Chapter Four.

Bella let out sharp pants of breath as if she were exhausted, she was covered from head to toe in dirt and blood, tears littered her clothing and her eyes were wide in panic. She ran a quick glance over the scenery seeing only desolation and destruction amidst the billowing purple clouds of smoke that stank like rotting flesh. It had been a surprise attack and Maria was furious. Bella saw her in the distance throwing a tantrum, that involved ripping body parts.

"WHY didn't I KNOW ABOUT THIS!" she was screaming at a terrified newborn, whose eyes were dilated in fear.

"WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY!" she kept repeating into the shocked figures face before snarling loudly and with a sharp movement ripped off the boys head and threw it into one of the many smouldering pyres.

Bella looked across the field at Jasper, Peter and Charlotte. During the fight they had got separated but now it was only them left standing with a few straggling newborns that where whaling and snarling in pain at lost limbs. Bella had long ago become accustomed to such scenes of brutality, becoming almost numb to it. She glanced over at Jasper in concern seeing the pained expression on his face, they should leave, all the emotions running rampant at the moment were not doing her Major any favours. Perhaps they should just cut their losses and run now, amidst all the confusion, perhaps Maria would believe them killed. Her gaze met Jaspers, and he nodded in silent agreement. Turning he bent down and whispered to Peter and Charlotte.

"Were leaving now."

Quietly enough that Bella, Maria and any others couldn't hear, but Bella knew what was being said when both Peter and Charlotte straightened in shock and fear. Their gaze met hers and she nodded in reassurance. They returned their attention to Maria for what was hopefully the last time and Bella froze instantly. Maria had turned to her new talented toy and was hissing in his face.

"WHY didn't YOU KNOW! YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KNOW EVERYTHING!" She spat. The tall male with slick black hair, dubbed the 'creepy guy', looked utterly terrified and was quivering under her fierce and slightly unbalanced glare.
"YOUR USELESS! I HATE USELESS! YOU SHOULD JUST DIE! DIE!" she continued as the man let out a gasp of fear.

"S-s-sor-ry! I'm s-sorry Maria my my L-love! B-but i-i-i.." he stammered out in fear, looking around as if to find a way out of his dangerous predicament. Bella held her breath as his gaze lingered on her before moving to Jasper, Peter and Charlotte.

No no no no!

She thought terrified.

Not now! Please...

Jaspers eyes met hers in panic, he knew.

"THEY"RE GOING TO LEAVE YOU MARIA! THEY ARE GOING TO RUN AWAY!" the quivering man yelled out loud and there was a deafening silence. Bella couldn't move, this could not be happening, not now, not when they were so close. Maria's crazed eyes followed the black haired man's and landed on Jasper.

"What." she spat out calmly, the calm was more terrifying then her ranting. Her gaze did not move from Jaspers frozen figure as she spoke.

"He's going to leave y-y-you." the man stammered out again, relief consuming his features as Marias hand released his neck and he collapsed to the floor.

Bella saw Jasper freeze and Peter and Charlotte look at her in utter fear, as if their lives were already forfeit.


Bella thought desperately, she would not let that monster take away her family, her Jasper. She didn't want him to suffer any more.

RUN! Run you idiots!

She though desperately but it seemed as if they were frozen to the spot as Maria moved towards them, murder in her eyes.

"MARIA! MORE NEWBORNS ARE COMING!" Bella suddenly shouted, looking terrified, trying to distract the crazed vampire, she was going to be killed for this, she knew it. It did succeed in catching her attention however and seemed to snap Jasper out of his daze. Her eyes pleaded with his.

Run! Get out of here!

He looked back panicked.

Not without you! I wont leave you here!

Bella smiled softly, feeling immense love for this man, she would give anything and everything for him to be happy. If she could save him she would do it. She saw his eyes widen at the intensity of her feelings, confusion and fear on his aristocratic features. Her eyes softened.

I'll follow.

