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However, I, the Great Vickie1996 (dead original, don't you agree!) have taken this seemingly overused plot and twisted it to suit my own expectations. This fic shall be slightly AU ... okay, really AU after book 5. This is because after Sirius' death Harry goes mental. Well, not nearly as bluntly as I mentioned it, but anywho - Harry is unable to fight Voldie. So only one book shall get sent back! Why only one book, it shall be explained later. The fic shall start when Harry arrives at Grimmauld Place.

Now all the necessary information has been written, I can now get on with the story. Happy Reading :)

Fancy Changing The Future?

The occupants of Number 12 Grimmauld Place were currently enjoying dinner, courtesy of Mrs Weasley. It had been a busy day and everyone was thankful for the relaxing atmosphere which surrounded the dinner table. Well, that was until a book, appearing from midair, landed heavily on said table. Suddenly, it was on the recieving ends of quite a few wands. Mad-Eye Moody, an old, grizzled auror, spoke out in a harsh, gruff voice. "If is someone's idea of a joke, you might want ta own up to it," there was a brief pause, the silence hung heavily in the once cheery room. "NOW!" A high pitched 'eep' echoed around the room as Tonks fell of her chair and onto the floor.

Harry Potter, a boy who recently turned 15, looked curiously at the book. He was one of the few children who had his wand pointed at the seemingly non-threating book. If anyone asked, he would have blamed quidditch reflexes. However, ever since Voldemort, the evil Dark Lord who had killed hundreds (including Harry's own parents), rose from the dead, Harry had never let his guard down. Fearing that if he did, someone close to him would be hurt. His voice, calm and gentle compared to Moody's gruff tones, spoke to the room at large.

"Why would anyone conjure a book as a joke. It's a pretty sad joke if it is." Harry looked at it, trying, and failing, to answer the consistant questions which wouldn't stop running through his mind. From the corner of his eye he saw the hand of Hermione Granger, Hogwarts resident genius and one of his best friends, reach toward the book. His wand then pointed at her hand. She froze, looking at Harry questioningly. Her eyes burned with anger at being stopped but Harry also detected a under current of fear. Fear for who? Him? That was impossible. Maybe it was the fact that he was pointing a wand at her. He answered her unasked question, "It could be a portkey." Harry shivered as he raised unwanted memories of his journey to the graveyard.

Most of the people shot him sympathetic looks, but a few nodded approvingly. Remus Lupin felt a bubble of pride well up in his chest as he prasied the boy he had taught. "Good instincts Harry. Hermoine, he's right. A book appearing out of nowhere is a tad suspicous." He raised an eyebrow as the young witch huffed, and folded her arms across her chest. Waving his wand over the book, it glowed a soft blue, providing proof to the room that it held no enchanments or charms. Slowly, he reached forward and grabbed the book. Everyone watched with baited breath. After a few seconds of nothing happening, a collective sigh of relief echoed across the kitchen.

Tonks, now standing (for how long that would last, no one would know) reached for the note which was still on the kitchen table. The note had been completely ignored by most as it was not exactly noticable. It was a folded neatly into a small square, no bigger than a postage stamp. Noticing the attention on her, Tonks blushed slightly, her once bubblegum pink hair changing into a soft pastel pink which matched her cheeks. Whilst everyone waited, rather impatiently, she unfolded the paper. She went slowly, making sure she didn't tear the paper. Finally, after a whole minute of careful unfolding, she held a A4 piece of paper, yes paper and not parchment, in her hands.

Clearing her throat Tonks got ready to read the contents of the mysterious letter. But before she could utter a sound, the letter was forcibly ripped from her grasp by non other than ... Sirius Black. Always one to appreciate dramatics, he quickly stood on the table, which was now dubiously devoid of any food. When he was sure he had everyones attention, he placed a pair of glasses on the end of his nose. No one bothered to ask where he had aquired them. Parroting his beloved second cousin, he cleared his throat, rather pompously in her opinion, and read -

"Dear Order and Students ...

I am writing from the future to save the world, both Muggle and Magical. It is frowned upon to meddle with time as it defies the natural course fate willed us to take. However, desperate times call for even desperater measures. The book which is in front of you is called, as Remus has already noticed, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is set during Harry's fifth year and hopefully, if my spell has worked, it will no longer be his future. After certain events which will emerge in the book, Harry is left unable to fulfil his destiny. Unfortunatly, this leaves the world undefended and shrouded in fear of King Voldemort's fury. Yes, Voldemort becomes a monarch of the wizarding world and does not stay content with just that. Soon he takes over the muggles, using them as slaves to do his bidding. Muggleborns are forcibly taken from their parents whilst still young and raised under the influence of the High King Voldemort.

