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After staying atop the mountain for the night, Cee was feeling no better. Even though it had been almost 10 hours since Cee had used magic, she still couldn't summon enough to fly her and Hunter back down the mountain, not to mention how hard the broom was to control. It would be even harder in her current state. Of course no one wanted to take the chance that she might get even worse after flying or, worst case scenario, run out of energy to keep herself and Hunter in the air as they were going down.

At the moment, the two able-bodied meisters were climbing down, along with Hunter, who had Cee on his back. The two of them made much slower progress than Maka and Black Star, whom were a few feet farther down the mountain then them. Crash was clinging to Maka's shoulder and, since he was only a puppy, didn't weigh nearly as much as Cee did.

The wind added to their troubles. The day before, there was barely a breeze to be felt. Now with the wind gusting around them roughly, they were having trouble holding on. Maka and Hunter had both slipped and Black Star slipped about 3 times, being careless and ranting about 'his bigness'. Thankfully, they never dropped more than half a foot.

To their relief, they reached the ledge where Cee had first been taken at around 10:30. The laughing, drooling sun hung in the sky above them. Black Star and Maka flopped onto the rock ledge and Hunter slid Cee off his back before doing the same. Soul and Tsubaki switched back into human form and sat by their meisters. Soul prodded Maka's head and she growled,

"Keep touching me and I'll Maka-chop you into next week." He stopped poking her for fear of being Maka-chopped that much. Tsubaki pat Black Star's shoulder. Crash crawled over to Cee and curled up on her lap. Cee fondled his ears affectionately and he whined contently.

Hunter groaned, "Why does the climb have to be soooo looong?" Cee rolled her eyes and smiled slightly.

"It's not that far a climb."

Hunter, Maka and Black Star started complaining and Soul smirked, "So uncool you guys." Crash's ears twitched and he snickered.

Cee sighed, "It'll be easier if you just climb down so you don't fall asleep on this ledge again." Maka sat up and huffed,

"Let's just rest a few more minutes…"


Almost three hours later, they had arrived back at Death City. Cee was laying, asleep in one of the dispensary beds, with Crash resting his head on her stomach. She had a monitor connected to her right arm with sticky-ended wires. Black Star and Tsubaki had left to go home after they had made sure Cee was okay. Liz and Patty headed home to go to sleep, leaving Kid, Maka, Soul and Hunter with Cee. Hunter was sitting in a chair next to the bed and Kid stood near the end of it. Soul was sitting in one of the other chairs scattered around the room, half asleep himself. Maka had a book on her lap, for once not reading it.

Cee's face twisted slightly in her sleep and she rolled on her side. Crash stood back up next to her on the bed and whined, "Is gunna be okay?.."

Hunter sighed, "She'll be fine." He said this to try and reassure the pup and himself because, to tell the truth, he wasn't so sure himself. Crash whined and jumped off the bed. Maka fiddled with the worn spine of the book.

Stein walked in with a swish of his lab coat and over to the bed. He looked at the monitor and then at Cee. "Well she doesn't seem severely hurt. She actually only has a few bruises and scratches."

Hunter groaned, "So I carried her for nothing? She was just being lazy?"

Stein pushed up his glasses menacingly, the hospital lights reflecting off them eerily. "You didn't let me finish. She doesn't have any physical injuries. But, as Maka said in the mission report, she did use a bit of magic during your little trip." Maka nodded to confirm what he had said.

"I'm not a witch expert, but I know she can't use her magic well, correct?" This time, Hunter nodded to confirm. "Then I'll take a good guess that, not being able to control it well, she will either use too much magic or not be able to use it at all."

Kid rubbed his chin in thought, "So technically she… Exhausted herself?"

Stein nodded slightly, "To the point of not being able to move." He walked over to her monitor and pointed to the spiking line. "It's different than regular because she used magic and tired herself out. See?"

Hunter scratched the back of his head, "I… I kinda understand what you're saying…"

Stein smirked, "Witch behavior is very hard to understand, not even I quite get what goes through one's head." Cee shifted again in her sleep and the professor chuckled, "What an interesting test subject."

Maka, Kid and Hunter looked at Stein in alarm and Soul narrowed his crimson eyes. "Heh, I'm just kidding, calm down." The three of them relaxed slightly, but were still on edge. Stein sighed, "She should be fine after a day or two of rest." The four of them watched the professor leave the room and close the door behind him.

Once the professor left he lit a cigarette and a small puff of smoke snaked up from the end. Death Scythe was leaning on the wall outside the door and huffed, "You're having trouble, aren't you."

Stein glanced at him, "Hm?.."

The redheaded weapon moved away from the wall and placed his hands in his pockets, "I know Cee has a madness wavelength, even with her soul protect and weak magic."

Stein huffed and twisted the screw in his head, "Yes but being who she is, her madness wavelength is much weaker and added to her soul protect and Maka's anti-demon wavelength makes her madness wavelength practically invisible. Besides, everyone has a bit of madness inside them, hers is the same as everyone else's."

