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Ciel's Sister

Chapter 4

A blonde haired boy sat atop the manor's roof, laughing his head off. "HA! Ciel! HA HA! He got our note! I wonder if he'll figure it out…"

A butler with a striking resemblance to Sebastian stood next to the boy. "Perhaps we should make our entrance?"

The boy nodded. "Yes Claude. We'll wait for them at the Tower."

Claude knelt on one knee. "Yes, your highness."

Sebastian gently lifted the young girl from the floor. She whimpered slightly, but didn't awaken.

Ciel looked in their direction, and then looked away. He gulped down the lump in his throat, then said firmly, "Where is "dry blood flows"?"

Sebastian frowned thoughtfully, "Probably the Tower of London. It makes sense, doesn't it bo-chan? An old torture tower?"

As Sebastian finished his statement, something once again flew through the window. Except this time, it was a human…ish.

Grell landed lightly, before jumping on Sebastian and hugging his arm. "BASSY~!"

Sebastian looked down at the red-headed reaper, then at his young master. "May I kill him, young master?" he asked, a deep purple demonic aura beginning to emerge.

Ciel smirked, "Enjoy."

Grell jumped backwards just as the flurry of silver knives headed for him. "HEY! That's not gentlemanly! Threatening a lady, Sebastian? Humph! I'm only here on business, so I really can't do anything anyway…"

"On business?" Ciel interrupted. "What business?"

Grell pointed at the girl in Sebastian's arms. "That girl. She's dead. Or at least she should be."

"What do you mean she's dead?" Ciel asked, glaring at the reaper.

Grell shrugged, "She's on my ledger. She died in a fire at age three. Sound familiar, Lord Phantomhive?" Grell scoffed.

"She's…dead! Then, how is she here now!" Ciel yelled, getting flustered.

"I dunno. That's what I came to find out." He said, "In fact-"

Lynne moaned softly, then opened her eyes gently. "M-My head huhts…Big Bruthuh?" She asked, slightly panicking.

Ciel glared at her, then told Sebastian, "Put her down."

Sebastian oblidged.

"Listen here, you. I know you're not my sister. She's dead. Who are you? Why are you here? Are you a demon?" Ciel pressed.

Lynne blinked at him blankly, then smiled sweetly and giggled softly. "Well done, Young Lohd. I'm impressed. Howevuh, you have no way to make me ansuh youh questions truthfully."

Sebastian smirked. "Not true, my lady. We have this," he said, holding up something that made Lynne's eyes widen.


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