They said, even if she was lying. Jasper believed her however and gave a curt nod and a sharp gaze.

You had better...

went unsaid before he grabbed Peter and Charlotte and started running. She caught their gazes as they ran, filled with sorrow. They seemed to be saying.

We'll come back for you.

The disguised girl wanted to sob. After a while, they wouldn't even remember her let alone come back for her. If she could survive Marias fury however, perhaps she could escape herself, after all, Maria was likely to forget she even existed after a while due to her powers.

Bella returned her gaze to the shorter vampire whose attention was solely on her, her eyes burning with heated fury.

"WHAT!" she yelled, "WHERE ARE THEY!" she said looking around at the desolate scenery before understanding crossed her features and she spun around seeing the empty place where her best fighter once stood. She couldn't care less about the other two but she needed Jasper to train her newborns into deadly soldiers. She shot towards Bella at a terrifying speed, snarling and growling.

"YOU BASTARD! YOU FUCKING LYING LITTLE SHIT! WHERE DID THEY GO! TELL ME!" she shouted, pinning Bella to the ground and gripping her arm only to shear it off with her venom dripped teeth.

"AARRRGGGHHHH!" Bella screamed in pain as she felt her flesh being split apart, the pain was agonising and the venom burning.

You can make it Bella! This is nothing, you've had worse...

she told herself in her head, trying to overcome the excruciating pain. She found that she couldn't look at Maria's face, it was terrifying.

"TELL ME!" Maria shouted again and Bella let out a tearless sob.

"I d-d-don't k-know!" she stammered out through the pain. This only infuriated her more.

"WHY, WHY DID YOU BETRAY ME! JASPER WAS MINE! WHY DID YOU LET HIM GO! HE'S MINE!" she yelled and Bella could only let out a long string of panicked gibberish.

"He was in love with him." came a quiet slimy voice. Maria stiffened before looking down at 'Charles' in disgust before turning to the origin of the voice. Bella froze, the stiffening of her muscles alerting Maria that it was the truth.

Her features turned abruptly from anger to sick amusement.

"What! Really, HA HA HA!" Bella turned to glare at the voices origin. It was the 'creepy guy'. He seemed to be sucking up, glad to be back in Maria's good books.

"Yes! He was in love with him. He has an ability too my love, did you know that? He does! I know it!" Maria raised an eyebrow, her earlier madness seeming to be something of the past. She got off of Bella and glided over to the shaking man on the ground. His eyes wide in madness and a grin on his face and he stared up at Maria as if she were his god.

"Really my love?" she cooed, running her small hand down the side of his face in a loving gesture. He just nodded crazedly and Bella felt her last hope die at Maria's malicious grin.

"What is it?" she asked in a sickly sweet voice towards Bella.

"She disappears!" Said the male still grinning till he was struck and sent flying.

"I wasn't asking you!" she growled.

"I'm sorry! I'm so stupid my love. Forgive me, forgive me and my foolishness my love!" he grovelled.

"Fine." she said simply, turning her attention back to Bella who was quivering on the ground in pain, holding the dismembered limb to her shoulder to attempt to reattach it.

The brunettes eyes shifted over to the male, her mind whirring as to what else he knew. Did he know that she was a he? It didn't look like it, perhaps it was because her disguise was so deep now that she was actually Charles Swan and not Isabella any more. On the other hand, maybe it was her talent at work again, becoming her disguise, blending in to her surroundings. Her power, as far as she had guessed was complicated, she didn't even know half of what it could do. All she knew was that she could blend into her surroundings, hiding even from vampires enhanced senses. People forgot about her when she was gone for a duration of time and she swore that her features changed, not much that it was noticeable but she had thought that her breasts used to be bigger, but that could just have been wishful thinking.

Bella eyed the girl looming in front of her with wide eyes, yes she hated Maria with all her soul and being. If only for the fact that she made her feel terrified and powerless, let alone the pain she caused her family.

