So this is a story I thought up and I plan on dedicating most of my time to once Baby, You're Not Alone is finally over. It's not incredibly long but I hope it's interesting enough that you guys will want to read it. It is definitely AU set when the third season would be, but it does contain some important plot points from seasons one and two. Puck and Quinn never had a baby, Rachel and Finn never had any semblance of a relationship, Matt never disappeared, and Sam and Quinn have been dating since junior year.

DISCLAIMER: All characters (except Caleb) belong to Ryan Murphy and the other phenomenal writers of Glee. I only own the plot and my love for Mark Salling and Darren Criss.


Senior year was finally upon them, and Puck was proudly on top. He was the resident bad boy, infamous sex shark, and a member of the football team and glee club, both of which were fresh from championship wins. He was looking at a free ride to Ohio State on a football scholarship and all he had to do was keep his GPA high enough and kick some ass on the field. Walking through the doors of William McKinley High School on the first day back, he met up with Finn and they took to the halls. He and Finn had gone through a little rough patch sophomore year (having drunken sex with your best friend's girlfriend tends to put a damper on the friendship) but they had worked it all out and were finally on good terms again. The pair were single now (Quinn was dating their team mate Sam) and absolutely loving it, ready to go through their last year with zero drama. After shooting some flirtatious winks to some cute freshmen, Puck turned the corner to find the one girl he thought he'd never see again.

No one really knew what had happened to Rachel Berry after freshman year. She was kind of a loser throughout middle school and became a constant point of ridicule her first year of high school. At the end of the year, she attended a party at Matt Rutherford's house and disappeared shortly after that. Puck will admit he had hit on Rachel that night. She had looked smoking hot in that black corset dress and he cared very much about maintaining his perfect record among the ladies of McKinley. Unfortunately, he got totally wasted and blacked out, waking up butt naked in an empty bed in Matt's brother's room.

Seeing Rachel after two years caused Puck to stop dead in his tracks. Finn looked back, confused, before following his friend's eye line until they met the girl in question.

"Is that..?" he asked, not willing to say her name.

The petite brunette was standing at her locker, sporting a pair of dark wash jeans and a red blouse that hung loosely from her body. When she began to feel someone staring at her, she turned to see pairs of moss and chocolate eyes bearing down on her. A deep blush rushed to her cheeks when she recognized the Mohawked boy and Frankenteen. She quickly shuffled the rest of her books into her bag and scurried past them into the girl's restroom.

"What the fuck just happened?" Puck wondered aloud. Finn shrugged in his usual clueless fashion and continued down the hall before entering his Spanish class. The boy still in the hall stared at the spot Rachel had just stood in before shaking himself and walking to the nurse's office for his morning nap during math.

Two years. A lot can happen in two years. Two years ago, Rachel went to her first high school party. She wore a dress her aunt had given her for her birthday but she had thought was inappropriate for school. Two years ago, Rachel drank her first sip alcohol. It was a wine cooler and if she remembers correctly, it tasted like pink. Two years ago, Rachel got drunk for the first time. It only took three wine coolers and the fuzzy feeling before planking out was surprisingly pleasant. Two years ago, Rachel lost her virginity to a random stranger in an act of drunken and unprotected sex. All she remembers is bits and pieces of the act and then waking up naked and sore next to her lover. Two years ago, Rachel found out she was pregnant. Her fathers decided to send her away to live with her aunt during the course of her pregnancy and the first year of her son's life. Caleb Josiah was born on March 26, 2010, changing Rachel's life forever. At first she had debated putting her unborn child up for adoption, but after seeing her son's olive skin and chestnut curls, she knew she couldn't. While she sometimes reflected on that decision made two years ago, Rachel realized that the joy of being Caleb's mother that she felt everyday was worth all the trouble.

When her fathers had offered to let her return to her childhood home with her son over the summer, Rachel had sat in her room for a solid three hours composing a pro and con list. For pro, Rachel put many varied answers, such as a chance to see her old friends again and being able to raise her son in the town she herself grew up in. The sole con she had written was facing Caleb's father again. Although the boy hadn't the slightest clue that he had fathered a child, Rachel did. She knew his identity and was aware of how difficult it would be to see him again. At the end of the three hours, Rachel looked at her son making his usual baby noises. She looked into Caleb's sparkling green eyes and knew she had to return to Lima, Ohio.

Sitting in the girl's bathroom, with her head in a toilet, Rachel was awoken to the reality of the situation in front of her. She thought she could have been strong enough to face him again, but just the sight of those familiar green eyes brought a rush of two years worth of memories to her. Rachel was lucky enough to have made it to the bathroom before being overcome by her nausea. Would she be able to endure a year knowing that Noah Puckerman would be wandering the halls? Could live with the constant reminder of that night two years ago? Would anyone find out about her one-year old son? If they did, would she ever be able to tell him the truth about Caleb? Looking in the smeared mirror, Rachel saw that scared little girl she used to be. The girl she was before she lost her virginity to a boy with a Mohawk and gave birth to his son. The girl who didn't know if she could make it. With a splash of cold water onto her face, Rachel buried that girl deep down within herself and exited the bathroom.

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