A/N: This was written for Motaku 2011. I didn't get a beta for it so you could read exactly what I entered. Enjoy!~


He stared at the blood on his hands; switching his eyes from the body to knife. Then he laughed. He laughed hysterically until his sides hurt.

"Matthew sir, are you finished with your business?" a red-eyed butler, named Sebastian, entered the room, carrying a silver platter of tea and maple cookies.

"Yes Sebastian, I have finally found what I have been looking for! Now the Death Note is in my possesion and I can get rid of all the ones who forget about me!" Matthew rose from his spot on the blood-soaked carpet and walked up to Sebastian. "I'm going to shower and get started on my list." He grabbed a cookie and left Sebastian and the body.


Once Matthew had cleaned up, he sat at his desk and flipped through the Death Note.

"Heh-heh. My brother will be coming over tomorrow. It says here that the victim will die within 40 seconds of writing the name and cause of death. I'll stick with a heart attack, considering it would be a probable cause with the way he eats. I'm going to love seeing him fall to his knees and crumble. Now I ju-" He was interrupted as he heard a knock at his door.

"Sir, I'm sorry to bother you, but if you are to have your brother over tomorrow, shouldn't you dispose of Mr. Yagami's body first?" Sebastian said with a creepy Russia-like smile.

"MAPLE! I FORGOT!" Matthew screamed as he rushed out of the room and over to the crime scene. "Sebastian, please, you have to help me hide this!" Matthew looked pale as he looked at the body, now covered in flies.

"Certainly master, for I am one he*l of a butler," he said, still grinning like a yandere.

"Good. Now let us begin... where do we begin?" Matthew said, scratching his head, careful to avoid his rebellious curl.

"Well sir, if I might make a suggestion, why don't we just simply bury him outside."

"In broad daylight Sebastian, really?" Matthew was now pacing around the room, biting his nails and tugging at his hair.

"Are you underestimating my skill, sir? You don't really think that thought slipped my mind, do you?" Sebastian turned on his heels and left for the storage room to fetch the shovel and cleaning supplies.


"Do you really think this is a good idea?" Matthew stood bewildered at the scene in front of him. Sebastian had miraculously pulled a tree from its roots and was now shielding Matthew, who was holding the body bag containing Light.

"Certainly master, for I am one hel-" he was cut off by Matthew.

"Yes Sebastian, I know." Then they got to work.

First, they walked to a secluded part of the back lawn, Sebastian shielding Matthew, who started digging. Next, they placed the body carefully inside and perfectly restored the ground of the grave. Thirdly, they placed the tree back to where it was previously rooted. Lastly, they cleaned the room of the blood.

"Sebastian, I can't get the blood out of the carpet!" Matthew said, scrubbing furiously at the stain.

"For the time being, we could place a rug over it." Matthew nodded and complied.


"Mmm... looong day," Matthew said, smiling and yawning. Sebastian tucked him into bed and Matthew turned onto his side and closed his eyes.

"Now surely you weren't going to go to bed without your goodnight kiss?" Matthew then rolled over and sat up. Sebastian gave Matthew a chaste kiss on the lips and blew out the candles. "Goodnight my love."