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In an almost empty room, a short girl wearing a light green t-shirt and jean shorts, with long, light orange hair, down to her ankles, and light gray-green eyes, was sitting in a chair. A small dog sat by her feet, its left ear was flopped and frayed while the other was pointing upright. The girl looked about 15 and quite bored in the room. The dog whined softly and the girl shushed him.

Death the Kid and his twin pistols, Liz and Patty Thompson were on their way to class and saw Maka Albarn and her weapon, demon scythe Soul Eater. Maka waved,

"Hey Kid, Liz, Patty! You on your way to class too?" Maka and Soul walked over to them. Liz and Patty smiled,

"Hi Maka! Hi Soul!" The five of them stopped outside a closed door, the same door the girl and her dog were behind.

The girl stiffened and the dog growled softly. She whispered, "Hush! You don't want anyone to find us! Death Scythe said we couldn't let anyone know we're here!" The dog whimpered and hid behind the girl's legs, and under the chair.

Outside the room, Black Star and Tsubaki walked over. Black Star laughed, "Hey guys! What's up?" The group all shared their hellos. Soul leaned on the closed door and huffed. He yelled when the door opened behind him and he fell inside. The girl gasped and the dog yelped.

The weapons and meisters all looked in at Soul. Maka stood over him, "Are you okay Soul?" Soul smiled and nodded,

"Yeah... So uncool..." He rose to his feet and looked over at the girl. His eyes almost popped out of his head. Maka looked over at her,

"Oh, sorry. My partner can be an idiot sometimes. Are you a new student?"

Spirit, the Death Scythe walked down the hallway towards them, "Hey! What are you kids doing in there?" He pushed to the front and gushed at his daughter. "Hi Maka~"

Maka crossed her arms "What do you want?"

Spirit pouted slightly, and then took on a more serious expression. He walked over to the chair the girl was sitting in and blocked her from sight. "Who told you that you could be in here?" Patty laughed,

"Soul fell!" Soul scowled at her.

"The door opened."

Spirit sighed and the girl stood up behind him. "You might as well meet your new classmate…" He moved slightly so they could get a better look at her. The dog whimpered and hid behind her. "This is Cerberus, a young witch found in the city. Lord Death decided she should stay."

They all looked at him with wide eyes and Black Star asked nervously, "W-Why?.."

Spirit huffed "Because she isn't affected by the Sway of Magic, the destructive instinct of witches."

Cerberus looked down nervously, "You can just call me Cee…"

An awkward silence filled the room until Black Star laughed "Witch or not, she's hot!"

Soul grinned, "She ain't just hot, she's a sexy beast!" Maka raised a book over her head and the spine smashed onto his head. Soul fell over, clutching his head.

"Maka CHOP!" Maka looked back over at Cee. "Sorry about them. They're idiots."

Cee chuckled slightly. Maka began introducing them all. "I'm Maka, that's my weapon partner Soul, Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki are over there, and Kid with his weapons Liz and Patty are here." They all said hello.

Cee smiled slightly "Nice to meet you all."

The dog looked out from behind her and barked, "I Crash! Nice meet you!"

Patty pointed at him and laughed, "Puppy talks!"

Cee nodded, "Yeah, He tends to do that." Soul and Black Star were whispering to each other and laughing.

Kid rolled his eyes, "Ignore them."

Spirit chuckled, "Maybe you would all like to show Cee around." They all nodded. "Alright then! Try not to destroy anything." He glanced at Black Star and the meister smiled widely.

The Death Scythe ushered them out of the room and closed the door. Spirit mumbled to Kid, Tsubaki and Maka, "Don't let her get killed; we're trying to keep her alive for a while." The three of them nodded and Spirit walked down the hall towards the Death Room.

Patty clapped her hands, "Where first?"

Black Star laughed, "The roof!"

Maka sighed, "The library."

Kid smiled, "The symmetrical classroom!"

Soul groaned "This is gunna take a while…"


"I think we should have a party in honor of our new friend!" Patty laughed.

Black Star jumped up and laughed "MAKA'S HOUSE!" Maka yelled,


Black Star and Soul stood in silence for a few seconds then burst out laughing. Soul clutched his side "That was SO much fun!"

Cee looked up at Tsubaki, "What happened?.." Tsubaki sweat dropped.

"You don't want to know…"

Crash was sitting at Cee's feet and wagged his tail absently. Patty, Soul, Black Star and Maka were arguing about why they should and should not have a party.

"Please Maka!" Black Star whined.

Soul huffed "You're so uncool Maka." Maka put her hands on her hips

"I'm cool! I just don't want you guys messing up the apartment again!" Soul rolled his eyes. Patty gave up the argument to talk to Kid about giraffes.

"Maka you're the uncoolest meister ever." Soul huffed.

Maka pulled a book out of nowhere and yelled "MAKA CHOP!" She clubbed both of them in the head with the spine of the hardcover book. They both collapsed on the floor holding their heads,

"Owwwwwww!" Black Star yelled "You can't do this to your God!"

Tsubaki looked down at Black Star with worry "Are you alright?"

Soul growled "So uncool…" Cee tilted her head slightly,

"Where'd she get the book?.."

Kid shrugged, "No one knows."

Maka huffed "I know!"

Soul grumbled "No one cares about your input." Maka hit him in the head again with the book.


Liz sighed "Maka, how about if everyone is calm? No… Explosives…" Black Star and Soul laughed and high-fived.

Maka sighed "Alright… But if ANYTHING breaks, they aren't allowed back in that apartment." Soul opened his mouth to protest and Maka cut him off "You can sleep outside."

Soul groaned "That would be so uncool…"


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