Death Scythe watched him with a careful gaze, "Oh really?" he said not really believing him. Stein nodded and Death Scythe sighed, "Then we should go back to Lord Death and tell him she's stable." The two of them started walking down the hall towards the Death Room, one more wary of the other.


"Stop! You're hurting it!"

"No I'm not, now sh-"

"Yes you are! Stop-" I hit the dusty, forest ground hard.

"Will you shut up?"

My face felt wet. I could see my arm dripping red and the same color rolling off my face and onto the grass. A figure loomed over me, amber eyes glowing evilly and cloaked in darkness. A small whimper escaped my throat, scratchy and rough. A blur of blue-gray dashed past me and leapt up at the amber-eyed figure. A roar of anger exploded in the night air. A burst of blinding light destroyed the darkness that once hid the figure from view. A limp, furry body hit the ground and rolled over to me and I knew exactly what it was. I wrapped my hands around it and tangled my fingers in its fur. I stumbled to my feet and started running.

I ran as fast as I could manage with the heavy, unmoving body in my arms. The dark tree branches around me reached up to claw the completely black sky. No stars shown and that horrid moon was nowhere to be seen.

Gritty sand poked my feet like tiny glass shards as I raced towards the water. Seven glowing lights of green, blue, yellow and pink flew towards me and lit my path along the sand. I grabbed the broom that was laying on the shifting sand. I leaped onto it without hesitation and an angry animal roar sounded from the trees behind me. I almost crashed into the waves below me, frothing, black and hungry. Thankfully, the broom became stable beneath me but I felt the limp body in my hand that wasn't holding onto the broom starting to slip. I sucked in a breath and closed my eyes tightly.

The body started glowing, I could tell through my eyelids and grew cold, like ice. Then I felt it grow smaller and smaller until it was just a small stuffed paw clasped in my hands.

I opened my eyes to see a stuffed wolf doll with white markings and various crisscrossing stitches on it. I realized something warm and wet was trailing down my bloodied cheeks…

My name is Cerberus Wulf. And I. Am. A. Witch.


Moonlight flittered through the plain white curtains and a slight breeze blew in through the open window, making the thin material swish this way and that. Soul watched Cee toss and turn in her fitful sleep with drooping red eyes. Hunter had fallen asleep in the chair next to Cee's bed and Maka, also fast asleep, looked quite peaceful in the chair on Cee's other side. Kid had left around 11:00 to go home to make sure Liz and Patty were asleep and the house was symmetrical.

Yes, Soul was tired, but he couldn't possibly get any sleep with Cee like this. As much as he didn't want to admit it, he had taken quite a liking to the witch. She might be a bit untrusting, but who could blame her, she had obviously been through some tough times to willingly go to school at the DWMA. Her flighty attitude made him laugh, but he would never laugh at her because of it…

"How uncool am I…" he mumbled.


Cool grass pricked and tickled my bare feet. I could see little white blossoms dusting the long green sprouts sticking out of the ground. The grass swished in time with the wind that blew gently across the field. A thick furred gray-blue wolf with white markings above its eyes, on its ears, chest, stomach, and underside of its tail stood a few feet away from me. Its cobalt-blue eyes bore into me with an empty, soulless look. My heart thudded in my chest like a hammer, probably loud enough that the wolf would be able to hear it. Its mouth parted slightly and a gruff, sad voice spoke inside my head,

"Why did you let me die, Lady Cerberus?"

The grass started turning a yellow-brown color and the white flowers wilted and turned black. The once beautiful blue sky melted into a dark gray with a sickly red shade near the horizon. The wind blew stronger and the wolf disintegrated into silvery dust. I could feel my legs buckle underneath me and I fell to my hands and knees. I started trembling in terror and from the wind whipping around me, screaming in my ears. An empty blackness spread from the spot where the wolf once stood and consumed the ground around me.

I felt the shadows start to creep up around me and pull me in. I let out a silent scream for help as I sank into the darkness. It felt like I was drowning in the suffocation blackness as I struggled to find my way out. I couldn't tell which way was up and down and my lungs were almost crushed. The wolf's voice whispered in my ears as I clawed at the thick smog around me. Finally, when I thought I was finished, I felt air being sucked back into my lungs.


Soul bolted upright at shrill screech that came from Cee's bed. He had started to drift off at around 3:30 in the morning when she screamed. Her eyes were clamped tightly shut and she was breathing heavily. Soul stood up in alarm. Hunter opened his eyes drowsily and mumbled, "What's going on?.." Maka was now wide awake and on her feet.

"What's wrong with her?" The blonde meister asked worriedly.

Soul huffed and shoved his hands in his pockets, trying to regain his cool composure, "I think she's having some sort of nightmare…"

Hunter rubbed his eyes and then looked over at his trembling meister, "It looks like it…"

Cee's eyes opened halfway and they glowed a light blue. Maka gasped and the world around the three of them turned black.


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