Alaric and I had just moved From Los Angeles, California to the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Number three had just died which meant it was time to move again and time to change my name again. Alaric was my protector a warrior from my planet sent with me to keep me safe. Mogadorians a rival alien race is out to eliminate my kind. I am a Lorian and I'm one of the nine gifted Lorians that escaped my planet alive. I am number five and this is my story of my life in Mystic Falls.

We arrived at a small house in Mystic Falls where we would be living for now. "Go ahead and find your room so you can unpack" Alaric said. I nodded and brought all of my stuff and found my room and unpacked. I put all of my weapons in my new closet. It was Alaric's job to keep me alive and safe but I always needed to be prepared to keep myself safe if he wasn't around. I only met one other number and her protector but that was when I was only five. She was number six and was really tough kind of like me. Our protectors said that we could be sisters with our matching personalities we always thought that we could take care of ourselves but all in all we cared for our protectors and saw them as parents since ours were killed. We all also have what are called legacy's we can have one or more. I have more than one. I can teleport, shape shift, phase, and my hands light up in a purple color and I have telekinesis. "Are you unpacked?" Alaric asked. "Yeah" I replied. "Come down here then I've got your new id" he said.

I walked downstairs and he gave me an id card. I looked at it and the name said Jessie Saltzman. "You start school tomorrow and I'm going with you" Alaric said. "Why are you going with me?" I asked annoyed. I loved Alaric like a father but it sometimes annoyed me that he would sometimes always follow me. "Well first off they need a new history teacher and two I think we should be extra careful since you're after number four" Alaric said. "Why did you pick this place to stay it seems so boring" I groaned. "Well from what I've read the boring place is said to have vampires" Alaric replied. I scoffed and rolled my eyes. " Vampires don't exist Alaric do you seriously believe that crap?" I asked. "Aliens aren't supposed to exist either" he said not looking at me. I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs back to my room. I may be able to teleport but I like to walk it makes me feel like a normal person. When I walked into my room I saw my pet ferret Noah. He was actually a Chimera and he could shift into anything but his main form was a ferret. I talked with Noah for a little bit until Alaric called me down for dinner.

The two of us talked about how to keep a low profile even though I kept telling him that I knew how to and that I would be careful he still insisted on lecturing me about it. After dinner I decided to got to bed so I wouldn't be so tired the next day. When I walked into my room I saw Noah already sleeping curled up at the end of my bed. I got changed into my pajamas and went to bed thinking about the next day and what would be in store for me.

The next morning I got up and changed into a dark blue tank top with black jeans. I walked downstairs and ate breakfast then put on my leather jacket and left with Alaric. When I arrived at school I put on my sunglasses and made my way inside to get my schedule. "Here is your schedule have a good day" the woman said. "Thank you" I replied and left. I looked at the schedule and saw I had history which meant I was stuck with Alaric. Oh lucky me I get to put up with my protector for the next hour I thought. I walked down the hall to the classroom and Alaric was already there writing something up on the board. "You sit up front where I can keep an eye on you" he said pointing at a chair in front of his desk. "Does it really matter where I sit I mean as long as I'm in the classroom I shouldn't be any trouble for you to keep an eye on" I said. "That desk Jessie now" Alaric snapped. "Alright relax" I said as I sat down.

It wasn't long until more people started to walk in. "Hello everyone my name is Mr. Saltzman I'll be your new history teacher" Alaric said. Muffled hellos came from all around the room. I assumed either this wasn't a very exciting class, these people already hated Alaric or nobody really gave a damn. "Everyone take out your books and turn to page 168" Alaric said. Everyone took out their books and we began to go over World War 2. The rest of the day went pretty slow. It was hard not to make friends in this place. For a small town there are some pretty cool people. I had already made friends with Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Matt Donavan, Tyler Lockwood and Jeremy Gilbert. After school I walked back home so I could clear my head. It won't be long until Alaric found out I made friends. It wouldn't surprise me if he already knew considering he was a teacher at the school.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I ran into something or more like someone. I said a muffled sorry and bent down to pick up my books along with the person I bumped into. When I looked up I was staring into the icy eyes of the most handsome person I've ever seen. He had black hair and like I said ice blue eyes. A smirk was visible on his face when I looked at him. "May I ask what your name is?" he asked. "I'm Jessie Saltzman" I said sticking out my hand. "Nice to meet you Jessie I'm Damon Salvatore" Damon said kissing my hand. "Likewise" I replied. "Not a school person I see" he said. "How could you tell?" I asked. "Easy you seem utterly bored out of your mind even though your not in school" he said

"True" I said. It wasn't long until we arrived at my house and said our goodbyes. The whole way home I felt butterflies in my stomach. Oh this was not a good thing not a good thing at all. If Alaric and I had to move again it wouldn't be easy for me since I have already made so many friends and not only that but now I've developed a crush on someone I just met. This wasn't gonna be easy to tell Alaric.