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I walked to the bathroom where Alex was hiding. The door was locked so I said

"Alex its just Ty and gunther. So Please come out." I asked.

"promise" Alex simply said.

"Ya babe I promise." I said reassuring

He unlocked the door and walked out the bathroom slowly and cautiously. Like he thought that someone was going to jump out and attack him.

"Its ok Ty and Gunther just wanted to invite us to go to the movies. An I figured if you don't say your name or anything then you'll be ok." I said

"I don't know if we should go." Alex said with a worried look.

"Well its not Gona do you any good if your just locked up here." I said

"No it not that it's just you said you stayed up all night and just seeing you now well? you look like your having a hell of a time just standing up." Alex explained.

He was right I was so tired I didn't even notice in tell Alex pointed it out.

"tell you what go to my room and sleep in there and I'll go tell Ty and Gunther we'll go but later tonight ok" Alex said with a smile.

When ever he smiled it just made me feel warm inside. Like everything would be ok if i just Listened to him.

"ok" I simply said

I walked to Alex's room. As soon as I walked in I through my self into the bed. But for some reason I don't seem to want to sleep. So I just lay there with my eyes closed and just count sheep.

Alex P.O.V

After I told deuce to go take a nap in my room I went to the living room to talk to Ty and Gunther. I approached the door and immediately said

"Hey guys um we can't go right now but if you guys wanted to we can go later to night." I said trying to smile.

"O-ok then we'll see you tonight." Ty said sounding unsure.

"Ok we will be leaving now yes?" Gunther asked Ty

"Ya you go on ahead I'll catch up." Ty told Gunther

"ok den I vile start da car. May I be having the keys Ty?" Gunther asked

"oh sure here" Ty handed the keys to Gunther.

Gunther walked off into the hallway and was soon out of sight.

"ok look Alex I don't know what's going on. Why deuce looks like crap and why I heard yelling while coming up to the apartment. But I do know this. Deuce is like my little brother and he started changing ever since you came here. I still don't know for the good of for the bad but just listen up. If you hurt deuce in anyway then ill hurt you got it." Ty yelled.

I was a bit taken back. I was not in a good place to be yelled at right now so I tried real hard to fight back tears. And I mean real hard. But I failed.

"o-o-ok" I said stray tears run down my cheeks.

Ty immediately went from an angry look to a worried one.

"oh crap I'm so sorry I didn't mean to make you cry I. I mean. Oh crap Im just so sorry. I feel awful".

"No no don't be. I understand. Your just looking out for deuce I can understand that. Damn it I hate crying! It's gross. I'm just going through a hard time right know." I said

"Do you wana talk about it." Ty asks me

Deuce P.O.V.

I got to two hundred sheep and finally decided to open my eyes. Maybe watching tv will help me fall asleep I thought. So i jump out of bed and started walking to the living room . Then I stop in my tracks. I see Ty and Alex having a conversation on the couch. I couldn't tell for sure but It looked like Alex had been crying. I got close enough to where I was able to here them without being seen.

"I mean I feel awful. Deuce staid up all night just to make sure I'm alright and just how do I thank him. I yell at him and make him worry about my stupid panic attacks. I just feel so guilty.

"Have you told deuce how you feel." Ty asks

"No. I'm afraid that if I tell him how I feel. Then...Then he'll just walk away." Alex admitted

"Hey I know deuce and he's not the kinda guy who would leave anyone when they need him. He'll help them... Then try and sell them something. Ty joked.

"Heh ya your right. He gives me a 50% discount just for being adorable." Alex said

"Ya that sounds like deuce all right. Only deuce would do something corny like that."


I jumped up at the sound of a car horn.

"O crap I forgot about Gunther! Listen just talk to deuce. He's a great listener." Ty said while running to the door.

"Oh ya by the way we'll be here to Pick you two up at eight ok." Ty said

"ya that sounds fine."

As soon as Ty left Alex got up and started walking toward his room.

"shit!" I said in a whisper voice

I tiptoe back to alex's room and got on the bed and pretended to sleep. Although I didn't pretend for long. as soon as I hit the pillow I was out like a light.

Timeskip. 8:36 at the chicago opera

Deuce P.O.V

Well Ty and Gunther tricked us... Well? By us I mean me. Ty said we were going to the movies. Then an hour before eight Ty calls to say to wear a suit. He said were going to the theater. I didn't think he meant the opera theater!

