Chapter two

Bella gasped as the horrendous burning finally stopped in her chest. The feeling had gone on for days before finally dying out with and explosive bang at her heart.


She thought inwardly, normally she refrained from such cursing, but hey she was already dead, what harm could it do. She was always a little odd, thought especially so by the town in which she lived. She was even seventeen and still unmarried and was very unladylike, like she cared.

Still silent, she refused to move or even open her eyes to the hell that surrounded her. She didn't know what she did to deserve this, but the constant screaming and snarling around her did nothing to quell her fears. Working up the nerve she cracked one eye open, but the other soon followed in amazement. The world seemed transformed, she could see everything, even new colours and dust motes that littered the air. So absorbed in the view she was completely disregarding the noises. Turning her head to the side to follow the path of a particularly lively fly. She gasped and just as she thought to run, she was already on the other side of the barn. Sound seemed to zoom in again double time and she flinched at the loud keening sounds coming from those on the floor beside her. It was like a gruesome battlefield. There were eleven others on the dust covered floor each kicking and screaming in agony, clawing at their skin and begging to die. A sob reached her throat as she clenched a hand above her heart, reminding her that she was dead. She was shaking in terror and looked at her deathly pale hands covered in blood. Remembering how it got there.

"That girl, she... she..." Bella couldn't finish as another shake wracked through her body as she grasped the now smooth flesh of her neck. She observed that all the others on the floor were in a similar state of dress as her. All were males apart from a dainty blond in the far corner. Her eyes had no problem seeing her in every detail, even in the pitch black darkness. The men were dressed in bloodied war uniforms like her own. She shuddered and stopped to think. Even in the most dire of circumstances she could rely on her mind to think of a plan of action.

I'm dead, but not...

she surmised, confused as hell.

The others here are dressed like me, like soldiers. Its like we've been harvested, but what for? But... That girl before, she wasn't human either, she did this. To me, and them. But why? What's happening!

She thought frantically gripping her head in her hands. It was then she heard the heavy wooden doors to the worn out barn open. She tensed and crouched letting out a threatening low growl that surprised her. Two figures walked through the door, seemingly not even noticing the pair of bright red eyes in the corner of the barn. They were both very tall and walked with an air of authority, talking lowly to one another. She didn't bother to listen to what they were saying but stopped growling immediately and sucked in a breath. They were gorgeous. Now she wasn't like all the other town girls that would gossip and gush over males but their beauty was something of another world. She tensed again. They were beautiful yes but so was the other girl. These two had the same eyes as that one, the one that did this too her. The deep piercing red that made shudders travel up her spine. She released another feral growl, warning them to stay away from her. She watched as both heads shot up, eyes wide in surprise as they locked in on her figure. Suddenly they both started to charge at her causing her to yelp as their heavy masses crushed her to the floor.

Jasper sighed as he walked beside Peter, his brother in all but blood.

"Come on Major! I know somethings going down in there. I have a hunch." Whined Peter. Jasper scowled, he hated it when Peter whined. Peter was just a few inches shorter then his own impressive height. He had yet to meet anyone who was taller then him, with pure golden hair and boyish features, the whine just sounded weird coming from his lips.

"Fine." he sighed, knowing that when his friend said he had a hunch, he was usually right. Peter grinned, clapping his hand on Jaspers shoulders.

"Come on Major, don't be so glum. New batch should be fun don't you think." he continued smiling happily. Jasper didn't answer and he could feel Peters sadness too. Another batch of lives had just been lost and it was his purpose to train them to fulfil their purpose before he killed them when that usefulness ended. They walked in silence to the abandoned barn they had taken to house the transforming newborns. The twelve had been bitten only two days ago so he didn't expect to see much but a pile of screaming bodies. Keeping his face stoic he opened the termite ridden door to peer inside. Just as he thought, screaming and writhing.

He opened the door further to allow Peter in. Peters eyes frowned as he didn't sense anything unusual.

I was so sure... There is something I know it.

He scanned over the fallen bodies and paused on the only female in the group and let sadness overwhelm him.

Stupid fucking Maria and her stupid fucking war.

He thought. She would serve as a toy to the soldiers, a distraction so they wouldn't tare each other apart in their blood crazed minds, not as much anyway. It wasn't that females were any less deadly but Maria loved to be the centre of attention and only wanted to have her army made up of men. There were only a few emotions related to newborns. Hunger, Confusion, anger and lust. Peter hated it, Maria treated this whole situation like a game, throwing peoples lives away with little regret. They were all her toys in her little fucked up world. He especially felt sorry for his brother. He was her favourite toy. He was shaken out of his thoughts when Jasper nudged him in the ribs.

