I don't own Digimon. This story may contain adult themes and humour but is, for the most part, suitable for everyone.

The barman wiped down the bar as the last people, too drunk to be able to drink anymore, began to trundle out of the small bar until there were just a few walking out through the door. However before he managed to lock the door he saw a young lady – probably around eighteen – push through the group whom were leaving as she stormed into the bar. He saw her glance up for a second and noticed that her expression would probably be able to turn ice into water and terrify even the evillest of demons. He realised immediately that she could potentially be trouble for him and the bar and so he decided to carefully take in her appearance. She had: short brown hair, sweet brown eyes, a soft face, a low-cut pink t-shirt, small blue jean shorts, pink converse shoes. She would want a strawberry Daiquiri. He reached under the bar as he saw her approaching and started making the drink. "Something getting you down?" he inquired as she slammed her purse onto the counter and sat on the bar stool that was nearest to him. She stared angrily at her phone for a second and then looked up when she realised that he was speaking to her.
"Yes, yes," she pressed the standby button on her phone and placed it onto the counter as the barman mixed her drink "something is getting me down, or more like someone." She explained angrily. The man nodded sympathetically.
"Want to lend my ears to you?" he asked, looking at her, while he squished some strawberries with a pestle on the other side of the bar. She smiled sweetly as she realised he genuinely wanted to listen to her problems and didn't just want to climb into bed with her.
"You don't even want to know my name?" she tested him to see how he would respond but he simply shook his head and smiled as he pounded the strawberries into a red paste. "Well, my name's Kari," she checked her phone briefly "I and my fiancée, T.K, just broke up… at least I think we did" she twiddled her thumbs and looked awkward as she realised she had just told a stranger something so intimate. He simply nodded sympathetically while she spoke, although she didn't notice, and waited for her to finish as he realised that it was one of the most common problems he heard.
"There are plenty of other fish in the sea" he said and smiled as he saw a little smile appear on her face.
"Or Gomamon" she said with a little giggle until she realised her mistake when she looked up and saw the barman looking a little confused.

She found herself unable to correct her mistake because suddenly someone was on the left of her and they tapped the bar "I'll have what the lady's having" he sounded flirty and she could tell he had a cheesy grin on his face even though she didn't turn her head. She felt his presence as he sat down next to her and didn't turn to see who he was for a short while because she figured it was inappropriate and she didn't want to give him the wrong impression. Eventually she decided it was fine to look and turned and smiled until she realised who it was and her face dropped. The barman nodded to the man and began to grind some strawberries in preparation for making his drink.
"Davis!" Kari screeched angrily as she saw the familiar brunette with a stupid smirk on his face. "I bet you heard that I and T.K were over and immediately rushed over to jump in while the getting's good, right?" she yelled angrily. The barman winced as his eardrums throbbed from the volume.
"You and T.K broke up?" Davis looked completely dumbfounded by the revelation.
"Oh sure," Kari laughed "'course you didn't know" she growled sarcastically. Davis used his best 'I'm confused' face but Kari's fists still became clenched with anger. The barman placed a glass of water in front of Kari knowing that it would calm her down. Kari looked over to the barman briefly with a scathing look for a short while until she grabbed the glass and took a drink slowly. She seemed to be calming down and then she, unexpectedly, threw the rest of the water onto Davis with a triumphant grin that signified she really had cheered up. Davis's eyes flew open in shock and he leapt off the chair as the water hit him.

I rewrote the first chapter (I obviously had to keep the same general plotline) so I'd like to know what you think of it and if you think it's worth rewriting the rest and possibly writing a few more chapters of this series as well as any other critiques.

This story will focus on the barman's interactions with various Digidestined taking the part of one-shot drabbles that are mostly standalone stories.