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We'll Always Be Together

I'm Gonna Get Her Back

Finn's P.O.V

Quinn hadn't taken the break-up well, to say the least.

She had stormed out of his car in tears without giving Finn a chance to apologize.

Finn slammed his hand on the steering wheel and silently prayed that Quinn wouldn't go to Rachel.

He swiped at the residual tears from the funeral and looked across the parking lot.

He didn't know why he hadn't left yet or why he decided to scan the parking lot at that particular moment, but when he saw her it was clear.

They were tethered and he knew that she'd be there.

Rachel smiled and laughed at something that Sam said and Finn, once again, thanked God that Rachel hadn't brought Jesse St. Jackass.

Finn shivered at the thought of Jesse's hands on Rachel at the dance and he didn't regret punching him.

Rachel looked stunning in her black dress. It was very colorless for her, but she had a bright red purse which made it more Rachel-like.

As if she felt the tether too, Rachel looked at Finn and came to halt momentarily.

After an awkward moment of eye contact, Rachel smiled warmly, blushed and looked down.

Finn smiled in return.

"I'm gonna get her back," he proclaimed suddenly to himself.

He knew that when he said it, he meant it. He would stop at nothing until he could smile at her without feeling uncomfortable or touch her without Quinn's accusing glare.

Oh yeah, he was gonna get her back.

Plus Sign

Rachel's P.O.V

Rachel stared at the little pink plus sign in anxiety. She was terrified what the outcome would be.

She twisted her wedding ring anxiously and glared at the timer aggressively.

She eventually stood up and paced during what was the most stressful 3 minutes of her life.

Rachel and Finn had been married for only a little more than a year and Rachel wasn't sure if she was ready for a baby. She had made her Broadway debut a few years back before she and Finn were even engaged and she had been tons of plays since then. Her last part had been as Elphaba in Wicked and they had been so happy.

Rachel was planning on auditioning for the role of Christine in the Phantom of the Opera, but she couldn't if she was pregnant.

And Finn.

What would Finn think?

He had made it clear that he wanted kids, but further down the road. And he had just started a new teaching job. He was excited to be teaching high schoolers World History, coincidentally his favorite subject in high school, and be directing the Glee club. He would freak out.

What would Rachel do?

The rational part of her mind knew that she would have and the love the little boy or girl. It also knew that she and Finn had gotten quite a bit of money and Rachel could stay home with the kid until she or he was old enough for school and she would love being a mother.

However the rational part of her brain was being overpowered by the freaked out part of her brain.

Finally, the timer dinged and she leapt for the test which she had left on the sink.

Instinctively, she shut her eyes, but when it became clear that she was never going to figure out if she didn't open them, she opened one a crack and hesitantly stared at the result.

The pregnancy test had a pink plus sign on it.

Rachel's eyes flew open and widened with shock. She heard the front door swing open and slam shut and she knew that it was Finn.

She quickly tossed the pregnancy test in the trash can and scrambled out to greet him, hoping that he wouldn't pick up on her mood.

The second he saw her, Finn inquired, with a voice full of concern, "Is everything okay, babe?"

Damn tether, she thought to herself.

"Well, no. Not really. I don't know how to tell you, so I'll just spit it out," she paused and chanced a glance at her husband. He was frowning deeply, his face etched with concern.

He hesitantly reached out to touch her, placing a hand on her shoulder, and urged, "What is it? You can tell me anything."

"I'm pregnant," she blurted out.

Finn stiffened and widened his eyes. Rachel was only vaguely aware of tears rolling down her cheeks.

She couldn't do this without him. She had thought in the bathroom that if he was all excited then she would be too, but he looked scared.

"Are you sure?" he finally inquired. Rachel nodded for fear that her voice would crack.

"I'm going to be a father?" he asked again. Another nod.

Out of nowhere, he enveloped Rachel in hug and lifted her off her of her feet, twirling her around.

He let out a yell and Rachel squealed in surprise.

"Finn! You're not mad?" she queried when he put her down.

He shook his head fervently and yelled, "No! Of course not! I mean, it was unexpected, but I'm happy. I'm gonna be a father," in a softer tone, he added, "Rach, we're gonna be parents. Aren't you happy?"

In an instant, every doubt that Rachel had went away. She was going to be a mother! She and Finn were going to be parents!

She nodded aggressively and Finn's smile widened.

He pulled her in for one of his jaw dropping kisses, and Rachel knew that they'd work it out.

Three Little Words

Finn's P.O.V

Finn mentally went over the lyrics of 'Faithfully' in his head, but he was finding it increasingly hard to concentrate.

He cast a brief glance at his distraction and caught her eye.

Rachel smiled at Finn widely and before he knew what he was doing, he was walking over to her.

When he reached her, she smiled widely again and said softly, "Break a leg."

She looked stunning in her gold dress and her wide eyes were intoxicating. He felt a surge of overwhelming love for her. He wanted to be with her more than anything.

So, before he could stop himself, he replied, "I love you."

Rachel's smile faded and he could see the shock take over her pretty face.

However, he gave her a small smile when he realized how true it was and turned to get back to his place.

He was scared that he'd screwed things up, but before they went onstage, Rachel gave him another stunning smile that made him know that those three little words did not go unreciprocated.

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