All is not lost though. A secret orginisation still exsists to fight the opposing darkness. Even though we were forced into hiding, our spirit remains strong. We hope for a better future. We wish for our children to not live in fear. After long years of research, we hope we've found the answer. Inside the pages of the book are major events in our history which lead to the undoing of the light. We have given you a chance to change the future. To make the world a better place.

The spell ensures that you must read the whole book and miss no parts. If you try to skip the beginning or any other chapters you will find the pages stuck together and unable to turn. It is written from Harry's point of view. We're sorry if this feels as though we've invaded your privacy, but only you had the knowledge and the significant memories to form the book. It is also impossible for any of you to use magic whilst you are reading the book. Do not worry about jobs or any other responsibility outside of this room as you are effectively frozen in time. This was the only way for the spell to work. You will be provided with food during the reading and you may take as long as you like to read the book and discuss what it reveals.

Happy Reading,

Yours Sincerely, Serenity xxx

There was an eery silence as everyone tried to process what Sirius just read. Suddenly, Molly Weasley burst into tears. Her only thoughts were of how her family, the family considered to be blood traitors, would fair if Voldemort did win. She pulled Ginny into a bone crushing hug and sobbed into her daughters hair. Remus fell heavily into a chair, his face a mask of disbelief. Tonks let out a sharp cry, leaning on Remus for support. Sirius whined pitifully, sounding like a wounded animal, and gracelessly fell of the table and onto the floor. Harry, unable to hold back his laughter any longer cried out with gleeful delight.

Moody, still trying to digest the announcement that they lost the war, looked at Harry sharply. "What are you laughing at boy, we lost the war." Mad-Eye glared at the teen as he continued to chuckle. Harry, still tittering, casually waved his hand in the direction of the book. Only Hermoine noticed the action and soon joined in with Harry's giggles. Everyone looked extremely confused as the two students grinned at what was the worst piece of news imaginable.

Observing the varying states of incredulity, Harry picked up the book. Whilst pointing at the book he spoke to Moody, his voice still holding traces of amusment. "You are so worked up that we've lost the war, you've completely forgotten that we can win the war. We have a book from the future - this is even better than help from a seer. We can change the future, we can change this war." After his short speech, there were a few mumurs of agreement around the room. Harry went to sit down again next to Ron. His best mate looked at him with mirth lacing his eyes.

"You don't do things by half, do you mate? I mean, you've got books written about you." Ron grinned easily. The kids around the table laughed, thankful that the depressing mood was lifted. Once everyone was sat round the table Moody picked up the book.

"We may as well take turns reading, don't want someone to lose their voice and not be able to cast spells." Mad-Eye looked at the order members and they all nodded, not wanting the war veterans anger turning on them. Harry did not point out that it was impossible to cast spells whilst reading anyway. Just as Moody was going to open the book Molly interupted. She was in mother mode; hands on hips, fierce glare and tapping her foot impatiently.

"I believe the children should go to bed, they shouldn't have to read things about the war. They're just children." Molly did not direct this at Mad-Eye, she was looking at every child in the room and conveying the fact they should not be here. She thought everyone would agree with her, or at least, not have the nerve to stand up to her. Unfortunately, it seemed that Molly forgot that the big child himself, Sirius Black, was also in the room.

"Now wait a minute! If the letter is right, I'm pretty sure that this is about Harry and is in his perspective. That means they'll be in Hogwarts! So I think they should be allowed to read about what happens this year. You can't leave them ignorant Molly. Being blind has no advantages." Sirius crossed his arms in defiance as Molly tried to set him on fire with her glare. She was about to further their argument when Moody banged his fist on the table.

Seeing everyone jump and turn to him he shouted "Constant Vigilance!" He took the book and opened the page. He looked at Molly with a raised eyebrow, silently asking if she was going to argue with him. Molly looked away but did not continue her arguement.

Moody went to read the chapter title when the fireplace roared with green flames and spat out an elderly wizard. His long, silver beard was currently sporting several patches of soott but otherwise he looked unaffected by the floo travel. He looked at the assembly of wizards and witches, all waiting for Moody to read. He smiled delightedly. How nice, a group story. He grabbed an unoccupied chair and plucked the book from Moody's hand.

Dumbledore started, cheerfully so considering the chapters title.

"Dudely Demented"

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