Seeing blood isn't easy. Watching it come from a person is harder. Seeing your friend create it all, makes it unbearable. Wally learned that first hand. His physical wounds would heal with time. But what Eric did, it may never heal. It was a wound bigger than anyone had given Wally or Kid Flash. It was only the evening of the day. Wally still had trouble with his swollen throat.

Wally was taken to the mountain to avoid reporters. For now. He'd have to speak in court. Everyone was in the room with him. But it was too quiet. Kaldur and Conner sat staring at him. M'gann was making up some tea. Artemis was sharpening her arrows and Robin was doing research on the school. Wally was just sitting. Not moving an inch. Occasionally blinking. His jaw slacked.

They had been like this for almost an hour.

"Um…, tea's ready," said M'gann softly. She poured everyone a cup. They slowly drank. Except Wally. He looked in the cup. It was the color of chicken broth. He looked in it. He saw his rippling reflection. It changed. It looked like Eric. His hands shook. Artemis grabbed his wrist. She held him steady. He gave her a frightened glance. He held back tears in his eyes. The pain on his wrist from the beatings still wasn't healed. But his team didn't know. One pain was enough.

"WALLY!" yelled a voice. Everyone jumped in their seats. Wally turned his torso to look behind him. There was a very pissed off Roy. His face was as red as his hair from anger. He walked over to Wally.

"Yeah Roy?" said Wally hiding his physical pain. Roy glared at him. Before he knew it, he was slung over Roy's shoulder. Artemis was able to catch his falling tea.

"Roy!" yelled Robin.

"Put him down," demanded Kaldur. Roy felt himself tense a little bit. He didn't know the extent of Wally's injuries. Or where they were.

"Look. Let me handle this," he said continuing off. He would've left if Batman wasn't standing at the exit.

"Put him down," he said. The Young Justice team had followed in and was frozen stiff in what was going on. On one hand, there was Batman. On the other hand, there was Roy with a hostage. It was either going to be interesting or a waste of time. Wally didn't really know what was going on. His swollen throat made it almost imposible to breath.

"R…r…oy…," he struggled to say. His throat was getting worse. It was almost fully closed. He couldn't move. He was just fighting to stay awake. He bit the inside of his mouth to try and keep conscious. Unfortunately, it only made blood drip from his mouth. No one really noticed. Except for the little ninja Robin.

"KF's bleeding!" he yelled. Roy looked over his shoulder. He didn't see the blood, but he saw the nasty bruises. He sighed. He didn't want to turn him over to the league. But it was for the best.

"I'll take him to the medical wing Bats," he said walking quickly. Wally's blood left a small trail on the floor. Robin and Batman followed. Kaldur kept the team back.

"This is something that long time friends should deal with. We will intervene if absolutely needed."

They all went there separate ways. The pain seemed to linger in the air. As if a part of them was broken, when they saw Kid Flash in pain. Like his smile, his pain was contagious.

Meanwhile Roy put him in a bed in the medical wing. His eyes were downcast. He looked at Batman. And then at Robin. Batman opened Wally's mouth. Nothing was wrong, but Batman saw swelling. Lots of swelling in the throat. He needed a look at his neck. But with the turtle neck, he had two choices, cut it, or take it off him.

"Don't ruin my shirt bats," said Roy. Okay slip it off it was. He grabbed the bottom of the shirt and began slowly lifting it.

"BATS!" yelled an overly enthusiastic man. Aka… Barry.

"What?" he asked.

"What are you doing to my nephew? Iris is going to murder me, heck maybe even you if Wally was defiled by an older man!" he said half joking. He then looked at Wally. He was finally unconscious and had a look that was pain and terror on his face, "What's wrong?"

Batman lifted the shirt. Even he, Robin and Roy couldn't hide their shock. Bruised in all colors. Eventually the entirety of the turtleneck was removed. There wasn't one inch of unharmed flesh. It was all bruised. Lightly, or deeply. His neck was a putrid green-blue bruise. Robin covered his mouth. Roy looked away. Barry stared. And Batman grabbed a phone.

"Pieter, get to the mountain. Now," he said.

It took about an hour.

"So Bats, who is this Pieter guy? Can we even trust him?" asked Barry. And he never questioned Batman.

"He's Doctor Mid-Nite. The third one."

"But will he know what he's doing?" he asked.

"He is an actual doctor."

Barry watched as a man with an owl walked in.

"Watch Charlie while I see the kid, will you bats," he said sending the owl over. He pushed everyone out of the medical wing except Wally. It was many more hours before Pieter walked out of the wing. By then, all the Young Justice, Roy, Batman, and Barry were waiting impatiently. Pieter smiled. He then removed his glasses. He was blind. Barry grabbed Batman.

"You trusted him in the hands of a blind man?" he raged.

"Not exactly blind," said Pieter, "I was checking his body in infrared and a little ultrasonic. It would seem as though he is a uh…, person av stor ferdighet."

"What?" asked Robin.

"A person of great skill. But hiding his identity to that extremity, he's really lucky he's not dead."

"Why? What happened?" asked Barry with sad eyes.

"He was beaten. By school bullies. Ah. Children can be so cruel," he said leaving.

Barry, and Roy ran in to see Wally. Robin tried to go in too, but Batman held him back.

"Not now," he said.

Roy and Barry ran into the room. Wally looked at them. He was covered in bandages. And he had a bag of liquid nutrients being sent into his body.

"Hey," he said softly.

"God. I'd hug you if I weren't afraid of breaking you," joked Barry.

"You ever keep a secret like that from me again, I'll shove my arrow up your butt and two of GA's arrows up whoever you were covering for," said Roy playfully. Wally looked at his hand.

"Uncle Barry? Roy?"

"Yeah?" they asked in unison.

"How… how can someone so good and pure, stoop so low as to attack innocent people? How can someone you fully trust, ignore everything that you stand for, saying it's for your own good?" he asked with teary eyes. Barry scratched the back of his head. He never had that problem. Not even with Batman.

"It's like this," said Roy pulling up a chair, " In one hand is the known. In the other, is the unknown. The mysteries. Most of my life I was raised by Green Arrow. I was wary of him. I didn't know him. He was a mystery. But I had to trust him. And expand my known. I learned that sometimes, when he was trying to care for me, he made a slip. He instead hurt me," he said putting Wally's hand over his heart, "In doing what you know, you may end up hurting something in the unknown. Your friend, knew you were in pain. He knew that people in the school caused it. He didn't know how to deal with it. So he built up aggression. He really thought it was going to help you."

"So what, should I forgive him?" Wally snapped.

"No. Not yet. If ever. Sometimes, you can forgive. But you can never forget. When you forget, it is just bound to happen again."

Wally looked at him. Even though he hurt. Physically and mentally, he felt a weight, a small one being lifted from his shoulders. Tears came from his eyes.

"I don't know what I'd do without you guys," he cried. And for the only time that day, let out a small, but sad and sincere smile.

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