"Stop feeling so fucking sorry for yourself." he grunted with his customary scowl. Peter grinned and didn't bother to correct him. It was Jaspers own way of showing he was concerned. He was a complicated guy, but strong. The emotions he was constantly exposed to were slowly wearing him down, all the depression, hurt and fear he felt, bombarding him from all angles, it was hard to get a smile out of him any more. He used to be a pretty laid back guy, well in front of him anyway. In front of the newborns however he was a fucking demon. But lately he had started walking around like he had a stick up his ass.

"Well." Jasper said, his eyes giving off the slight shine of amusement, thought his lips remained in a tight line.

Peter sighed once more giving the room a once over.

"Ummm, my bad." he said chuckling awkwardly, placing his hand behind his head rubbing his hair. Jasper just rolled his eyes and turned to leave when they both froze at the loud growl that could be heard over the screaming. They quickly whipped around to stare in the far corner where a figure was crouched, red eyes blazing. Cropped brown hair and a slim figure with baggy blood stained clothes. The sight was slightly pitiful, it reminded Jasper of an angry kitten that thought it could take down a lion. He was the lion.

However the two senior vampires frowned, how had they not sensed it, or even heard it. The case still remained that it needed to be neutralised, they knew this from their own experience and from all those that had been turned since, things would be highly confusing. There would be no reasoning or coherent thought, only the desire for blood. Sharing a knowing look with each other the two men launched at the smaller figure with practised ease. Peter pinning his legs to the floor and Jasper gripping the head in his arms, rendering Bella unable to move. She squawked. The firm grip they had on her reminding her of the previous nights event with her father. Like hell she was going to let these jerks touch her.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING. Get off me! Get off!" she screamed thrashing around in their grip furiously till she slackened . Jasper and Peter however just stared at her strangely, what the hell was up with this newborn? First he awakens a day early and then the first response is a coherent sentence. Even though their prisoner had relaxed their grip remained iron tight.

"I sound weird." Bella stated, a lot calmer then before. Her view was that things couldn't really get much worse so what was she struggling for. These guys didn't intend to hurt her any further.

"Pffft... Yeah, you sound like a girl."

She looked towards the offending person, closer up he really was handsome. Bright blond hair that was neither too long or short, pale features and blood red eyes.

"Owwww." he said rubbing his head where Jasper had hit it. Jasper ignored his friend and stared at the newborn with a critical eye.

"I'm sure you've noticed other changes too." he said calmly, still waiting for the newborn to lash out aggressively. That however did not happen much to his confusion as the creature pinned beneath him continued the conversation like they were talking over dinner.

"Yeah. But if you wouldn't mind, WOULD YOU PLEASE GET OFF OF ME!" the two men shared a look with each other before releasing her. They all stood up facing each other warily, looking at each other uncomfortably as an awkward silence arose. Bella shuffled slightly, uncomfortable but broke the silence none the less.

"What have I become?" she asked sedately. The two males glances at each other warily before the taller of the two spoke.

"A Vampire." he said simply and straight to the point, a fact that she was thankful for. Bella closed her eyes and let out a deep breath to calm her rising anger and confusion. Jasper just stared at the newly turned with ever mounting confusion, he could feel the anger radiating off her but the newborn remained calm on the outside. This was something he had never seen before.

This creature has amazing restraint...

He thought to himself, he could tell this recruit was one worth watching.

"What for?" she asked, causing Peter to snort in amusement.

"Your quite intelligent, ain't ya." he said, not bothering to answer her question. She just threw him a glare which caused him to flinch, much to Jaspers amusement.

"What gave you the impression that I was not." she asked scathingly, used to that sort of question, especially at home. Many saw her pursuit of knowledge abnormal as she was a woman. In their minds the reading of books and such was a waste of time, her place was to clean and cook. She turned her gaze to the taller of the two as he spoke.

"I apologise for my friends rude behaviour, I promise he meant you no insult." he said gesturing with his head to Peter who was grinning sheepishly. Bella just nodded slowly and waited for him to continue.

"To answer your question, you were turned for the purpose of fighting against our enemies." he said, eyeing her warily.

"Your enemies?" she asked getting annoyed at the looks she was receiving, it was not like she was suddenly gonna jump out and bite them.

"Yes, other vampires. You were chosen to become a part of Maria's army." he said causing her to growl.

"Was she the one who did this to me, the burning, the pain" she said, her fiery glare now on Jasper whilst letting out a deep growl which surprised her. She stiffened as the two in front of her dropped into defensive crouches and eyed her with steely eyes. She snapped.

"Would you please stop looking at me like that! I'm not some crazy idiot that would go and attack someone obviously stronger then me." she huffed frowning and crossing her arms over her bound chest. Jasper just let out a snort of amusement much to Peters shock as he stood. Jasper could feel the annoyance rolling off the smaller figure and found it funny in the given circumstances.

