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"Well, this ought to be fun" Zack said sarcastically as he slammed down the five assignments he just received from school on to the kitchen table. "Five assignments about the stupid moon thing that's gonna happen in a week from today." Zack walked to the fridge and rummaged through the contents, after a few seconds Zack finally grabbed a can of Dr. Pepper.

"I'm not doing them for you, so don't ask." Cody said who was sitting at the dinner table, keeping his head down to his Biology homework. Zack gave him a filthy look and slouched down onto the couch. He turned on the TV and flicked through the channels.

"Moon, moon, moon, more moon, more fucking moon, I swear, if one more thing comes on about that fucking moon I will- Ah, fuck, that's it, I'm going to the candy counter." Zack said as he turned off the TV and threw the remote down.

Cody closed his Biology text book and got up from the dinner table. "Yeah, I'll join you; I need to ask Mom if I can go to the Boston Planetarium next Friday for the Moon event. Dude, you gotta admit it, an asteroid hitting the moon is awesome." Cody said. Zack could tell Cody was excited about the whole Moon event as he had a sparkle in his eye.

"Cody, I really do think you need a girlfriend. I'm starting to be concerned about your sanity and dedication to science, as you are asking Mom if you can go to the planetarium, on a Friday night." Zack said as he faced his brother. Cody narrowed his eyebrows.

"Shut up and open the door." Cody responded annoyed. Zack shook his head and opened the front door and the twins walked out of there suite.

"All I'm saying is that you need to loosen up just a tad. Go to a party, gain a social life, experiment with a girl, or in your case, a dude, and just let go. And maybe if you did that, people will stop thinking your dating your homework." Zack said they walked up to the elevator.

"What the, who thinks I'm dating my homework?" Cody asked astonished as Zack pressed the 'down' button on the elevator.

"Everyone" Zack answered bluntly.

"Did you start this rumour?" Cody asked


"You're a dick"

"At least one of us has one" Zack fired back as the elevator dinged. The doors opened and the twins went inside. "I know a really nice guy called Mitchell; I bet I can hook you two up!" Zack said as the doors closed.

"Shut the fuck up."

The elevator doors opened at the lobby and the twins headed in their separate ways. Cody heading towards his Mom who was at the front desk with Esteban and Zack heading towards the candy counter.

"Hey Mom!" Cody called out to Carey as he walked over to her. Carey turned around and waved to her youngest son.

"Hi honey "Carey said once Cody reached her.

"Mom, I was wondering if I could go to the planetarium next Friday to watch the Moon event?" Cody asked.

"What are they holding at the planetarium for the Moon thing?" Carey asked, gathering up more information to decide whether or not to let her sixteen year old son go.

"Like a party celebration thing as this is a rare event." Cody responded

"No, you can't celebrate! This is a disaster!" Esteban butted in. Carey and Cody turned and looked at Esteban.

"What?" asked Carey.

"Don't you realise what is happening? This asteroid that will hit the moon on Friday is going to end bad, very bad." Esteban said, panicked.

"How do you know?" Cody asked

"By Dudley"

"As in your pet chicken?" Cody asked confused

"Yes, Dudley is very superstitious. You always know when something bad is about to happen, he starts tapping his feet and making strange noises. He is almost never wrong." Esteban said.

"Esteban, you're talking about a chicken. That sort of stuff is normal behaviour for that type of animal" Cody assured. Esteban shook his head.

"But there is something else. Back in my country, there is a stone, a stone that's been there of centuries, millenniums even. And on the stone, there is an ancient message, telling us of how our civilisation will come to a sudden end." Esteban said quietly. Cody raised his eyebrows.

"Isn't that the Mayan Calender? The thing that says the world will end in 2012?" Cody questioned, Esteban shook his head again.

"The Mayan Calendar is just a calendar that is a more complex in telling the dates and modern society has just turned the meaning upside down and now people are making false mambo jumbo that the world will end." Said Esteban. Carey then interrupted.

"Well, Cody, I haven't made up my mind if you can go. Get me a pamphlet or something that has more information about the party at the Planetarium and I'll have a look and decide if you can go or not. And Esteban, I don't think that our civilisation will end. It's just an asteroid hitting our moon. Anyway, I need to get ready for my show. Cody, you know where everything is, make sure Zack stays home tonight. We don't want a repeat of last Friday. I'll see you when I get home, I love you." Carey kissed Cody on the cheek and walked off to the elevators.

