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Summary: Sonic is infatuated with Sally Acorn, the most popular, down to earth girl at school. His best friend, Amy, on the other hand is madly in love with Sonic, but he is completely oblivious to her affection. Rated T for Highschool shit. No lemons people, GEEZ I'm only a teen! Sally/Sonic/Amy




With his usual swagger, Sonic walked down the halls, greeting his friends warmly and smiling at the people he was friendly with. Reaching his locker, he threw his books in messily, not noticing the millions of girls staring at him in adoration and the boys who shot him envious looks. He ran a hand through his hair and slammed his locker shut. Sonic looked around for a familiar face, someone he could talk to.

And then he spotted her.

Smiling instantly, he walked up to her and said, "Hey, Sal. How was your short vacay?"

Sally Acorn turned from her locker and smiled. "Pretty good, Sonic. A lot of food though." She laughed heartily, making Sonic's grin widen. "I'm still stuffed."

He chuckled. "Same. It sucks majorly we're back in school."

Sally rolled her eyes. "Ugh, I know. Honestly, I wouldn't be against having another vacation right now."

Interrupting their conversation, the bell rang. Sally hoisted her turquoise backpack over her shoulder. "It was nice talking to you, Sonic. See you around?"

Sonic smiled. "You bet."

She started walking towards her next class, but turned around to wave bye to him. He found himself waving back, grinning like an idiot. Sonic scolded himself mentally for being boring. Really? Why did he bring up school again? He must come off as some obtuse prick, someone Sally didn't want to talk to. He would have to work on his material, come off as funnier and sweeter.

Walking into class, he sat in his seat hurriedly as the second bell rang. He looked around and saw that his best friend wasn't present. She was always here early, especially on the first day back from Thanksgiving because she didn't like hanging around her family.

Hearing the third bell ring, Sonic snapped his phone opened and quickly speed dialed her number. It went straight to voicemail. Bad sign. Ten minutes after class had started, Sonic raised his hand and asked if he could go to the bathroom. After the teacher excused him, the blue hedgehog sped out of the room and headed for the exit doors. He knew where to find her when she didn't want anyone bothering her. In thirty seconds flat, Sonic arrived at the small park near his house. Sure enough, Amy Rose was sitting on a swing, staring at the ground.

He sat down on the swing next to her and started to sway. "That bad?"

Amy didn't look up, but she said, "The worst."

Sonic nodded with understanding and said, "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It's not your fault," Amy said with a sigh. "It happened like this..."

"Mike, can you pass the cranberry sauce?" Amy asked.

"You have hands," He grunted and went back to eating his mashed potatoes that were soaked in gravy.

Amy blinked in annoyance. Narrowing her eyes, she said, "You have hands too, Mike. So pass the sauce."

Amy's mother set down her fork and scolded, "Amy."

"Mom, he is perfectly capable of passing the cranberry sauce. Aren't ya, Mike?" Amy argued, trying to push his buttons. If he was going to be a jackass about it, so would she.

Mike glared at her and said, "Is that how you treat your father?"

Amy scowled. "You are not my father. I had a dad who was a much better person than you are in every aspect. Do not compare yourself to him," She snarled.

"Amy!" Her mother cried out, shock written all over her face.

Amy threw down her fork so that it clanged loudly on her plate. "Mom for Christ sake, he is perfectly capable of passing the damn sauce. He's just too damn lazy and doesn't give a shit about anyone or anything other than himself." Pausing, Amy thought about a different angle. "Is it about money? That has to be it because otherwise why would you be with him? But let's be honest, he's a dentist, not a millionaire..."

She couldn't finish her sentence because Mike slammed his plate on the floor, smashing the food all over the floor. Amy's mother looked down at her untouched plate of food and said nothing. Amy scowled at her mother's weakness and glared at Mike who was practically foaming at the mouth.

"When you are under my roof, you will respect me! Don't you ever talk about me that way again. Without me, you'd be living in the fucking streets. Are we clear?"

"Crystal," She said mockingly and that's when the situation became worse.

"And that's when Mike the Moron went nuclear on me."

"Same old same old?"

"About right."

Sonic sighed with frustration and said, "I don't understand why you don't call social services or even let me do it."

"He's not abusing me, Sonic. He's just an asshole that gets fired up a lot."

Sonic stood up and extended his hand to Amy, who accepted it. He pulled her into a tight hug and whispered, "If I ever catch him talking to you that way, I'll beat the living shit out of him."

