(Any Japanese help would be great also a list of all known jutsus and there ranks would help)

The first thing is that this will focus on a Yuri pairing between Anko Mitarashi, and Kurohana Uzumaki. It will be starting out with an M rating for adult content and yes Kurohana is the female version of Naruto and in this story she will be born a she. I think Kishimoto has lost it but that is me and the characters and the world he created are enough to get me interested in taking advantage of for this fic so if you have problems ... DEAL! lol, I have Kushina live for plot progression and maybe other stuff

Now for the Plot: ok let's assume that at the chunin Exams in cannon that Anko was 22 and Naruko was 13 well in this Fic at the time of the Exams Anko would be 21 and Kurohana would be 16. Taking that into account here is the intro (sorry if it sounds cheesy but oh well this chapter will be the first thing I have written longer than 1200 words in almost half a decade =_=):

What if the Mitarashi clan had a blood line that prevented them from outside influences and made them perfect spies? What would happen if they were persecuted because of it? What would happen if the last found another who was persecuted because of holding a burden which they had no choice in accepting, let us find out?

A/N: BF=before fox AF=after fox

"Summon/Kyuubi Speaking"

'Summon/Kyuubi thoughts'

"Speaking" (normal)

'thoughts' (italic)

Chapter 1: Anko/Kurohana the Beginning … Part one: Anko part one of two

In a small shack in the Village Hidden In The Leaves a very obviously pregnant violet haired woman lay on a bed screaming, next to the bed a large chested blond haired woman wearing a light green jacket with the kanji for heal on it kneeled next to her.

"Breathe Risu, breathe!" said the blond.

"Fuck damnit Tsunade I am, and before you tell me to push I AM YOU COW TITTIED BIIIIIIIIIITCH!" Screamed Risu giving a final push before hearing Tsunade say after tying the umbilical cord and wrapping the baby in a purple towel. "Congratulations it's a girl." Before asking, "What will you name her?" Before she handed the child to Risu.

"Anko." Managed Risu before first coughing then vomiting blood over Tsunade and her daughter who giggled at the sensation as she was put in the nearby crib while Tsunade ran hands glowing green with her medical chakra and was astounded at what she saw. Risu's heart had literally exploded along with her kidneys rupturing from the strain the birth had put on her. Tsunade caught only 12 words from Risu before the woman died from blood loss.

"Protect her from Madara Uchiha... (Wheeze)... And tell Her that I loved her."

Tsunade just looked at the woman before realizing she was covered in blood, but was pulled out of her musings when a yellow flash appeared and out of it stepped her sensei the Sandiame Hokage Hiruzen Sarutobi, accompanied by his successor the Yondiame Hokage Minato Namikaze.

"Tsunade-hime What happened?" asked Minato.

Tsunade related what happened to them including Risu's last words, to which Sarutobi merely said that when she was old enough Orochimaru would train her. It was at that moment that a red haired woman in Jounin Kunoichi attire wearing headbands for both Whirlpool and Leaf ran in and glomped Minato followed quickly by a Silver haired man with red lines on his cheeks under his eyes and a headband with the kanji for oil who upon seeing Minato and the Kunoichi yelled.

"No fair Hokage-kun has his face in Kushi-chan's squishies. he always gets the girls!"

After saying this the only sound to the heard in the room was Kushina yelling "PERVERT!" followed by her kunai that circumcised said pervert who screamed like a girl prompting her to add, "Next time Ero-Hime I will aim higher so watch it in the future kay?" she said in a sickly sweet voice making the man nod before passing out. Everyone had forgot about Tsunade who after her little brother dieing, and he fiancé Dan's death in her arms on a missing Risu was the only person in Konoha that gave her confidence in her skill as a medical Shinobi and with her death and the amount of blood involved she gained Hemophobia, turning to Minato Tsunade said. "Hokage-sama, I am going to go on a journey outside this village to try and find a reason to live. Konoha holds too many bad memories for me to stay, however I will always remain loyal so don't worry." With this Tsunade left the room and village after grabbing her dead fiancé's 2 year old niece Shizune.

Time skip 5 years: .25BF (3 months before Kyuubi attacks)

Anko now 5, was sitting in the back of the orphanage reading a book about something called "Chakra Molding: and Introduction" she closed it and put it down. "So to mold chakra I have to look within myself and find a current of energy and focus on bringing it to the surface like drawing water from a well, sounds easy enough." So the young Mitarashi shifted her focus inward almost immediately found what she was looking for. 'Well, I found it but this is less of a current, and more of a raging torrent. O well here we go!' she thought as she started drawing upon her chakra. As she was doing this she was unaware that in the real world she had the audience of a shocked snake eyed Sannin who, as he watched the girl who at the moment had small blue wisps of chakra rising off of her.