"So my dear, you were special all this time and you never let me know. Is that true?" she asked sweetly, resting her small palm on Bella's frozen face. She couldn't help but quiver. Give her an army of newborns and she could rip them apart with out a second thought, but Maria just made her fall apart. The petite hand slowly glided down her face in a deceptively gentle manner, Bella felt her head nod without her consent as she stared into her soulless black eyes.


The sound rang through the clearing like two clashing boulders and the brunette winced as she felt Maria's nails gouge even streaks across her cheek that oozed with venom before they instantly healed themselves.

"You have been quite naughty Charles."

She cooed, shaking one finger as if telling off a child.

" I'm sorry." Whimpered Bella feeling compelled to answer, not even looking at the elder vampire.

"No your not, not yet any way." She smiled patting the brunette on the head patronisingly.

"You will come to regret what you've done though, you disgusting freak. We'll be seeing a lot more of each other from now on." she said in an even tone, her eyes sporting a malicious tone that made Bella whimper pathetically.

I'll never regret it you fucking bitch!

Bella snarled in her head, she could take anything this psycho dished out to her if it meant that the others got out of this place.

"But first, i think that you need to be retrained, it seems you have forgotten one of my major rules Charles, one that you wont be forgetting ever, ever again." She spat the last part out before turning to the slumped figure on the floor further away.

"George, punish him. And for gods sake clean up this mess. I want to move out in the morning." The now identified George rose from the floor, running a pale hand through his black locks.

"Yes my Love." He said subdued before turning to Bella with a malicious grin on his face, as if he hadn't been cowering on the floor only moments before.

"Make it hurt." she said before running off like a graceful dancer.

"With pleasure." he grinned, causing Bella to snarl. Now that the monster that called herself Maria was gone she felt as if she could breath again.

"I hope your ready you little faggot." he spoke, stepping forward and kicking her downed form in the stomach.

"Fuck off you slimy bastard!" she hissed, unable to get up due to the pain in her shoulder, that was still in two pieces.

"Now, now. Watch your language." he chuckled, crouching down.

"Go to hell!" she yelled and spat in his face causing him to growl in anger. She knew that it wasn't the best move to make in her vulnerable position, but if Maria hadn't of already injured her, that cocky little upstart wouldn't even have been able to touch her. There was a reason she had survived for as long as she had in the wars and it wasn't only because she had Jasper, The God of War, watching her back.

"I'm afraid your already there." The black haired demon hissed before Bella screamed in pain.

Weeks later and many miles away a trio parted ways for the first time in twenty years.

"Contact us if you need anything at all. Anything." Peter said frowning and patting his Major on the back reassuringly.

"Thanks." the tallest of the three, with golden brown hair said. He had a solemn aura around him even as he tried to smile at his companions reassuringly. The only woman of the group furrowed her brows in concern.

"Are you sure you want to do this, you can stay with us you know? We'll miss having you around." she said, smiling gently at Jasper.

"I'm sure. I just, I, I don't know. I need to think, I need to be alone. I need to figure everything out." he stammered, letting out a redundant sigh and running his slender fingers through his locks.

"We understand Jasper. We love you." Said the short blond, placing her hand to rest on Jaspers shoulder so she could reach and give him a peck on the cheek. Jasper let out a small sad smile, he could feel the couples genuine emotions.

"See ya man." Said Peter

"Stop being so down, you'll live longer." he grinned cheekily before grabbing his mates hand and disappearing.


Jasper muttered, watching them leave with a blank stare. He rubbed his temple at the phantom migraine that pounded at his skull, the image of a brown haired youth flickered beneath his eyelids, the face had no features. He frowned, not understanding the emotion he felt associated with the image, all he could tell was that it was intense. Sighing he shook his head to clear the thoughts that plagued him, that something was missing.

Without another thought he took off without a sound, for once free from the overwhelming emotions of pain and torment that shrouded him like a cloak. He felt lighter then he had in years. But something kept nagging him in the back of his mind.

Something's missing...