a good thing, you look like someone who can free Ed from his stony prison."

The smart Ed lets out a sigh in return. "OK Eddy, as I said I'm not in the mood at the moment thanks to this headache and fever, and from what I can understand is that you put this random sword you found and glued it into this boulder, and Ed is somehow controlling everything from underneath the stage. I'm not going to risk losing my life or become violently ill from touching a sword you have wired to shock or burn anyone to touch it!"

"Uh Double D, you do realize that you're wielding the sword right now, right?" Kevin pointed out.

During the medium Ed's speech, he grabbed onto the claymore without paying any attention to what he is grabbing and he casually swung the sword around while missing the greedy Ed and the others that are still on the stage, preventing any injuries. Now that he finally realizes that he is wielding the weapon in his hand, he is surprised that he drew the claymore from the boulder, which is going against what he is saying, and the Ed takes a look at his reflection on the blade when Ed starts speaking.

"Yay, Double D drew me from the stone!" the claymore happily stated. "That means he's my new master and he can wield the Rutabaga!"

Upon hearing Ed suddenly speaking, Double D quickly sheaths the claymore back into the boulder and he steps away to the edge of the stage. Everyone else is looking in awe as there stands the only person who can wield the claymore and they are also surprised to hear the sword speak. "Now hold on," called out Rolf, "The sock-wearing, ill-headed Ed boy drew the sword from the Stone of Manhood and put it back in! That means it is up for grabs and Rolf will take the first claim to show all of you that this is just another one of the Ed boy's…"

As Rolf jumped onto the stage and giving his speech, he latches one hand onto the hilt and he received the same amount of electrocution from earlier, cutting off his sentence and left only yelling in pain. Keeping a tight grip, the boy tries to lift the sword up but the electricity is holding him back and he frees his grip to collapse onto the stage, sparks jumping all over his body. Once Rolf is done, Kevin steps up to see if he can lift the sword again, but once again he cannot lift the claymore from its slot and he drops everything so he can catch his breath. Eddy asks Jimmy to step up and try again at getting Ed free, only to come up with the same results and everyone one call it quits.

"OK, so it's now clear that Double D is the only one that can lift Ed from the rock without any trouble and is able to swing the thing around," said Eddy. "Then that means he is the winner in this contest."

"But here's something that I don't quite get," said Double D. "How is it that I'm the only one that can lift this sword from the boulder yet everyone else is struggling to get it out?"

"That's the million dollar question here," Eddy replied. "Beyond what Plank said about possibly connecting with the sword's soul, we don't have squat as to why only you can lift Ed out and not any of us!"

"And I have to ask about that… Why are you calling the claymore Ed anyway? It's not like he is… wait, he is in the sword isn't he?"

With a nod coming from the greedy boy, the claymore begins to consume itself in a bright light. After a few seconds, Ed appears right before everyone's eyes, sitting on top of the boulder with a goofy smile and he gives everyone a friendly wave. Everyone, sans Eddy and Sarah, look in amazement as they now realize about the tall boy's transformation ability. "Whoa, far out!" stated Jimmy excitedly. "Since when can you transform into a sword Ed?"

"Today," the tall Ed shrugged.

"Wow, I never thought that he can do that, let alone give Rolf a shocking and Eddy a bad case of freezer burn," said Kevin. "So does this mean that only Double D can wield him in his sword form?"

"Well we don't know if those two lovebirds are capable of wielding Ed, since none of us seen them all day," explained Eddy, with everyone in agreement, "so at this time the only person who can wield Ed is Sock-head!"

The said person lets out another sigh as he pinches his eyes together. "All right, so far today has been turning into a weird day. First Ed said that he possesses the ability to shoot out of his fingers, then I got this splitting headache and now I found out that Ed can transform into a claymore! And to top it off, it turns out that I'm the only one who can wield him! Why on Earth is the universe messing with the lot of us? Is it because of what we have done in the past that we deserved this kind of strange activity to come into our lives?"

"Hey, at least you get the bragging rights and the honor of swinging Ed around when he's a sword," Eddy added. "But why can't I wield him or anyone else is still up in the air…"

"Well once this headache ceases, I got a letter in the mail today that may help us answer some of the questions we have and I could shed some light into why I'm the only one who can wield Ed," said Double D.

The greedy Ed's twitches slightly, hearing something about a "letter that may help them answer their questions" and he and Ed turn their attention to their friend. "Letter?" he asked. "What letter?"

And now it begins!

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