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"MotherFuckers!" I screamed running after my truck that was tearing out of the driveway. When I couldnt keep with it, I gave up and walked back to the house kicking over a trash can and stomping on it three or four times.

I thought for a second while pulling my hair up in a ponytail. Then it hit me. Id been letting Randy and Jack tag along for a while and I knew them pretty well. It was just a matter of time before they made thier move and I missed it.

"I know exactly where your going." I walked in the house and grabbed my pack, bat, and my daddy's old shotgun and inspected what they took."Im commin after you, you dumbass pieces 'a shit."


Tallahasee started the engine when everyone was ready to go.

"Goodbye, house of Murry." He said sadly as they drove down the drive way and through the gate.

Little Rock, sitting in The passenger seat, let out a giggle.

"you think thats funny?" Tallahasee said Grumpily" Bill Murry was my idol."

"I said I was sorry." Columbus defended in the backseat putting an arm around Wichitta.

"Lets just drop it." She said boredly.


Walking on foot sucked ass. Thats why I had the truck. Now thanks to dumb and dumber, my cowboy boots were starting to rub the hell outta my feet. I Didnt like being out in the open like this. I can be as tough as I need to be with humans, but when it comes to the New Owners of the world, I was scared shitless.

I looked around for a while and spotted a bicycle laying on the sidewalk.

"thank the Lord!" I squealed running to it and found the tires in a fairly good state.

It was such a relief I had at least an easier and faster way to get away from those undead cannibles.

I listed everything in my head I was determined to get back as I peddled out of town.

1. Mamma's diamond ring.

2. Daddy's pistol

3. Mamma's pistol

4. My compass (my Gran gave me)

Dodge Ram

All the things I had to remember my family by and they took them so Randy could go find this whore he always wanted to marry, And Jack could get to California.

I was decent to the two, I knew they were backstabbing white trash, but I didnt judge. Now the situation is different, they should've know better to take from me. Pieces of Me. Items with value they'd never understand.

Lifes a bitch, and its time to show just how much of one I can be.


"When can we go back to Pacific PlayLand?" Little Rock asked.

"Maybe when the world isnt covered in flesh eating zombies." Tallahasee replied sarcasticly.

She stuck her tounge out at him.

"Real mature." He commented, acting superior.


I rode along a sidewalk and slowed to a a stop when I saw a zombie about 15 feet away on the other side of the rode. I gulped and started peddling as quietly as I could. However, of course, I went over some leaves signaling I was there.

The zombie wipped its head around and came barreling after me. I screamed and started peddling as fast as I could, standing up to put more leg muscle into it.

Thanks to that little mishap, within 5 minutes I attracted 3 zombies.

"Not good! Not good!" I chanted out of breath.

While looking back I went over a crack and went down with an 'oof!' I quickly scrambled up and forward.


By now it was dark. Little Rock and Wichita were alseep in the backseat.

"How long till the next town?" Columbus asked fiddling with the radio and some CDs.

"about 7 more miles." Tallahasee answerd.

They drove up to an intersection.

"wait stop!" The younger male yelled causing Tallahasee to slam on the breaks.

"What the hell spit-fuck!" He howled."there aint nobody on the roads but us and lights aint-"

"No!" Columbus inturrupted pointing into the dark." Look! Turn the brights on!"

The driver turnes on the lights of the car and saw a young woman running for her life. She turned around to shoot the group coming after her. She slung the shot gun over her shoulder and started smacking skulls with the bad she had sticking out of her bag.

"wait here!" Tallahasee ordered grbbing a semi-automatic. He walked over and opened fire making sure not to hit the girl.


They nearly surrounded me but all of a sudden started hitting the ground one by one as the sound of an automatic gun filled the air. I jumped out the way when one came at me ans tripped causing me to fall backwards bouncing my head off the ground.

I saw the shooter walk up after a minute.

"you ok there little lady?" He held out a hand.

I grabbed it and his strong arm pulled me up. I was still breathing heavy and in shock from the fear and the concussion I probably had. I couldnt help but start to cry from all the frustration.


When he helped her up she had two death grips on his jacket has she sobbed in his shoulder. He wrapped an arm around her and helped her into the back seat.

By now Wichitta was in the passenger seat and Columbus in the driver seat. Little Rock scooted over to let him in and they continued.


When I got control back I leaned up wiping my eyes and popped my neck.

"sorry, I dont normally cry, I just kinda lost it back there." I said." Iv never had so many come at me at once before."

"Well your fine now." Came a boyish voice. " Im Columbus."

" Wichitta." Said the girl in the passenger seat.

" Little Rock." Said the little girl in the back with me.

"And Im Tallahasee." Said the man I just bawled on.

" like the cities?" I asked.

"yes, the places we are from." Columbus answered.

"Whats a girl like you doing out here?" He joked." And how old are you?"

" im huntin' down some guys that took some things from me and im 28."

"what do they call you?" The little girl asked

" I guess you could call me Houston."


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