"I'm glad I amuse you." she huffed and looked at him. As she did she couldn't help her breath catching in her throat, all annoyance she felt at their previous treatment gone. He was stunning, godly even. He had a lopsided grin on his face and he looked at her with red shining eyes which contrasted with his longer then normal wavy hair, coloured a light hazel that was almost golden. He was tall, and obviously towered over her small figure, with well defined muscles. She gulped slightly lost for words, no man had ever appealed to her so much, and she was sure none would ever again. If she was human she knew that she would be blushing violently, but her cheeks still felt thankfully cool. It was a good thing too, she was pretending to be a guy after all.

"Ahh, I apologise again." He said looking slightly awkward now, not looking at her in the face as if embarrassed. She froze, did he know what she was thinking just now?

Nahhh, That's impossible...

Peter could obviously feel Jaspers discomfort and grinned, Jasper was never uncomfortable.

"Hey What's eatin' ya Major?" he asked.

"Nothin'" he mumbled, feeling slightly awkward at the emotions that the newborn was giving off. It was silent again, well apart from the screaming of the others in the barn that were still transforming.

"This is so weird." Spoke Peter finally.

"What is?" asked Bella, feeling oddly at ease now, around these two. Her thoughts still swirling with the thought of what she had become, it was like a nightmare.

"This whole thing, having a conversation with you, a newborn." he said. Jasper saw her confused face and decided to elaborate.

"You see, newborns like you, who have recently turned usually have no sense of self. They are completely impulsive and hard to control driven only by their own thirst. To stand here talking to you, a newborn, rationally has never happened before. Not to mention you turned a day early." he explained.

"Aren't you thirsty?" he added as an afterthought, usually the first thought on a newly turned vampires mind was the ever burning thirst. Bella froze before grasping her throat. As soon as he mentioned the thirst her throat started to burn violently. Her eyes widened in shock as what had occurred finally caught up with her. She was a vampire. Vampires drank human blood! She had become a monster. The two males tensed as her hand went up to her throat.

"What, What do I drink?" she asked, knowing and dreading the answer.

"Blood." She didn't know or care who said it, but she was repulsed by it, she wouldn't do it. She fell to her knees as she suddenly felt very small and scared. She flinched as a large hand rested on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll be here to help you, so don't be scared." the voice said. She shuddered and a sob escaped her mouth but no tears fell.

"I don't want to..." she whispered quietly.

Jasper looked at the small pitiful figure sadly. He hated watching this, he could feel her self loathing and disgust radiating off her. Usually the newborns didn't care, they were so driven with the lust for blood that all other feelings escaped them. For some reason though this one was different, on so many levels.

"You have to." he said softly, startled as she looked up at him with wide eyes. This one was definitely a looker, he thought to himself. All vampires by nature were beautiful, but this one took it one step further. His face was extremely round and dainty with large eyes and a dainty button nose, he cringed as the word cute came to mind. He had no idea why Maria chose this one, he seemed to be much too slight to be of any use in battle.

"I'm Jasper Whitlock by the way, but the others call me Major." he said, trying to lighten the atmosphere. It didn't work nor did she answer.

"And you are..." he said but frowned as she shook her head and looked at him with uncertain eyes.

"I am unsure." she whispered quietly.

He grinned, trying to cheer her up, all it did though was dazzle her, succeeding in taking her mind off of the prospect of dinner.

"Well, I'll name you. From now on you are Charles Swan, feel privileged with that name for it came from a great man. He was my commander from when I was a human." he said slightly shocked at his friendly behaviour, but pleased none the less when she gave a small smile.

"I'll wear it with pride." was all she said.

"Good." he said before standing and removing his hand from her shoulder, using it to help her stand. Bella was truly frightened for what came next, the burning in her throat doubling, she cast her eyes to the one next to her. He said he would help her and she would trust him.

"Come on." he said and she followed as he walked out of the doors of the barns.

Peter watched the scene with mixed feelings, it was like he had been forgotten. He huffed at the thought but couldn't help but grin. It was the first time in a long time that he had seen Jasper so relaxed. He had a hunch that things were going to change for the better in the future for Jasper, and the newly dubbed Charles was going to be the main component. He sighed and brushed his fringe out of his face as his gaze once more fell upon the whining figure on the floor, the only female in the room of males. He walked towards her and brushed his finger down her smooth cheek, freezing halfway in shock as her tremors stopped. He quickly snatched his hand away only to find that her shaking returned ten fold and her screaming rose. Frowning, he slowly ran his hand through the tangled blond tresses. His eyebrows rose once more as her pain seemed to cease at his touch.

"Heh, definitely an interesting batch." he scoffed to himself before settling himself on the dusty floor and placing her head on his lap, continuing to examine her face.

"You really are quite pretty my dear..." he said softly hoping that the feeling he had was going to become reality in the near future.