"Bye Mom, Love you too." Cody did a quick wave to his mother and then turned back to Esteban. "So, the Mayan calendar is pretty much the complicated calendar that uses the sun, moon and Venus and has a series of little pictures and symbols to represent the time of year. How does yours work?" Cody asked, interested, as Esteban had never talked about something so seriously.

"It's not a calendar, it's a prophesy."Esteban responded. Cody raised his eyes brow higher.

"Really? So it's just an old stone that has a prophesy?" Cody asked astonished "so how come no one has ever picked up on this stone? London's dad and that explorer dude, Dakota, was there a like three years ago taking stuff out of your village, and you were going on about the curse of Queen Qui Qui. How did he miss the stone?"

"It's hidden deep in the woods that surround my village, to avoid exposure and to keep people and the National Geographic channel out of our village. Those guys have no consideration of tradition and privacy, as soon as they find that your town has a massive prophecy in it, it becomes well known and exposed to the world. Our village is in enough trouble as it is." Esteban said sadly.

"So what does this prophecy say exactly?" Cody asked, unsure if he wanted to know it. Esteban took a deep sigh and looked sadly at Cody.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

Cody nodded.

"Okay. But you must not tell a soul." Esteban shut his eyes tightly and took another seep sigh. "It says 'when the object of doom collides with our object of night light, night shall become brighter, earth will become unstable and life as we knew it will be no longer. Man must fight man to stay alive.'" Esteban opened his eyes and looked at Cody. Cody's eyebrows narrowed as he went deep into thought as he processed what he was just told.

"This has made me just a little bit nervous." Cody finally said. "But it doesn't mean that it's true. It's a prophesy that was made probably thousands of years ago." Esteban shrugged his shoulders.

"Deny it as much as you want Cody, but I have a very strong feeling that the prophesy will become true." And with that, Esteban walked off to the front desk and went to Mr. Moseby for his next task. Cody stood there, lost in his thoughts. Sure, the world will one day come to an end, but by the moon? No. Sure, it controls tides, volcanic action and stuff like that but there is no way that the world will come to an end. Cody scoffed.

"It's just a suggestion." Cody said to himself as he walked off to the candy counter to join Zack, who seemed to buying out the whole counter.

"Cody, I'm going out." Zack said as he walked to the front door, obviously dressed to go to a party.

"Ah, no you're not. Mom said you have to stay here. She doesn't want to stop her show again to pick you up because you're scared to catch the bus at night during a thunderstorm." Cody snickered to himself.

"Hey, it's not my fault I'm scared of thunderstorms at night. Its dads fault. besides, I'm going to Max's house. She wants to watch a movie and that. I'll be home before mom is, so don't worry about getting in trouble." Before Cody could stop him, Zack walked out the door. Leaving Cody home by himself. Cody walked to his laptop and turned it on. Once it was on, he clicked on iTunes and clicked on to his favourite song, 'Pumped up Kicks' by Foster the People. He hooked up his extended speakers to his laptop so the sound was louder, and then turned it up to full volume. He then got up and walked to the kitchen and grabbed himself a Pepsi. As he was walking back to his laptop, he caught a glimpse of the moon. He walked to the window and stared at it. What would life be like if the moon did get affected? Would life be dramatically different or would it stay the same? Cody looked away from the window and went back to his laptop and looked up the Moon event on Google and the possible scenarios that could happen.

Zack and Max lay in Max's bed naked. Max was snuggled in to Zack's chest as Zack stroked her straight brown hair.
"Well, we finally did it. We had sex." Zack smiled. Max giggled.
"I know. I'm glad we did. You know, as we have been going out for about a year." Max said as she rubbed her hand down Zack's side.
"And also because I'm incredibly irresistible and sexy, you just had to have me." Zack laughed.
"Okay Zack, you keep telling yourself that." Max said as she sat up.
"And I had to have you because you are the most beautiful girl in the world and I don't know what I would do without you in my life." Zack said softly as he softly put his hand on her check. Max smiled. "That is so cheesy."
"I know," Zack agreed "But it's true. I guess I'm really only saying that, is because I have really do love you."

"I love you too" Max replied as she softly kissed Zack on the lips. Zack softly pushed her back down on to the bed as he went back on top of her and deepened the kiss. Max and Zack were to into the lust and excitement of their first time that they didn't hear Max's dad's car pull up in to the driveway, or him walking in to the house up the stairs. They didn't realise he was home until he opened her door and turned the light on.

"Oh shit." Zack whispered.