Amy smirked and hugged him back tightly. "I'd pay to see that."

Sonic laughed and pulled away. Her playful expression faded and she said seriously, "Thanks, Hedgehog. It's just...really hard sometimes."

Sonic played with her bright pink quills that he loved. "I know, Ames. Just know, I'll always be there for you. Understand?"

Amy smiled. "Is that a promise?"

"You bet. Now come on. I told Jenkins I was going to the bathroom like ten minutes ago. We better get back so he doesn't get suspicious." He picked her up and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Dammit it. I was really hoping I could skip Jenkins class," Amy whined with a pout on her face.

Sonic cracked a smile. "And miss forty five minutes of his monotone lecturing? That would be wrong, Miss Rose."

"A girl could try," She said with a shrug.

He rolled his eyes in amusement and said, "Hold on tight." Without a second of hesitation, Sonic sped towards the school with Amy in his arms.


The bell rang, echoing through the halls of Station Square high. Sonic and Amy exited their history classroom with relief. Amy gave a little whoop and said, "Thank god that's over. Sonic, I gotta ask you something."

"Mhmm." He sounded distracted.

"Something important."

Amy not noticing that anything was wrong started babbling about this dinner her mom was going to have and she needed an excuse not to go. It was their annual family reunion and Mike the Moron was usually wasted and said idiotic things to embarrass their family. She looked over at Sonic to see that he wasn't paying attention to what she was saying. Narrowing her eyes, Amy crossed her arms over her chest.

"I met this guy last night at a bar and had a one night stand."

Still not paying an attention to her, Amy sighed with frustration and snapped her fingers in front of Sonic. "Hellooo. Earth to Hedgehog. What the hell are you staring at?"

She turned to look in Sonic's direction and her frustration disappeared. He was staring at Sally Acorn, the prettiest and one of the smartest girls in school. Amy dropped her hands to her sides and stiffened. Sonic was checking Sally out. He looked like a lovesick puppy. Amy snapped out of it and regained her normal aloof composure.

"Please," Amy scoffed as she walked down the hall with him. "Sally Acorn? Little miss perfect? That's who you've got it bad for?"

Sonic nodded, running a hand through his dark blue quills. "She's the one, Ames. Sal's perfect..."

She rolled her emerald eyes. "Sonic, you've said like three words to the girl and suddenly you're infatuated?"

He looked at her and said defensively, "We talk all of the time."

"Yeah, that's why I always see the two of you together."



"Shut it."

Amy saluted him mockingly. "Whatever you say, Hedgehog. Afterschool. My place?"

Sonic grinned at her as he reached his second period classroom. "The usual spot?"

Amy smirked and said, "The usual."

When he disappeared inside the classroom, Amy's smile faded. She clutched her books tighter and walked down the hallway towards her classroom. She couldn't believe that Sonic had set his eyes on Sally Acorn of all people. He always had conquests when it came to girls, but Sally Acorn? She was Little Miss Perfect, which was worse. She was gorgeous, incredibly smart, and just a fun girl in general. Who wouldn't like her? At this point, Amy didn't. She prayed Sally didn't fall for Sonic, but she knew it was hopeless. Sonic was the perfect guy and who wouldn't want him?

She sighed when she reached her classroom. Sonic the Hedgehog, her best friend, was so oblivious. He couldn't even see that she was standing right beside him. He would never look at her romantically. To him, they were just friends.

Amy, on the other hand, was madly in love with him.


Spotting Knuckles in the courtyard, Sonic walked over and exchanged a high five with him. Knuckles's countenance immediately brightened and he asked, "Sonic, my man. You going to the party tonight?"

"Rouge's house right?"

"Yeah, don't get too excited. It's only a small party," Knuckles rolled his eyes and gave Sonic a knowing smile. Sometimes his blue hedgehog friend over did it at huge parties. Drinking wise that is. The echidna couldn't complain because he overdid it every time.

Sonic shrugged with a grin. "Don't think I'm going to go."

Knuckles frowned. "Dude, it's Rouge's house. Rouge. The sexy bat in our math class. I think she wants to hook up with me."

The blue hedgehog smirked. "You would think that. Nah, I think I'll just go to Amy's house today."

"Sally's going to be there."

Sonic froze in his tracks. "Sally Acorn? Why would that interest me..." His voice trailed off.

Knuckles exploded into laughter. "Because you've got it bad for her? Everyone can see that, Sonic. Including her."

Sonic's eyes widened, but he said nothing. Regaining his composure, he said, "I think I've changed my mind. This party sounds pretty cool now that I think about it."

