Hi everyone I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry it took me so long to get back to fanfictioning. Computer problems, holidays, and trying to find a job while debating with myself, my dad, and my friends about going back to school has kept me drained and my creative juices having a drought.

I finally got back on my computer and looked at the partially down chaps of new chapters for my other stories and said well crap I got nothing. As I was brainstorming I came back and realized I never finished putting up all of 'A better life's chapters so I've down that now and after rereading the story and the fact I haven't been contacted by Metalguy since like a month after I adopted this I've decided I'm gonna rewrite it. The basic story of Kyuubi helping Naruto by bringing his parents back will stay the same. It will also stay Narusaku as a base pairing I may make it a love triangle by adding another girl gotta see where I take the rewrite first.

In the mean time I am starting another story that will probly be slow going but I wrote it on a whim and its helping me get my muses to come out of whatever weird place in my mind they've been hiding.

So I hope all of you who have stuck with this story since I adopted it and also those who have come anew after I adopted it will forgive me I'm back and I will do my best to make this great.

DOOOOOOM Lord of Waffles.