With eyes as black as night and a soul frost bitten from hatred he slowly draws out his weapons.
Reading over the mission details once more he allows a single tear to slip free.
"How can Heaven smile when death is being delivered on this hour?"
This all that disturbs the quite night air as an unsettling stillness blankets the village.

Slowly, methodically he walks down the hall.
A trail of blood following him, not his own yet his.
"Mother, Father…. Sleep for now and forever"
Is all he whispers before entering the dark room.
Hate permanently plastered to his features,
Sorrow hidden deep within his cold eyes.
With his weapon drawn he rushes forward,
"A family feud that will end now how fitting."

With blood soaked clothes, he patiently awaits his brother.
The past events of these short few hours replaying themselves,
The echoes of the dead ringing in his ears.
His parents laying with dead eyes staring at him.
It's an unnerving sight that breaks his heart all the more.

"Feel their pain little brother.
Don't harbor their weakness, instead feed your hate.
Hate me, kill me, and avenge your family."
Then he's gone, leaving a tormented Sasuke to suffer as he suffers.

That night his family died, his heart stopped and his soul was dragged to Hell,
Awaiting his body to follow….

"Don't harbor weakness, feed your hate and power will come.
Justify my actions and call blood for blood."