TFA-My Story


By Alexis

8 yrs. ago, in a forest near the ocean, there lived an odd sort of family. The family consisted of 4 beings. Inferno Prime, the father, was a Cybertronian known as an Autobot, a giant robot species from a planet called Cybertron. Sandra Flare Motz, the mother, was a techno-organic (half-Cybertronian, half-human).Nando Motz, the big brother, was a Hork-Bajir, a being covered in blades, & only eats tree bark. Finally there's Alexis Motz, the little sister, was a Shape-Shifter, a being with the ability to turn into other beings. On this day, the lives of this family would change forever. The day started like any other, but with a little more excitement. Inferno & Sandra had just gone outside to watch the birds, when they heard something akin to feet running speedily across the ground. They turned around in time to see their son, Nando, chase after something around a patch of ferns. Inferno & Sandra shared a look, and then followed after Nando. As they rounded the ferns, they saw Nando wrestling with an Orthrinka, but they knew it wasn't a real 1. It was their 4 yr. old daughter Alexis. They watched as she & Nando (who is 12 yrs. old) play wrestle in a patch of clovers. Then suddenly, Alexis stopped, looking off towards the area where the waterfall was located. Nando, Sandra, & Inferno all noticed this & looked in that direction as well. They all could hear it now, a crashing noise. The all kept listening to the noise, but suddenly it stopped. There was an eerie silence. Then that silence was broken by Nando.

"What was that, dad," he asked. Then Alexis spoke. "Something's coming. Something big," she said, just now changing back to her human form (true form).

Sandra looked at Inferno as realization struck her hard. Inferno had the same realization, & they both said the same name at the same time.

"Megatron," they whispered a hint of anger & fear in their voice. Nando growled in hatred while Alexis shivered in fear for she new who Megatron was after. He was after her. Nando looked over at his sister & saw she was shivering in fear. Nando instantly was at her side, comforting her.

"Alright," Sandra said making the others look up at her," we have to get back to the house & fast before He finds us," & with that said, Sandra walked up to Alexis, picked her up, grasped Nando's hand, turned around, & walked back towards the house, while Inferno kept looking around nervously.

When they reached the house, everyone went inside, locking all the doors & windows. Alexis & Nando sat in the living room, quietly watching Animal Planet while both their parents were in the kitchen, making spaghetti & meatballs. Once they were done making dinner, Sandra & Inferno took it to the living room so they could all just sit & watch the T.V. they were all relaxed, everyone except Alexis. Being a Shape-Shifter had its perks at times, but now was not 1 of those times. Alexis dropped her fork in shock, a vision starting to play in her mind. Sandra, Inferno, & Nando watched Alexis closely, waiting for to tell them she was seeing. They were not prepared for what happened next. Alexis screamed, for in her vision she saw blood & energon, crimson red eyes piercing through the shadows, blood curdling screams followed by a spine chilling laugh. Then the vision ended, but not before showing her a light blue visor that brought hope, comfort, & love. When Alexis opened her eyes she was being held close by Nando. "Alexis," Inferno said, sitting next to his children along with Sandra," what did you see." Alexis looked at her father with fear in her eyes.

"I-I saw blood/energon everywhere. Crimson like eyes were looking at me from the shadows. I heard screaming all around me, followed by laughter. Evil laughter. Just when the vision was about to end, I saw a visor. It was light blue from what I could tell," Alexis paused for a moment, looking at everyone of her family before continuing," I felt hope, comfort, & love coming from it. Mom, Dad, what do you think it means?"

Before either of them could answer, the roof blew off the house, rubble falling onto them. Alexis & Nando screamed, their parents holding them close. Inferno looked up in horror as he realized his & Sandra's worst nightmare had come true. There, staring down at them all, floating in the air, was the tyrant leader of the Decepticon's.

"M-Megatron," Alexis stammered, fear coursing through her as she stared into Megatron's optics. Sandra growled & Inferno brought out his Lava-Sword, both ready to fight. Megatron smirked.

"So this is the child I've heard so much about? Pathetic excuse for a Shape-Shifter if you ask me," he said, his voice causing more fear to spread through Alexis. That was the last straw, for feeling their daughter's fear, Sandra & Inferno attacked Megatron. Sandra's wrist blades shot out & she began slashing at Megatron, Inferno doing the couldn't even lay a single blow on him. Megatron was quick on his pedes, dodging each blow. Then he did something that Alexis & Nando would remember for the rest of their lives. Megatron leapt into the air, charging his cannon. Once he had landed behind Sandra & Inferno, he shot 2 powerful blasts straight into their heart/sparks, killing them instantly. Alexis & Nando sat there, motionless, as they watched both their parents fall to the ground, dead. Both of them felt their worlds had been shattered into a million pieces. Then they both felt rage consume the both of them, filling the very essence of their souls.

