Wanted - Chapter 2

I've never tried introducing a song to set the mood for what I've written before but I ran across this one and it's perfect for the major theme of this chapter: feeling disoriented and like a stranger in a strange land, so I want each reader to take a moment before delving into chapter-2 and go on to YouTube and listen to this rendition of "Welcome To The Jungle" by 2Cellos-Sulic & Hauser. I know posting addresses can be tricky on this site but try this:

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It hadn't taken the leprechaun long to return and when he did he made an announcement. "Ok, listen up!" he said in a clipped tone. Clasping his hands behind his back he paced back and forth in front of the men like a drill sergeant. "You've been requisitioned to serve at the feast tonight."

All three men shot each other nervous glances.

A distant sound from the dim recesses of the dungeon captured their attention. As it got closer the hunters realized that it was the metered steps of small booted feet. And three female elves marched in bearing clothing. Each elf stationed herself in front of a manacled prisoner and the next thing the men knew they were unchained from the wall.

But instead of being free Sam, Dean and Bobby found themselves standing inside separate dressing booths. The leprechaun snapped his fingers and the men suddenly found themselves naked.


"Hey, what the...?"

"Balls!" Expressed the prisoners.

Shocked and suddenly chilly each man rushed to the half door of his dressing booth, and looked to each side to see the same look of helpless fear reflected in the other mens' eyes.

A small uttered "Ahem" made them look down to see the three elves in front of their doors. Each elf was holding the clothes that had formerly been on their backs a moment ago under one arm, and a bundle of new clothes under the other.

Then the leprechaun intoned in a bored fashion, "All of your classless attire is unsuitable for this affair so re-suit in the uniforms provided for you as proper servers of the banquet." And the elves reached over the doors to pass a garment and sandals to each man.

Dean saw what he was handed to wear and made a disgusted face, "You're kidding right?" He said as he shook the dark suede cloth at the female attendant and scoffed, "Bobby's got more material in his hat that this..."

The leprechaun walked over to the door and told him, "That is the finest leather of the rarest animal in all of the Everafter, it will not wrinkle or stain and self adjusts to fit the wearer in the most flattering way possible. It is quite an honor to be allowed to wear so formal attire on your first day of servitude."

"It's nothing but a loin cloth!" Dean protested. He turned the material over in his hands to figure out how to wear it adding "and not a very big one at that."

The Fae man then stepped up nearly face to face with Dean and said, "Never the less... you will wear it or you and the other two humans will be put to death."

Bobby reached over his dressing room door to "his Elf" and quickly grabbed his hat from the pile that had been his clothes; then he gave her a glare that said it wouldn't be good for her health to try and take it back. She just gave him a bored shrug, handed him his serving uniform and suddenly the elves holding all their former clothing were gone.

The men in the booths looked once at each other then with significant grumbling began to don their attire. Dean said, " Come on! I don't know if I'm puttin' this thing on frontwards or backwards."

Sam replied, "Uh, I don't think it matters" as he tried to 'adjust himself' to be as comfortable as possible.

Bobby growled back at both of them, "Ah, quitcher bitchin'!" Then the could hear him utter, "Umph" and "Damn" and "If I had a dime for the dang fool situations you two find...and drag me into!" "Humph!"

The leprechaun rolled his eyes and coughed. "Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, don't be shy..." and 'poof' the dressing booths were gone and the three men stood blinking against bright light and casting awkward glances at each other.

"Well," the Fae man sighed, "I suppose this will have to do until you have better training. In a moment you will be sent for. Until then try to practice being 'poised'." And he disappeared.

Bobby's loin cloth rode a little higher than the boys and he made sure he had put his hat firmly on his head. But as soon as the leprechaun was gone he immediately moved over to the wall where the Fae kept appearing and disappearing to check for any crack to indicate an opening. Sam and Dean did their best to avert their eyes from their friend... and each other... having already seen way more than they'd ever wanted to because good fit or not, loin cloths just don't have a lot of 'coverage'.

Sam gestured at his attire and said, "I guess these are so we don't try to smuggle in any weapons."

To which Dean smirked saying, "It doesn't mean I'm still not packin' " and he waggled his brows.

