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Previously -

"Ah, home sweet home," The room turned around at the voice, recognising it almost instantly despite it being a bit deeper than usual and still fogged with sleep. Everyone's eyes widened as they took in Harry. Oh my.

Where Harry stood was a man. Not just any man either, a man who oozed sheer sexuality. Gone were the last traces of childhood and in their place was a strong and built warrior. His build was no longer the slim, 5'7 they remembered but was replaced by a lean form, tall and built with muscles; conditioned from manual labour forced by the Dursleys and Oliver's gruelling Quidditch practices. Thankfully, in Tonk's mind at least, he wasn't too bulky.

He was taller than before, that much was obvious. Whereas, previously, he had just pushed 5'7, he now stood at a confident 6'2. The material of his T-shirt was straining against his muscles, even more defined and giving the impression of danger. His hair looked the same although it was even more thoroughly ruffled, most likely due to sleep. And his eyes, oh gosh! Before they were brilliant but without the lenses, it was like an unleashed power, green flames dancing, searching deep into your soul.

Tonks stared at the man in front of her with wide eyes. He lifted an arm to rub the back of his neck, extremely aware of the eyes that trailed him. The movement, however, lifted his shirt slightly, showing a hint his sculpted abs. Words failed her.

As the silence stretched for another minute, Serenity took it upon herself to break the mounting awkwardness. A note fell softly, twirling its way towards Hermione, whose eyes had been wide taking in Harry's new look. Her face was tinged pink as she picked up the note, forcing herself to look away from the man before her.

Hey guys,

I don't know how to word this, but, I may or may not have fucked up the potion. I seem to have added a slight aging agent, completely by accident, to the potion, which, as you may have figured out, has made Harry old. Not really old, or even old, but just a bit older than he was. Mum was in hysterics when I told her my mistake.

From what I can calculate, your probably, physically any way, around maturity, say 17/18. So no more growth spurts for you young man! So ... yeah. Happy aging day! Unfortunately, that was the good news. The bad news is that Ruthlock leaves, which caused the aging, have some slight side effects. At this point, many sentences were scribbled out, as if Serenity had no clue how to word the letter. Temporary changes in his behaviour may appear, perhaps more rash and bold. Yeah, that's a good explanation. So ... yeah.

Serenity, failed Potions Mistress of the Rebellion.

Harry looked at the letter in amusement, silently thankful for his growth. However, he knew know that he looked more intimidating than the skinny kid he was, which means that opponents may not under-estimate him. This was a severe disadvantage, but hopefully he could find a few benefits of his improved physique.

At this thought, his eyes trailed over to Tonks, whose hair had changed to her familiar violet. It fell a little past her ears and instead of it making her look less feminine, it made her look like pixie, making her cheekbones more evident and her mischievous eyes a prominent feature on her face. Harry knew he found her attractive, but what hope was there for a 15 year old kid.

Despite this knowledge, he couldn't help but wink at her and took pleasure in the blush which quickly spread across her cheeks. Whilst he was observing the Metamorph, another package fell from the sky, landing in front of Harry. Opening it quickly, hoping it was a larger shirt as the one he was wearing was uncomfortably tight, he was met with a very feminine shirt. Looking at the writing, he chuckled to himself. Moving over to Tonks, he passed her the shirt.

"A gift for you..." he said, his voice deep. Just those words set alight a fire deep within her. "My Lady," he practically purred, a smirk painting his lips. He felt satisfied at seeing the blush deepen. She took the shirt off him and looked at the writing. Trying to ignore the effect he had on her, she smiled brightly, clutching the t-shirt whilst giggling.

"Turn around," she ordered, using his body to hide from the enquiring looks. He did as she asked and just grinned at the confused looks. A Weird Sister T-shirt flew over his head, hitting Ron in the face. After spluttering for a few moments and turning an unattractive shade of red, Ron threw the T-shirt away.

"Move slave," Tonks proclaimed. At this, he moved and was unable to contain his loud laughter. Across her chest, in large red letters, the words 'OWNS A STUD' stood out against the black shirt. At seeing this, the teens laughed, although a few disapproving looks were thrown around by the adults.

Sirius snorted. Trust his pup to turn into a stud, taking after his dogfather. Sirius vowed to himself, as he watched Harry sit down next to his little cousin, that he would teach him all he knew in Stud-ology. Although it seemed that he wasn't having any problems so far.

Tonks was soon poking his biceps, as all the students gathered in a group away from the adults.

"Blimey Harry, you been working out?" At this, Tonks winked at the amused boy - no, man - next to her. Soon though, Harry's change was forgotten about as the teens started whispering and plotting. What they were plotting was unknown to the adults, but was causing them to become wary. Remus had to practically hold Sirius back from joining the joking students, and Tonks.

Severus, who was no longer chained, moved himself to a seat besides the Headmaster.

"I don't suppose you know what the side effects of Ruthlock leaves are, Severus?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes peering at the sour man before him.

At this, Snape sneered. Ruthlock leaves, whilst known for their miraculous properties in nutrition potions, were only to be used for fully matured wizards. To do so on a child, still growing, had considerable side effects. Most being mood swings. However, not only were mood swings a notable side effect, but confidence, especially sexual confidence, increased. Severus was also sure that he had read somewhere, possibly an old Potions Journal, that a man had experienced an alarming boost in libido.

As he reported this to the Headmaster, he spied Potter relaxed with his lackeys surrounding him. He noted that the young metamorph had moved closer to Harry, and was sat with her head resting on his shoulder. He also noticed Potter's arm, which was around Tonks. He was, perhaps subconsciously, holding her close against his body and his hand was lazily tracing patterns on her bare arm.

Whilst the dunderheads around him didn't notice, Severus was surprised that Mad-Eye didn't. Surely he was protective towards his protegé? Considering the side effect of the potion, he may as well have handed the lamb over to the wolf. Although the side effects didn't take place immediately, usually taking a day or two to unfold and lasting for a few days more, it was still a concern. He didn't need a randy and lustful Potter in his midst. He may just go mad.

Shaking himself from his thoughts, he watched as Mad-Eye got the attention of the group. Happy to be ignored, Severus sat back and prepared to observe from the side lines, whilst keeping an eye on Potter.

"Number Twelve Grimmauld Place," Arthur began, hoping that this chapter passed without incident. He really didn't want his Mollywobbles to become worried again.

Everyone got settled comfortably as he began to read.

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