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Charmy sat down at the table boredly. In front of him sat a plastic bag. "Vector! Did you get me anything," Charmy complained.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but there are some gummy bears in the plastic bag on the table," Vector said.

Charmy smiled and dove for the bag of gummy bears. "GUMMY BEARS," he cried.

Suddenly Espio stopped him. "Oh no you don't! I need those for my homework," Espio said.

Charmy looked at Espio with puppy dog eyes. "PLEASE! PUH-LEEZ," Charmy moaned.

Espio cringed and sighed. "Fine, but only a few! I'm going to go train for a while. Only five," Espio said.

Charmy smiled. "OKAY," he said as he reached for the bag.

Espio glared at him. "ONLY FIVE," he said again.

Charmy nodded. "Yeah, I know." He watched Epsio leave the house. He grabbed the bag and started munching. "Hum, if only I could make this more fun," he mumbled. Suddenly he saw toothpicks. "Voodoo," Charmy said evilly. He picked up a gummy bear. "OH NO, BIG, GAINT, COOL BEE! PLEASE DON'T EAT ME," Charmy made the bear say. "Oh I won't eat you! I'LL STAB YOU," Charmy said toughly. "AHHHH," he said as he stabbed the gummy bear with a toothpick. Then he ate it. Charmy stabbed several other gummy bears.

Suddenly Vector walked in. "What are you doing in here! Charmy those gummy bears were for Espio's homework," Vector cried out, "So where those toothpicks."

Charmy looked down. "Oops," he mumbled.

Espio walked back inside and saw the mess. "Charmy! I told you only five! You had the whole bag," Espio exclaimed madly.

"I am so dead aren't I."

"You bet you are," the other two snapped.

Charmy smiled and then flew off. "You guys can't get me now," He yelled.

After several hours of chasing the, now, extremely hyper bee, they caught him, but he had fallen asleep once they caught him.

"Okay, I'm sorry I got mad at you," Espio whispered to the sleeping bee.

"He's a nuty, hyper, annoying, bee, but he's a cute one when he's asleep," Vector said. They settled the young bee into his bed and pulled his covers onto him and turned off his lights. "Do you think you have enough gunny bears," Vector asked.

"I'm one step ahead of that guy, I hid another bag in the bread cabinet, I knew he would never look there for candy," Espio said.

"Nice," Vector said.

A/N: See! Randomness. XD I hope you guys laughed out loud! I had fun writing this. (Trust me, I did!)