Knuckles rolled his eyes and said goodbye. Sonic snapped his phone open and dialed Amy's number. "Speak."

"Ames, its Sonic."

"You know I have caller ID right?" Amy said with amusement over the phone.

"Right, okay. Whatever. Change of plans. Rouge is having a party tonight. You know, Rouge right?"

"I'm don't know if knowing Rouge is a good or bad thing..." Her voice trailed off.

Sonic rolled his eyes. "Come to the party, Ames. I'll pick you up at 7."

"I don't really have a choice, do I?"

"Nope," Sonic said with a grin. "Don't be late." He snapped his phone shut and threw his backpack over his shoulder. He walked over to his car and drove it to his house.


"I still can't believe I'm doing this."

"Think of it as a favor," Sonic suggested, knocking on the door.

"Then you owe me one," Amy retorted. Sonic looked over at her with a smile.

"On the positive side, you look...amazing, Amy." And he wasn't lying. Amy wore a red mini dress over black leggings and black studded boots. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders in waves and her eyes were coated with a thin line of smoky black eyeliner. She was very pretty, Sonic thought to himself even though he knew he shouldn't be thinking of her like that.

Amy's cheeks flushed and she stammered to say something, but nothing came out. When he stared at her like that, it made her feel wanted, special...attractive. His grin made shivers run up her back and at the same time, she felt all warm and tingly inside. "For the record...you look good too, Sonic," She whispered softly with a tiny smile.

Before he could say anything, the door opened and Rouge the bat was standing in the frame. "Blue, nice to see ya and you brought Amy... Come on in."

The pink hedgehog bit her tongue so that she wouldn't say anything negative. It was obvious Rouge didn't want her here and to be honest, Amy didn't want to be here, but she would do anything for Sonic. Maybe he knew that and was taking advantage of her. Sonic gave her a knowing smile, silently thanking her for not causing a scene. She nodded proudly in return.

Sonic spotted a few of his buddies at the bar. Knowing Amy didn't like his buddies that much he said, "Go mingle, Ames. I'm gunna get a drink." Not to mention, if he wanted to talk to his buddies about Sally Acorn, they would support him. Amy, on the other hand, didn't support his minor thing for Sally. Maybe it was because she was jealous that Sally would replace her if she became his girlfriend.

Amy watched him leave and wondered why he needed her to come in the first place. Bringing her out of her thoughts, she heard someone call her name. It was Mina, a girl she was friends with. Smiling, she walked over to Mina and hugged her. Mina introduced Amy to her friends Tikal and Cream. Amy tried her best to forget about Sonic.


"Sally Acorn? That's aiming high, bro," Silver said, taking a swig of his beer.

Sonic shoved Silver's shoulder playfully. "Sally's already a friend. She's just has to see the more romantic, exhilarating side of me."

Shadow rolled his eyes. "Sonic won't have any problem getting Sally. We all know he's sensitive when he's with women."

Sonic gave his buddy the finger and his friends burst into laughter. Knuckles said, "He's romantic. Women like their men to be sweet on them."

Shadow raised an eyebrow in amusement. "And you're an expert now, Knuckles?"

Silver snickered and Knuckles glared at Shadow. "Whatever, Shadow. I'm better off spending time with my girl. I'd said the same for you, but...you don't have a lady friend." Knuckles saluted them and walked towards Rouge, throwing on his best suggestive smile.

Silver patted Shadow on the back and said, "The lug head is right. Let's go chat up some girls." Shadow and Silver stood up, but Sonic remained seated.

"You coming, bro?" Silver asked.

Sonic shook his head and took another swig of his beer. "Nah, I'm...waiting for someone."

Shadow and Silver traded knowing glances. "Alright. Seeya around, Sonic."

The blue hedgehog nodded and turned his attention to the door. His eyes widened when he saw a familiar girl standing in the door. Sally had arrived. He couldn't help but smile softly, checking her out fully. She was beautiful even in dark wash jeans and a nice blue top. Sonic willed for her to come over here and talk to him, but she spotted her other friends and went straight towards them.

So much for wistful thinking.


Amy rolled her eyes and excused herself. She walked over to the bar and sat on the stool next to Sonic. She ordered a drink and turned to look at her best friend. "Wipe that drool off your chin. It's pathetic."

Sonic frowned. "No one asked you to comment, Ames."

She sighed and accepted her drink from the bartender. She sipped the spiked lemonade before saying, "You know she's with Vector, right?"


