The barman breathed deeply. Finally everyone was leaving and it was time to shut and go home. He closed his eyes, smiling inwardly and outwardly as the last people trundled out. He grabbed a cloth and wiped down the bar quickly before locking up the alcohol cupboards.

A young brunette lady stormed into the bar, clearly angry about something.
The barman, quick to intervene, made his move. The guy wasn't in the bar just yet (he had snuck in last time so the barman was still on high alert). "Hey, I think you've had a bad argument, so I'm going to suggest this: Go home and tell him that you truly love him like no other; that he makes you get out of bed on a morning, that when you see him your hearts so hard you think it might break your ribcage into a thousand pieces. Tell him that you love him and it'll be okay."
"Erm… thanks. I'll do that." Kari smiled and walked back out.

The barman spotted Davis poking his head through an open window and said, "Get out."
Davis nodded, clearly shocked he had been caught and not too bothered since Kari had left, and disappeared from sight.

The barman grabbed his chrome laptop and opened it on the bar top. Looking at the login screen, he saw the password field was blank. The username, however, said: JustAnotherDigimonFan. Closing the laptop, he slipped it into his bag and walked over to the front door. Pulling his keys out, he looked back at the bar one last time, remembering the times he had with them that no one would share but him and it was okay. Because as long as he remembered them, that was all that mattered. Flicking the light off, a tear rolled down his face. He opened the door, walking out and closing it behind him.

So that's it. The big finale. I'll truly miss this but I'm glad I've finally finished rewriting it so I can close the book on it as the barman did. I know, I know, there were so many hints at Gen'nai and in the rewrite, I really debated changing it. However, I liked this because it related to me and I hope it does to you too.

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