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Here it is! Chapter 6!

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Chapter 6

I sat quietly in the boat with Aragorn and Boromir, thinking. If I didn't do something, Boromir would die. Well, maybe. I mean, since he really isn't bothered to much by the ring, he wouldn't try to take it, so he shouldn't be away from camp when the uruk hai came. *For those of you who don't know, those are big nasty smelly creature things who eat people, and are servants of the evil wizard Saruman, who is a servant of the main protagonist Saruman, who wants the ring Ema is carrying. You should read a bit on the trilogy if ya want to understand it ;)*

But I would keep a close eye on him anyways, just to be sure. I really don't want him to die. His little brother needs him!

"We will rest here for the night," Aragorn declared. My heart thumped and I shivered. The men pulled the boats onto the shore, and I clambered out.

"Ugh. I've been sitting to long," I griped, stretching.

"You're telling me, lass. Dwarves aren't accustomed to sitting for long periods of time. We dwarves are always about mining," Gimli said, nodding. I smiled at him.

Legolas rolled his eyes good naturedly. The two had become something resembling friends, which broke the dwarf-elf fued. I was glad about that.

"Kakashi, can you start a fire?" Boromir requested. Kakashi nodded and headed off to get wood.

I froze.

No, he can't go alone! What if the enemy comes?

"I'll help!" I chirped, following him.

Once we were far away from the group, Kakashi turned to me.

"What's going on?" I hesitated, and remembered Galadriel's words.

Speaking the future to others does not matter, for the future is changed.

Sighing, I twiddled my thumbs. "At this part in the story, enemy soldiers come and Boromir gets killed. But Galadriel told me that our presence has changed the future, and now I don't know what will happen. I wanted to come with you, just in case."

He frowned. "And what could you do? You aren't a fighter. You can't kill. You should have had Legolas or Aragorn come."

I flinched.

"I didn't think about that."

"Go back to the camp, and tell Legolas I would like to speak with him," Kakashi commanded.

"It'sss a little to late for that."

I can't tell you how many curse words came out of my mouth when I saw Orochimaru step from the shadows.

"Orochimaru," Kakashi growled.

"It'ss nice to sssee you asss well, Kakashi." Orochimaru sneered. "Now tell me, which girl hasss the ring?"

My mind raced.

"I'll never give it to you!" I spouted out.

Well, that works. I thought.

"Pleassse, you're making thisss too eassy."

Karin stepped out from behind Orochimaru, glaring at me. "It's payback time, bitch."

I tensed and smirked at her.

"Oh? Are you sure you can handle me? As I recall, I beat your ugly ass last time."

Karin growled.

"Karin, do not kill her. Ssssaruman wantss her alive."

"Fine," Karin huffed.

Kakashi stepped in front of me.

"Run," he commanded.

"No," I whispered. "That'll lead them to Ema." And the ring.

Kakashi hesitated, and nodded. "Then stay back."

And the fight began.

Kakashi and Orochimaru lunged at each other. Bravely, Kakashi attempted to keep Karin and Orochimaru away from me, but he was no match. Orochimaru threw him back, and Karin flew at me.

I managed to dodge some of her blows, and land a couple of my own. But who was I kidding? I wasn't a ninja, I just got lucky last time. Finally she managed a blow to my temple, and everything went black.

I woke up slung across Orochimaru's shoulder, with my hands and feet bound.

"You bastard, you'll pay for this," I hissed.

He chuckled. "Oh? Is your preciousss Itachi going to sssave you?"

I shut my mouth.

"That'sss what I thought," he laughed.

So, I did the only thing I could. I cursed him in every language I could, including some elvish and dwarf I managed to pick up.

Bastard just laughed.

In the movie, Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas run after the uruks that kidnap the little hobbits. But, I was kidnapped by ninjas, who are f-ing fast. The only one who could possibly catch up would be Kakashi, who wouldn't consider leaving Ema's side. For the first time, I felt terrified for myself, and felt a pang of anger towards Galadriel for asking the other ninjas to stay behind. I know they could have saved me, even prevented this from happening.

It wasn't long before we entered Isengard, Saruman's joyous place of residence. Smoke burned my nostrils, and I knew they were still making weapons for war. We entered the ginormous tower, and Orochimaru tossed me on the floor.

"Fuck you asshole," I grumbled.

"Such foul language for such a nice looking young woman," a smooth voice said.