"So she's taken, Sonic."

"And when has that stopped anyone?" Sonic said, gulping down the remains of his Sam Adams.

"Wellllll," Amy clicked her tongue. "You're not going to get her to notice you by sitting here. Go talk to her. Save me from being tortured by your miserable attitude."

Sonic rolled his eyes. "Would you calm down? I'm waiting for my right moment."

"Hedgehog, there's never a right moment. Go talk to her."

Sonic looked at her with a smile. "That's not very optimistic, Ames."

The pink hedgehog shrugged and licked her red tinted lips. "You want an optimistic friend. I want a car. But hey," She shrugged and continued, "We can't always get what we want."

Sonic shook his head, still smiling. "You're depressing attitude is going to rub off on me if I don't ditch you soon. I'll be back."

Amy waved mockingly at him as he stood up from the stool. With determination clearly written all over his face, Sonic spotted Sally Acorn and started walking towards her.

She watched him leave, her playful expression faded. Sighing, Amy took a long swig of her bottle. He was so eager to go talk to her when she was right here. That hurt. It hurt knowing that he would rather chat up Sally then her. What did Sally have that she didn't? Sure, Sally was pretty and smart. She was also an all around nice girl, but so was Amy. And Amy was more down to earth and funnier than Sally was. So what was it? Was she not pretty enough for him?

Absentmindedly, she touched her hair and wondered if she should dye it a normal color. Pink was a little flashy...

She shook her head and finished the rest of her spiked drink. Whatever. She was much better than Sally in so many ways. She would just have to show Sonic how sexy and flirty she could be.

"Is this seat taken?"

"It is now," She said distantly, not even looking over to see who it was.

"I'm Jet. I— ,"

Amy stirred her drink and interrupted him. "I know who you are. You sit next to me in English and always ask to borrow a pen when you have one in your right pocket. How am I doing so far?" She turned to look at him with a knowing smirk.

Jet looked at her in surprise and said impressed, "Pretty spot on actually."

Amy extended her hand, "Amy. But you already know that."

He grinned and shook her hand. "You're pretty blunt, aren't you?"

She shrugged and tucked a strand behind her ear. "Better to be honest. See if I pretended that I didn't know you, I would've hurt your ego. I suppose you're over here to ask if you can hook up with me? If I'm going to continue being honest with you, Jet, I'm going to flat out tell you that I don't do that shit."

Jet's grin widened if possible. She hadn't snapped at him. Amy just simply stated exactly what she was thinking without an edge to her voice whatsoever. She really was different. "I'm not opposed to hooking up, but that's not why I came over. See that girl over there?"

Amy looked to see Jet pointing to Fiona Fox who was checking him out big time. He nodded and said, "She keeps throwing herself at me and I was getting tired of it."

The pink hedgehog put a hand to her heart mockingly and teased, "No? You don't want to hook up wit Fiona? But she's an incredible and I hear she's very good in be—."

Jet interrupted her and said, "Not everyone just wants to go out with a pretty girl."

The pink hedgehog snorted and mockingly waved to Fiona. The fox scrunched her nose up in disgust and turned around. Amy shrugged and took a sip of her drink. "Most people do."

"Not me."

"I can see that," Amy said and smiled at him. He returned the smile.


Sonic strided up to Sal and greeted her warmly, "Hey, Sal."

She turned away from talking to Bunnie and smiled. "Hi, Sonic. Having fun?"

"Now that I'm talking to you? Yes."

Sally laughed, making Sonic grin wider. He ran a hand through his messy blue quills and said, "Do you want to dance?"

She looked at him thoughtfully before nodding. "Absolutely." She handed her drink to Bunnie and said muttered something to her. Sally took Sonic's hand and allowed him to lead her over to the dance floor. When the beat started, their feet began to move in sync. They danced close to each other, pressing their bodies against one another. Sonic looked into Sally's warm brown eyes and grinned when he noticed a faint pink color on her cheeks. She closed her eyes and let go of herself in the music. And he watched her in awe and admiration. Sally was beautiful, especially when she was pressed close against him. He wrapped her tan arms around his neck and continued to move against her body.

Interrupting their moment, Sonic was tapped on the shoulder. He turned around and was met with a huge fist. He stumbled backwards, holding his face in pain. Removing his hand, Sonic wiped the blood off his lip and angrily looked up to see who had hit him. Vector.

"What the hell are you doing with my girlfriend?"

