Chapter 1

The resident and the stranger

our story begin in Toronto, Canada. Where a peculiar cat lives, her name is Aeris Cole a cat with a distinctive pink hair. She lives with her father, her mother died a few years ago and she went into a depression from which the video games save her from feelings of sadness and possibly suicide.

She has been a very repressed Gamer at school because not many people appreciate that and she fears that try to make a fool of her. She never really felt connected with someone; even if she has friends she never commented on the games to someone because of their fear. She now has 16 years old...

Across the world in England a cat named Leo Leonardo III, we will call him Leo, because he prefer it, is preparing to move to the new continent because her mother died and his father do not want to live in a place that not reminds the great love of his life. He and Leo had decided to go to the new world, to the homeland of his beloved wife ... to Canada. He is 17 years old but he still has the memory of his mother and everything she taught him.

Neither has any idea that the future holds...

Aeris´ Dad POV
(Knocking Aeris´ door) Aeris, honey. Are you ready to go to school today? It is morning already.

Aeris: yes Dad, I'm almost done, I'm brushing my hair.

Inside Aeris´ room
Aeris is in front of her bedroom mirror seeing herself. She thinks: where anyone has seen a cat with pink hair?
Who could someone say it is cute or sexy hair? It is not natural.
(The door of her room rings again)
Aeris´ das: Aeris hurry up or you will be late... again!

Aeris: OK Dad, I'm ready. (Opening the door of his room)

Aeris´ Dad: Well Aeris, all ready for today?

Aeris: Yes sir.

Aeris´ Dad: Books?

Aeris: ready.

Aeris´ Dad: homework?

Aeris: done, dad?

Aeris´ Dad: Yes?

Aeris: Are you going to be here when I return home?

Aeris´ Dad: Yeah, today I must not stay until late, so I'll be here, I will prepare dinner.

Aeris leave home very happy with their eyes closed! (Thinking Dad will be here, that make me happy)

Meanwhile this was happening

Leo's Father POV
He thinks while looking for Leo: I hope Leo like Canada; I've already done the paperwork for the exchange of school today, today is the first day I must go and awake him, I do not want to be late for his first day of school. He opens Leo´s door to realize that Leo was not there. He is shocked to not find it. Leo! He screams, hearing a noise in the kitchen.

At the kitchen

Leo´s father went there; he sees Leo was standing next to the pantry (very sad).

Leo´s Father: Leo, son what is the matter?

Leo: The last time she came here, she said she had a surprise for me in the pantry.

Leo´s father: And what it is?

Leo: it´s... it´s... (Leo turns to his father), is only a plate with a picture of us. (Leo starts to mourn)

Leo´s Father: Oh ... son...

Leo: Because it was Dad? Why she die?

Leo´s Father: I do not know son, her time…. Just come, but I know she does not like to see you mourn, tell me did you sleep?

Leo: No, Dad, I did not sleep.

Leo´s Father: But are you will go to school like that!

Leo: Yeah, no problem. Trust me dad.

Leo leaves the house to the school; he is walking with downcast eyes, very sad by the plate event recently. Suddenly… Bang! Both have clashed with each other. She falls to the ground and he too.

Leo fall down like Aeris, Leo rubbing his head open his eyes and he cannot believe the beautiful angel who is in front of him. Leo is aback by so much beauty.

Aeris look at him and exclaim: Great idiot! Did you not see where are you going?

Leo reacts and he helps the girl to stand, but he does not speak he´s speechless.

Aeris: What? Have you never seen a pink hair cat?

Leo did not response, He is having a blushing.

Aeris: Hello? It´s ANYONE there? Look I do not want to be late so… bye.

Leo cannot believe that he has touched the hand of that beautiful girl and is standing for moment thinking: who is she? She is so beautiful!

Went he hear the bus honk, he realized that he had been standing for a couple of minutes and he is forced to run to get it...

At the bus station

Aeris is talking with her friends Tamara; an orange girl cat and Kenny; a black boy cat.

Kenny: aw I don´t want to go to the school! Why we can´t have a mid week day off?

Tamara: It´s always the same with you Ken! Stop complains so much! I mean seriously

You need take extra energy; remember this will be our last school year later, Then College! It´s so exciting! Tamara looks a running gray cat and she said to Aeris and Kenny: look guys! Who is that? I have never seen him before.

Aeris: What do you mean? You guys don´t know him?

Kenny: No, who will be?

(The bus arrived) the bus´ door opens

Bus Driver: Come on boys get up here, Next stop school.

Everybody get up, even Leo with some exhaustion.

Inside the bus

Bus Driver: and who maybe you will be?

Leo: I am Leo Leonardo III Please call me…

The bus driver interrupts him: Oh! Sorry your majesty! Please move you imperial butt to a seat and shut up!

(Everybody at the bus is laughing of Leo misfortune, except Aeris)

Leo goes to find a seat but in every place he tried he gets the same answer: occupied!

He is forced to go to the last seat, a lonely seat…

Aeris look at him and she speaks with Tamara, it´s must be hard to be the new guy at the last year of school don´t you think Tamara?

Tamara is with her headphones: (She takes it off) sorry did you say something?

Aeris: forget it… (Aeris stand and go with Leo)

Kenny moves from his seat and goes with Tamara.

Kenny: what is she doing? (Murmuring)

Tamara: I don´t know (also murmuring)

Aeris: Hi! Can I seat?

Leo is in shock, the beauty cat is talking to him.

Leo: aw… of… of course.

Aeris: thank you, listen I am sorry for the incident this morning, it was not your fault it was mine for not paying attention.

Leo: it is ok, don´t worry.

Aeris: Your name is Leo right? My name is Aeris.

Leo: nice to meet you Aeris.

Aeris: You are not from around here don´t you? Where are coming from? What bring you here?

Leo: No, I am not. I come from England, My mom die recently and my dad and I do not want to live in a place where we don´t remember her.

Aeris: oh… I am sorry, I know what it feels. I lost my mom too.

Back to Kenny and Tamara

Kenny (in low voice): hey Tamara looks! Aeris is making a new friend.

Tamara (in low voice): Kenny silent. Let me enjoy the theater.

Kenny (in low voice): theater? What are you talking about?

Tamara (in low voice): Oh! Come on Kenny! Do you remember the first time when you talk to Aeris?

Kenny (in low voice): you are right! She kicked my butt when I ask her about her hair.

Tamara (in low voice): exactly, I want to see how much time this boy will say something about her hair, she will kick that boy butt. It will be fun.

Back to Leo and Aeris

Leo: Aeris, may I ask you something?

Aeris: sure what is it?

Leo: why you have pink hair?

Aeris: why? is there a problem with that? (When she heard this she prepares her fists to punch him)

Leo: No, I like it, it´s beautiful!

Aeris has a memory of her mother. (She is 5 and half years old)

Aeris: mommy?

Aeris´ Mom: yes sweetheart?

Aeris: why I have pink hair?

Aeris´ Mom: I don´t know honey, but I can tell you something about you in the future.

Aeris: what is mommy?

Aeris´ Mom: listen carefully, your true love will tell you about your hair, he will say: I like it, It´s beautiful.

Aeris: seriously Mommy! He will like my hair?

Aeris´ Mom: yes sweetheart. He will, and when he tells you that you will remember this moment.

Back to the present

The bus stops at the school

Leo: Aeris? Hello? I think we have arrived to school.

Bus Driver: ok everyone down!

All the students are going down of the bus, even Leo who seems really worry about Aeris.

Tamara and Kenny when with Aeris and help her to get off the bus.

Outside the bus Aeris looks to the sky and says: Mommy….