I glanced up and saw a tall, elderly man standing above me. Everything about him was white. His white beard, long white hair, white robe, and white staff.

"Saruman," I said stiffly.

Saruman smiled. "You know my name, yet I do not know yours."

There was a brief silence. If he wanted my name, he was going to have a hell of a time getting it out of me.

His face became darker somehow, and he watched me with steely eyes.

"Give me the ring."

I scoffed. "I refuse."

Saruman tensed in rage, then instantly relaxed.

"Very well then, we'll just have to take it from you."

I smelled a horrible stench, and grimy hands gripped me from behind.

An orc, who was disgusting by the way, took my belt off and dug through my pouches.

"It isn't here, my lord," he hissed.

Saruman growled.

"Search her."

The orc that was holding me yanked my cloak off, almost choking me mind you, and searched for hidden pockets. When he found nothing, the first orc whom I have dubbed Grace, pushed me on the floor and took my boots off. After searching through them and finding nothing, orc number two *Flower* hesitantly stuck his hands in my pockets and felt around for the ring. Well, the hesitance to touch me was kinda sweet, for an orc. He found nothing again, of course.

Saruman shook with rage. "Strip."

I blinked. "Excuse me?"


"Fuck you."

"Take her clothes off."

The orcs hesitated. Even Karin looked a little uncomfortable.


Grace jumped and stood facing me, looking away in something that resembled shame. Cute. Asshole.

He untucked my shirt and hesitated again, then quickly yanked it off. I sat in my bra, and Saruman raged HARD.

"Where is the ring?" He shouted.

I stayed silent.

No one said a word.

After several moments, Saruman seemed to collect himself.

"Take her breeches off."

Grace stood me up, and waited for Flower to do the honor.

Well fuck. I thought.

Flower quickly took them off, without looking, and I stood in my undies.

"You need to heat this place up, it's hella cold," I said.

Saruman stood staring at me.

"See? No cords with the ring tied on me. No necklace or anything of the sort. Can I have my clothes now?"

"No," he sneered, throwing my clothes in the fire.

"Hey asshole! Those are Elven made!"

Saruman strode up to me, and grabbed my face in an iron grip.

"Where is the ring."

I closed my eyes as his breath hit my face.

"You need a tic-tac or something, cause your breath stinks." (Donkey ftw :D)

He pushed me back and slapped me.

"It seems you need some persuasion. Take her to a cell. I want the location of the ring now."

Grace and Flower each grabbed one of my arms and I walked with them to a dank, smelly prison cell with unknown substances all over the walls and floor. I gagged and tried to pull away from it.

"Not so fast," Flower grumbled, and they threw me in.

"You're interrogator will be here shortly."

And they walked away, after slamming the door.

I curled up on the cleanest part of the floor, and waited.


So, the lady, whatever her name was, asked us to stay. Here we are, safe and comfortable in this awesome town thingy in these woods.

Damn it, I wanted to be out fighting by now.

Hidan laid in the grass next to me, snoring. I rolled my eyes and smiled. Baka.

For a moment, I felt a pang of worry about Kiko. I mean, Itachi wasn't here to protect her. And let's face it, she's NOT a fighter. Couldn't hurt someone to save her life. Unless it was to protect someone else. But still. That's why I protect her, in my own way of course.

Ema's good. She's got Kakashi.

I frowned.


We heard the fighting, and came running. Turns out Kiko and Kakashi were pretty far from us, and by the time we got there it was to late. Kakashi was leaning against a tree looking slightly beat up, and Kiko was nowhere to be found.

"What happened?" demanded Gimli.

Kakashi ignored him and looked at me. "Orochimaru is with Saruman."

I froze. "Where's Kiko?" Kakashi closed his eye and sighed.

"She told them she had the ring. They took her."

I couldn't breathe.

I can help you get them back. I can give you all the power in the world...

I shook my head slightly and rubbed my face, ignoring the ring's whisper. Kiko had just taken my place, and now she's facing unknown horrors, all to protect me. I instantly regretted saying all the crap I said to her back at the mines.

"We have to go after her." Kakashi was shaking his head before I even finished.

"No. I am the only one who stands a chance against Orochimaru and Karin, and I have to protect you first and foremost since you hold the ring."

After a long silence, Gimli spoke. "Who is this Orochimaru?"

So we all went back to camp to deal with Kakashi's wounds and tell our tale.

Dun, dun, duuuuuuuuun. Oh noes! What will happen to Kiko?

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