"you tricked me!" I yell at Ty while inside the theater lobby.

"no I didn't. I said we were going to the theater. I mean I told you to bring a suit. What you'd think it was wear suit day at the movies?. Ty asked sarcastically.

"N-no I-well I dont know what I thought." I said

"Relax I mean how bad could it possibly be?" Alex said optimistically

During the show

Alex P.O.V

Oh man was I board. I mean come on who would willingly come to this horror show liberally. I'd be really pissed off at deuce if he didnt look so damn cute in his suit. I mean we were all wearing the same suit but deuce just made me want to rip it of him with my bare teeth. It hugged his body in just the right way. To his shoulders to his chest right down to his hot fine ass. God I was really horny at this point that I just couldn't stand it anymore. So I whisper into deuces ear.

"Hey deuce come with me to the bathroom for a minute it's in emergency." I said

"A-are you ok are you having a panic attack?" deuce asked sounding worried.

"no no nothing like that I just need you ok?" I said

"ok" deuce simply said

We get up from our seats and head for the bathroom.

Deuce P.O.V

I was worried that Alex wasint ok. That something was wrong with him. We entered the bathroom and i start asking whats wrong.

"whats wrong are you ok? Are you hurt or scared or anything.! I start babbling

Then alex pushes me into a handcap stall and starts doing Something completely unexpected. He starts taking his shirt off. Taking of his jacket and tie and throwing them on the floor. Unbuttoning his dress shirt reviling his smooth pale chest. He was thin with the outline of a six pack and he had gray colored nipples. He has a nice hip bone outline that would make anyones mouth water. Then he wraps his arms around my head and pulls me it for a kiss. It was geting so hot. I had a full grown erection as soon as Alex started unbuttoning his shirt. We had been kissing for a while that now we were just hard core making out. We had are toungs swirling in each others mouths fighting for dominance. I of course won. Alex then stoped and started taking off my cloths. He started with my jacket and took off my tie. He took his time on my shirt. Like he was unraping a preasent on chrismas.

Alex P.O.V

I started unbuttoning deuces shirt. I wanted to savor the moment. Then as I was down the last button, deuce grabbed my hand. I looked at him confused.

"what's wrong deuce? You don't want to do this?I asked confused

"no it's not that I don't what to, cause believe me I want to to do this probably more the you do."

"then what's the problem" I ask

"well I'm a Virgin and call me crazy but I don't want to remember my first time being in a bathroom stall at the Opera house."

"ok...you have a point there. Then how about we move this party to my place." I said trying to sound all smooth.

"heh ok mister smooth" deuce mocked

"sweet let's get out of this hell hole" I said grabbing my cloths .

"but we have to stay for the rest of the show." deuce said while buttoning his shirt.

"wait...what! Why? I hate the opera and it's hurting my ear... And well? I could go on but I don't want to I just want to leave." I said whining

"look I no this sucks and I'm sorry for getting us into the situation. But I promised Ty so please. I'll make worth your while later." deuce said winking

"well I doubt that since your a virgin but fine I'll stay" I said

"k...W-WAIT! Your not a virgin!" deuce asked

"um um hey!Ty and Gunther are probably wondering were we are! c-come on deuce" i said changing the subject and grabbing deuce by the hand and dragging him out of the restroom.

We got back in our seats and sat threw the rest of the opera. After that I better get lucky to night. After the show Ty drove us back to our apartment building. We said our goodbye's and started walking to my apartment.

"hey I have an idea. Why don't you come to my place." deuce suggested

"why?" I simply said

"w-well so you can meet my mom and see my room and y-you know we've been dating fro a while now so I-I thought you could spend the night at my place for a change." deuce said nervously

I could tell he was nervous. I honestly hate meeting parents. It always reminded me that I didn't have any. I wanted to say no... But if I did it might crush him.

"o...k" I said

"YES! Then let's go!" deuce yells into the halls and practically drags me to his apartment.

"your gana love my mom shes awesome." deuce brags

"I bet she is" I said with a fake smile

Deuce unlocks the door. And when he does my eyes instenly widen. The one person in the world I did not ever think Id see was right in front of me having coffee with deuces mom.

"Hey there alex it's been a long time hasn't...son"

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