'Wow for one so young she is very talented and now I get to train her yesssss she will be perfect.' Just as Orochimaru was thinking this an explosion of chakra came from Anko changing the blue wisps into a large indigo flame that rose a good 3 to 4 feet off the girl that suddenly stopped when Anko opened her eyes mumbling a brief "Tingly." before falling asleep. Orochimaru quickly used a snake shunshin (sp?) into the Hokage's office, when he arrived he saw not 1 but 5 Hokages doing paperwork after rolling his eyes Orochimaru began speaking. "Hokage-sama she has found her chakra it is time for me to begin training her as my successor."

"Very well sign these papers and her custody shall be transferred to you." the Hokage said. 'Kukuku and he still does not know about the experiments' with that he took Anko to his lab to begin the process of grooming her into his apprentice and if all goes well his next host, setting her down on a lab table and strapping her down activating the privacy seals he went over to a cabinet with the words successful experiments on it he took out a few vials labeled as follow:SERiUM1 SERPENT TRAITS GENE DONOR=MANDA...Effects=micro scales on skin capable of preventing non enhanced weapons from penetrating, Enhanced sight(Night vision, Sharingan level movement tracking, thermal vision), retractable fangs and venom glands, greatly enhanced flexibility and muscle density, increased metabolism, longer tongue(usually after completed subject growth tongue reaches 4-7 inches at full extension) increased hearing and smell*(about the level of an Inazuka), much faster reflexes, slit pupils, possible personality alterations?. SERIUM2 COGNITIVE ENHANCER Donor=The most awesome, smart, amazing... (Orochimaru) Effects=accelerated information processing, improved memory retention and recall, 15-30 point IQ increase. SERIUM3 REGENERATION - GENE DONOR=UZUMAKI, KUSHINA...Effects= accelerated regeneration, Uzumaki Longevity, possible limb and organ regeneration. After making sure he had the right serums Orochimaru hooked them up to several drip bags attached to Anko and sat back to wait for results, and for his apprentice to wake up and begin training with her new body.

Anko POV

When I opened my eyes there was a white skinned man looking down at me with expectant snake like yellow eyes. "Well look who is finally awake from their little nap, so how do you feel?" As soon as I was about to reply I noticed that I had fangs! examining them with my tongue I noticed it felt much longer than it used to be. I was curious, so I decided to sit up and examine my self for any other changes. After looking over myself I saw that my body had grown small scales that were smooth to the touch, and my skin had become White. Looking in the mirror across from me I was not surprised to find that my pupils were slit, but oddly I had different colored eyes both had become a flowing iridescent Purple in the iris. When I decided to get up from the bed I noticed that every thing looked very sharp with no motion blur. I turned to albino makeup man and began asking questions. "So Mr. Albino what do I learn first?" (There was a note in the book explaining things) I felt my self hit a wall looking at Whitey he looked mad so I decided to learn what I could. "First Anko-Chan you WILL call me Orochimaru-sama, second You are now my apprentice and will be learning every thing I know, third you are even paler than I." The last remark made me stick out the tip of my tongue at him, before being grabbed by the back of my shirt and dragged away to start my training.

To say Orochimaru pushed me to the max would be an under statement after a week I had learned every chakra control exercise that He had to teach me, after remembering a manga called Bleach where the main characters could stand in midair by concentrating their energy in the shape of a disc they could stand on in the air. Through experimenting with combining the properties of the tree walking and water walking exercises I managed to recreate this skill in a limited sense. When Orochimaru saw this he told me that starting tomorrow we would begin a new part of my training

"Okay Anko-chan today we will be finding out your chakra affinities today." Orochimaru said as he pulled out a piece of paper. "This is chakra paper it is made from trees that are fed chakra as they grow so that they will be sensitive to it for use in sealing paper and scrolls along with for affinities testing and training like we are doing now." He handed me a strip of paper, and explained what it was for. "This Anko-chan is chakra paper, that when you channel chakra through it, will elicit a reaction based on your chakra nature. If it is earth the paper will crumble, if it is water it will become damp, if it is fire it will burn, if it is wind it will be cut, and if it is lightning it will crinkle, so let's see what happens eh Anko-chan."

So after taking the paper from Sensei I channeled some chakra into the paper and the first thing that the paper did was to split into five pieces the first one caught fire rapidly becoming ashes, the next two were caught in a breeze and landed in sensei's hair one immediately became soggy transferring the dampness to sensei's hair the next one crinkled then zapped him making his hair go all poofy, the second to last one became dust, and the final one glowed with a bright light that when it did left a glowing blade like feather tat when I tried to pick up cut my fingers showing it still held chakra. In my mind this last display started the great adventure that my life would become.

"Ne, Orochi-sensei what is the last one mean? " I asked honestly curious as to what just happened.

"Well Anko-chan it would appear you possess your blood line after all it is called the : Tenshi-ken no Mai ( A/N: dance of the bladed angel I think) and has some very interesting benefits that we will learn about later," he told me. But keep that feather if after you awaken your second stage, but in the mea time lets start you on wind manipulation traning…."

Part one Anko 1 of 2 End