Nando was the 1st to snap, flinging himself at Megatron, who had been smirking the whole time. He didn't even expect Nando's attack at all. Nando clawed, bite, & swiped at Megatron with all his might, not noticing that his sister was turning into a Drakvar, a creature whose strength is unmatched when enraged. Megatron was quick to recover though, barely dodging a swipe aimed right for his face. Nando aimed another swipe for his face, but Megatron hit him straight in the gut, sending Nando right smack into a tree. Nando yelped in pain, falling to the ground. Megatron smirked down at him. "Pathetic creature," he said, raising his sword above Nando's head for the death blow, when something rammed into his side, effectively dropping his sword a foot away from Nando's head.

Nando slowly looked up, only to see Alexis, in her Drakvar form, standing protectively over him, her eyes filled with rage. Megatron, after falling on his aft, got back on hi pedes, staring at the Drakvar before him, knowing full well that it was Alexis. "Well child, you think you can defeat me," he said, a sneer forming on his face. In answer to his question, Alexis bared her fangs, growling & hissing. Nando was shocked, for he had never seen this side of Alexis before. Megatron took the answer as a yes, powering up his cannon & aiming straight for Alexis' heart. Before he could shoot though, Alexis had him pinned down in a matter of seconds. Megatron looked up in shock, wondering how she had thrown him to the ground so fast. Nando was shocked as well, but not by her strength & speed, but from what he saw on her body.

Lightning blue patterns adorned her body, giving off a large amount of energy that, Megatron realized, matches the energy that the All Spark gives off. Alexis stared into Megatron's optics, while he stared back, wondering what she was going to do. Nando watched as they both continued staring at each other. Then Megatron made the biggest mistake ever. He moved his right arm (cannon on this arm). Alexis saw this movement, turned her head, & bite down hard on his wrist, snapping some energon lines. Megatron howled in pain, trying his best to escape Alexis' iron grip. Nando couldn't take it anymore.

"Alexis stop!" he yelled, trying to get her attention. Alexis snapped out of her rage filled daze & backed away from Megatron.

"You'll stay down if you value your life," she said, seeing that Megatron was trying to get up", & you won't follow us either." Alexis walked back over to Nando, keeping an eye on Megatron all the while. When she was close enough to her brother, she picked him up & teleported away from their home forest.

"Slaggit to the Pit," Megatron said, getting back up. 'I'll get the child soon,' he thought, turning around & heading for his base.

Outside the city if Detroit

After Alexis & Nando teleported away, Alexis started to weaken & they stopped teleporting. She & Nando fell to the ground, not knowing where they were. Alexis changed into her normal self & began crying her eyes out. Nando saw this & embraced his sister in a comforting hug, trying to calm her down.

"Their gone," she said "Their gone & its all my fault. I could have stopped him. I-I….. Could have…" She started to get sleep from all the energy she used.

Nando saw this, so he picked her up & ran to the cave he saw at the edge of the meadow they had landed in. Once inside, Nando set Alexis down.

"Hey sis, I'm going to go find some leaves, tall grass, & moss to make a bed, okay. I'll be right back," he said. "Okay…," she replied.

Nando turned & left to go get the materials needed to make the bed. Alexis sat there with her legs drawn up against her chest, wrapping her arms around herself. A few moments later, Nando returned, his arms full of leaves, tall grass, & moss. Alexis helped him set it all up for their make shift bed. Once done, they crawled into the nest like bed, curling up close to one another.

"Alexis, I know you think it's your fault but its not. You didn't know what was going to happen or that Megatron was coming. What matters is that we're both alive. Mom & Dad would want us to live, not kill ourselves or let you be captured by Megatron," he said, hugging Alexis closer.

"I guess your right, Nando. I just wish I could have kept Mega-aft from killing them," she said, smiling sleepily.

Nando laughed at the nickname, starting to fall asleep. "Goodnight sis," Nando said, falling asleep "Goodnight bro," Alexis replied, she to falling asleep.

Their lives maybe ruined & their parents dead, leaving them to grow up on their own, but little did they know that this is just the beginning. Soon, a new adventure awaits, filled with new friends & enemies, violence, new discoveries, & most of all love.