"We were just dancing, Vector. Nothing happened," Sally said defensively, putting a hand on Vector's shoulder. The crocodile shoved her hand away as Sonic stood up.

"Nothing happened, man," Sonic said coldly, his eyes narrowing. He was prepared for a fight.

"The hell it didn't," Vector snarled, attacking Sonic to the ground. They exchanged a series of punches and kicks to the stomach and face. People started screaming, yelling at them to cut it out, but Sonic couldn't focus on them. He had to beat the living shit out of Victor to prove he wasn't a wuss. Sonic turned Vector over and started slamming punches in the crocodile's gut.

"Sonic, stop it!"

He turned up to see Sally looking at him with fear. That second of hesitation allowed Vector to shove Sonic to the ground and start hitting him. Vector's fists slammed into Sonic's nose, causing his vision to blur. In a daze, Sonic watched a swearing Knuckles grab ahold of Vector and restrain the truculent crocodile.

He watched a familiar pink hedgehog peek down at him. She looked incredibly worried as she kneeled down in front of him. "Sonic? Are you okay? Answer me please," She cried with desperation.

Sonic opened his mouth to reassure her, but no words came out of his mouth. His vision blurred tremendously until it faded into black.


He woke to a coldness seeping throughout his body. Adjusting his vision, he saw Amy's face. She pressed a cold pack to his nose and wiped the blood off with her other hand that held a moist towel. He pushed her hands away and sat up groggily. "What happened?"

Amy sighed and pressed the cold pack to his nose. He winced at the cold touch, but he did nothing to stop her. "You got into a fight with Victor for dancing with his girlfriend. I would say I told you so, but I figure I'll keep it to myself for now."

"Thanks, Ames."

"No problem."

He rolled his eyes and asked, "How long have I been passed out?"

"About two hours. I brought you back to my place because your mom would murder you if she saw you come home with a bloody face."

Sonic nodded and said, "Good call."

Amy moved the cold pack to his lip with her lips curved into a frown. "You shouldn't do that...worry me like that." She bit her lip and stopped herself from saying anymore.

For the first time that night, he turned towards her and looked at her. Although she wouldn't look him in the eye, he noticed that she looked worried and there was a deep sadness in her eyes. He gently removed her hand from his lips and tilted her chin up so that he could look into her eyes. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."

Her breath hitched when he looked at her intensely. Recovering from her hormones, she threw on a fake smile and punched his shoulder playfully. "Next time, let me know if you're going to take on the most muscular guy at school so I can tell you how ridiculous you're being."

Sonic's intense expression faded and he laughed heartily. "Next time, Ames. Next time."

She smiled and looked down at her phone. "Well, it's two am and you should probably get home. The blood is pretty much gone and we wouldn't want Mike the Moron to freak out."

He grabbed her hand and squeezed it once. "Should I slip out your window?"

Amy nodded towards the window in her room and said, "I'd advise you to. If you went out the front door, the alarm would ring and you know how much he wouldn't appreciate that."

"Right," Sonic said, kissing her cheek. "Movie night tomorrow?"

Amy smirked wickedly. "Get ready to watch Scream," She said in an eerie voice and made ghost noises. He grinned, wondering how he ever managed to land an awesome friend.

He opened the window and saluted her. Sonic crawled out the window and used the ladder that Amy always kept near the roof to climb down. Reaching the ground, he looked up and saw Amy at the window. He waved once and walked towards his house that was only a few houses down.

She watched him go, unable to move her eyes away from him. Amy pressed her fingertips against the window and swore under her breath. She pulled the curtains and padded to her bed. The pink hedgehog cuddled into her covers and looked up at the darkened ceiling.

What the hell was wrong with her? She was pining for her best friend and he had absolutely no idea. Or if he did, he didn't care. He was the one person in her life that she could count on. He was the only person she could truly have fun with. Sure, she was friendly with other girls, but he was her best friend. Amy didn't want to hang out with anyone but him because she loved being near him. She loved being the one that made him laugh or smile.

Amy mentally scolded herself for thinking about him all the time. She honestly needed something else to occupy her mind to distract her from the unrequited love she was feeling. Or maybe someone...

She shook her head and pressed it harder into the pillow. No, she knew herself too well. Amy wouldn't be able to do that because she would feel guilty constantly for lying to the person she "fake dated" to get over Sonic. Closing her eyes, she couldn't help but vision him. He was always in her thoughts, her dreams...

She listened to the rhythmic sound of the fan and dozed off, thinking about her one true hero.


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