Ciel's Sister

Ciel walked down the streets of England. He had been told to entertain Elizabeth for the day. They were walking when they found a young girl crying on the corner of the block. Lizzie went over immediately and asked, "Have you lost your way little one?" The girl looked up and shook her head "No. I can't find my parents! (sob) Do you know the Lord Phantomhive? I have to find him! It's my brother Ciel's birthday! If I'm late he won't get my gift!"

Ciel froze and bent down to get a good look at the girl She was the spitting image of her mother. Same reddish brown hair and blue eyes. He gulped and asked, "What's your name?" The girl stopped crying and replied, "Lynne Phantomhive."

Ciel paled. "But…you've been missing for years! How is that possible?"