That night after dinner I went upstairs to play with Noah. Suddenly my phone rang and the caller id read the name Jane. I smiled and answered the phone. "Hey Jane it's been a while" I said. "I know I'm sorry I couldn't call you back sooner" she replied. "Don't worry about it I know you're busy" I said. "How've you been?" she asked. "Not bad how about yourself?" I asked. "Same" she replied. "Anything new going on with you and Alaric?" Jane asked. "Well he's allowing me to go to school to blend in so it's good to know he trusts me" I said. "Lucky girl" Jane replied. "I know right? He's even letting me have friends" I said. "Wow talk about taking a risk" Jane said. "I know and to top it off he said he'd think about allowing me to have a boyfriend" I said. "Ok now that I don't believe" Jane said sounding shocked. "I didn't believe it either but Alaric never kids around" I said. It was true; Alaric was never one for joking around. In fact if you were to look up the word serious in the dictionary I can guarantee that you would see Alaric's picture there.

"So who's the lucky guy?" Jane asked. I could tell she was smirking. She knew that I was really into guys and that they were my weak spot along with Alaric who was like a father to me and now that I had friends those were equally important making them a weak spot for me also. "His name is Damon Salvatore" I replied. "What does he look like?" she asked. "The usual tall dark and handsome with the most beautiful ice blue eyes that any girl could get lost in" I said smiling as I pictured Damon's handsome face. "Oooo sounds sexy" she said. "Anyway where are you?" I asked hoping that she also moved and was in a safe area. "I'm in a place called Paradise, Ohio" she replied. "Sounds nice" I said as I pictured a beautiful neighborhood. "Oh trust me this place is anything but Paradise it's a pretty small town" she said. "Then why is it called Paradise?" I asked. "Wish I had the answer to that question but I don't I'm just as clueless as you are" Jane replied. "Where are you and Alaric staying?" she asked. "Mystic Falls, Virginia" I replied. "Small town also?" she asked. "You could say that" I replied.

"Well I wish I could talk longer but you know I got some things to attend to" Jane said. "No worries I guess I'll talk to you later" I said. "Sure thing talk to you later bye" she said and hung up before I could say another word. "Who was that?" I looked up and saw Alaric. "That was Jane" I replied. "Is she safe? Did she move?" Alaric asked. "Don't worry she's safe and yes she moved" I replied. "Good" he said as he walked in and sat on the end of my bed. "Can I help you with something?" I asked. "I've been thinking about the whole boyfriend thing and I know that you're parents would want you to be happy and have your own family some day and so do I so I'll allow you to have a boyfriend as long as he promises not to tell anyone about what you really are" Alaric said. It took all I had not to jump on top of him so I settled for a smile. "Thank you Alaric" I said. "Well if I were you I would call Damon now and tell him" he said. I picked up my phone and called Damon. The phone rang twice before he picked up. "Hey Jessie" he said. "Hey Damon" I said. "You sound nervous what's wrong?" he asked. "Damon there's something important I need to tell you but you have to promise not to tell anyone" I said. "I promise" he said.

"Meet me at the clearing in the woods I want to tell you in private" I said. "Ok" he said. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I grabbed my jacket and put on my shoes and made my way to the clearing in the woods. By the time I got there I saw Damon already there waiting. "So what do you need to tell me?" he asked. "Damon I'm not what you would call human I'm not even from earth" I said. "So what are you saying, you're an alien or something?" he asked. "That's exactly what I'm saying" I replied. "Where are you from then?" he asked. I was surprised that he was neither afraid or angry that I didn't tell him sooner he sounded more interested but I continued. "My home planet is called Lorian and I'm what you would call a Loric. My home planet was destroyed along with my people by a rival alien race called Mogadorians they are out to eliminate every last one of us. I'm one of nine Lorics with special abilities that made it off of Lorian alive but three of us were killed by the Mogadorians or as we call them Mogs. Alaric is a warrior from Lorian he is my protector and it's his job to keep me alive that's what he was trained for" I explained. Damon nodded as he took in all of the information.

"I was afraid to tell you at first because I was afraid you would tell the whole town and I would be taken away from Alaric and experimented on" I said. Damon looked at me with seriousness in his eyes the same seriousness that Alaric's eyes held whenever he lectured me. "I would never do that to you Jessie. I love you too much to do that and I would kill anyone who would try to experiment on you" he said. I was about to respond when I felt his lips connect with mine. I hesitantly kissed back but soon wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his around my waist. We stayed that way for what seemed like forever but was only a few minutes. "I never knew vampires were such good kissers" I said. "I never knew aliens were such good kissers either" Damon said. "Come on it's getting dark out let's get you back home". I nodded and the two of us walked back to my place. I kissed Damon once more before he left. However before he was completely out of sight he turned around. "Thanks for telling me Jess" he said. "If we're gonna date then you have the right to know and it was only fair since you were civil enough to tell me the truth about being a vampire" I said. Damon nodded and turned around and walked away.

I walked back inside glad that I got it all over with and even more relieved that Damon promised not to tell anyone about me that is unless I say different. "How did it go?" Alaric asked. "Surprisingly well actually he seemed more interested than scared or angry" I replied. "Good well I already had dinner but saved some leftovers in the fridge I hope pizza's ok" he said. "Pizza is fine as long as its…" "Don't worry it's pepperoni" Alaric said cutting me off. I smiled and went to the kitchen to heat up some of the pizza. I grabbed two small bowls and put some food for Noah in one and some water in the other. I slowly took the pizza out of the microwave and used my telekinesis to carry it upstairs along with a mountain dew. I walked into my room and set my drink and food down on my bedside table and put down Noah's food dish and water bowl in his cage he chirped happily and within seconds both bowls were empty. "Wow someone was hungry" I said with a small laugh. I sat down on my bed and began to eat my dinner while I talked with Noah.

After I finished eating I drank the rest of my soda and brought my plate downstairs and put it in the dishwasher. "I think it's time you head to bed kiddo you have school tomorrow" Alaric said. I nodded in agreement and walked upstairs and changed into my favorite blue silk pajamas that I got when I went shopping with Caroline, Bonnie and Elena. Once I got in bed Noah jumped out of his cage and snuggled up next to me under the covers. "Goodnight Noah" I said. He let out a small chirp followed by a yawn and quickly fell asleep. I turned off the light and fell asleep just as quickly as Noah did.