So this is my first fan fiction so I am excited and I love the Ty/Deuce pairings, but I decide to do a deuce/OC cause I love deuce and I have an idea for a character so ya ok

Disclaimers: I do not own any of the characters on shake it up I do own the OC's

No P.O.V

It was a normal Saturday morning for Deuce Martinez .He wakes up to the sounds of his chicken alarm clock he bought himself. He saw one on TV and the chick on the TV seem to like wakening up to it. Her roommate was another story. But he thought he might like it. The Cuban got a text from Ty Blue his best friend since like forever. Ty: deuce get over here just got Vamp ninja killer 3. Deuce's eyes shot up and put on the fastest thing he could find an ran as fast as he could.

Deuce P.O.V

Omg how did Ty get vnk3 it's supposed to be sold out game busters. At least when I went. Well who cares I just wish I could run faster so I can get there sooner. Once I ran down the stairs I'm about to turn a corner when I bump in to someone. OWWWWW! My head .I hears moaning. Omg I'm so sorry!. When I got up I got a look at the person I bump in to .he was wearing striped black and gray skinny jeans with a white belt , a yellow plaid shirt, dark yellow vans ,and he had spiky hair and a yellow streak in his hair. I guess this guy likes yellow .then he opens his eyes the that's went I saw his eyes. They were the bluest eyes I've ever seen it was almost scary . but you know in a good way . I helped him up and apologized. Dude I'm so sorry I bumped into you I should of watch were I was going.

It's just that my friend got vnk3 and I got really excited and well ya you probably don't care I said. Why am I stuttering huh weird I thought. So what's you name dude. My name is Deuce Martinez by the way .i stated ha ha ah. Great nerves laugh why thou? I thought. It's ok ah deuce was it? My name is Alex. Alex kusojishi.

Well part 2 up tomorrow or later to day u guess cause its like 2:07 in the morning so ya ok leave a coment and ya tell me what you think ok so ya