Sam rolled his eyes and was about to rebut when Bobby stepped up and growled, "You two just shut it! And make like the good cabana boys you're supposed to be, while we all keep our eyes and ears open." He tugged up his waist ban even higher and tugged his hat down even lower for emphasis then said, "at least these sandals they give us are comfortable... arch supports...pretty good fit too."

As if on cue one of the elves that had taken their clothes appeared and said, "Follow me to your stations. You will be serving the libations for the evening. Do not attempt to make conversation, most of the Fae do not speak any of your human languages anyway and it would be best to limit eye contact as the evening wears on- to avoid accidental 'Be-spelling' with glamour. Some of our guests this evening are, how do you say it? 'Sloppy drunks.' And they may forget their promise to our Queen to resist throwing glamour out at the help...for extra favors." She paused and eyed the men knowingly, "And for tonight... your duties do not include dalliances."

All three men quirked their eyebrows and swallowed hard at the same time.

Then the room they were in began to shimmer and suddenly it felt like they were all on an elevator ride, one that went up as well as sideways. They moved fast through castle's torch lined hallways; taking turns and switch backs that left the men disoriented and dizzy.

When all of a sudden their motion slowed to a stop and they were pushed through a set of large wooden swinging doors that put them in a huge kitchen.

The smells hit them first. Fragrant spices and tempting aromas rose up from covered pots and roasting main courses cooking on huge wood burning stoves . Uniform clad humans and elves were side by side chopping exotic food and arranging them on platters. The men turned around to take in the whole sight but before they could focus on any one thing each was handed a large silver serving Urn and they found themselves being pushed through the other set of swinging kitchen doors and into the Grand Hall.

The lighting inside the great hall was strange. Everything was caste in different shades of blue and throughout the crowd twinkling little lights in flight darted everywhere like fireflies on a hot July night.

One buzzed too close to Dean's head and he ducked yelping "Fairies!"

The rest of the crowd was composed of humanoid types some almost too beautiful to look at directly ( those were from the Seelie court) and others looked like the stuff of nightmares ( those were from the Unseelie court).

Then- the sound hit them. It assaulted their ears. The relative hum of activity from the kitchen was replaced by loud voices and laughter all shouting to be heard over the music. A Fae duo was preforming on the stage above and to the left of them. Sam, Dean and Bobby had never heard such music before. The haunting, frantic sound was being played on large stringed instruments, it had a driving rhythm and the musicians looked more like they were beating their instruments rather than playing them as the strings on the bows frayed and split with each savage stroke.

Bobby and Sam winced against the sound but Dean listened. "Wait a minute!" he smiled broadly at his brother and nodded to Bobby. "I know this one," he shouted, "It's "Welcome To The Jungle' by Gun's and Roses!" to prove his point he nudged Sam nearly spilling his Urn. Sam frowned and murmured to himself, "Never heard it like this before."

The musicians started another rendition of a popular song that bore only an eerie resemblance to familiar tune. It was jarring, unearthly and eloquent and then morphed into an almost vicious feeling by the way they ravaged and mutated the notes. It is said you can tell a lot about a culture by the style of their art, if that held true in this parallel world, then the Fae were a dangerously strange race.


"More Wine!" came a shout and their eyes shifted to a large, reclining Fae ( who bore an unflattering resemblance to Jabba the Hut), as he waved an empty goblet at them.

Neither man moved. Bobby looked at the frozen brothers and rolled his eyes, "Follow my lead." He said loudly and stepped over to serve the Fae guest.

But the guest waved him away and gestured with a lear to Dean to be his server.

Dean instinctively pulled the urn his was holding closer to his chest and involuntarily took one step back. Sam's jaw went tight as he glared at the guest, then saved the day by "accidentally" bumping into Dean's arm and slopping the libation on the couch the guest was reclining upon. The Fae jumped up sputtering curses and instantly a flurry of sparkling lights surrounded the guest cleaning and preening and calming his ruffled ego. With the distraction of the fairy's intervention the three men quickly put some distance between the indignant guest by making their way deeper into the crowd.

Dean's eyes were still a little wide as they moved through the crowd and he said to Sam, "Well, that Cantina Band wanabe was almost a too close an encounter."

His younger brother grinned and replied, "Hey, you're the one always saying that you're the handsome one."

"Shut up!" Dean countered.

Bobby sighed and told them both, " You idjits just stick close, it could be a long night."

To Be Continued

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