It has been three years since the war was over. Katara and Toph sat on the cobbled stone steps led to Zuko's beach house at Ember Island. Katara was busy straitening up Toph's messy hair.

"Let it be Katara. My hair is just fine." Toph said for the fifth time trying to get up.

"Yeah right!" Katara spat. "Yours is the messiest hair I have ever seen. It would not be so much unruly, if you let me comb it at least once a day. You are not a little brat any more Toph"

"You are right about her not being 'little' Katara" said Aang, who was meditating on a rock by the beach, turning his head towards them. "But wrong about the 'brat' part."

Toph, who was about to tell Katara to 'stop preaching', threw a well aimed pebble at Aang. "Go back to your meditation Baldy! Like you have room to talk!"

Katara was right though. They were all not kids anymore. Katara was beautiful as always. She was an eighteen years old fine young woman with long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. Aang had grown in to tall young man of sixteen. He was as cheerful and spirited as ever. Aang never missed a chance to goof around, despite the tiresome Avatar duties he had to attend occasionally. Toph was the one to turn the tables. She had grown from twelve year old loud mouthed brat to a sixteen year old loud mouthed brat. It was her appearance that made all the difference. The teenage Toph still wore her hair in a tight bun and her eyes were hidden beneath the curtains of wavy bangs. But her features had improved radically. She had thin curvy lips which were a nice shade of pink. Her ivory skin was enchanting. She had thin face and a tall slim built figure. In short, she had turned in to a beautiful girl though still the same old 'mud slug' in attitude as Katara would put it.

Aang went back to staring at the rhythmic waves of the sea, smirking. The atmosphere was calming and pleasant. The silence was only broken by Toph's occasional 'uh-gh's, 'watch it's and 'ouch's as Katar tried to smoothen her mess of a hair.

For another half an hour Aang stayed focusing hard on the sea waves. His mind was completely calm. The waves were soothing, very familiar, and surprisingly he felt extremely nostalgic towards them. A mystic look rose in to his grey eyes. Slowly they started to turn to blue. He got up and climbed down the rock he was sitting and walked towards the girls. The characteristic lightness of his footsteps was gone. Though they were still care free Aang walked in a manner that showed a bit of recklessness and ignorance. As he approached the girls he knelt down.

"My love!" Aang said. Though the words escaped from his mouth, the voice was not his. Instead of Aang's mellow and playful voice, He spoke in a deeper and stuffed voice.

Toph noted the difference immediately. So did Katara.

"Ahem, the love bird is talking to you Katara." Toph said as none responded to Aang's weird voice. "And what is wrong with your voice twinkle Toes?"

"I don't know what's wrong with him." Katara hissed. "But he does not look like himself. His eyes are blue and he is.. He is not talking to me"

"Blue? Oh' wow!". Toph said sarcastically. "Sounds like a cool colour. He said 'My Love' u idiot, who else may he refer to?. Now leave me alone and go talk to the love-sick, will ya!"

"My Love" Aang repeated this time his voice trembled slightly.

"Urghh! This is sickening. Will you two get out of here?" Toph said making a face and pushing both of them away.

"I'd like to Toph, but one little problem...," Katara said, her voice sounded confused. "He is talking to you!"

"Say what!" Toph asked snatching her head away from Katara's comb. Next moment she felt two strong hands grab her by shoulders and pulled in to a standing position. The hands belong to Aang.

"My love, I am so sorry I was too late! Will you ever forgive me?" He said in the same deep stuffed, voice. Toph, who was surprised by Aang's sudden action said nothing but shared a quizzical 'look' with Katara who was looking up at them, mouth slightly agape.

"I just want you to know that I will never stop loving you. I will always love you. Always!" Said Aang and the next moment without warning he pulled Toph in to a passionate kiss. The situation was too hectic even for Toph to think clearly. It took one long minute before she came back to her senses. She struggled to break free from Aang's grip while Katara shot up covering her mouth with both hands. Surprisingly Aang's grip was too strong for sixteen years old boy. He felt like a man in his late twenties to Toph. In her desperation to get away from the Avatar, who was kissing her so passionately, Toph stomped her feet on the cobbled stone steps. Two pillars of earth shot from the steps and sent Aang flying backwards. He hit the sandy beach and lay there without moving.

Katara ran and knelt down beside him. "Aang" She said taking Avatar by shoulders and shaking him slightly. He opened his eyes, which were gray again.

"Katara!" He said, slightly alarmed. His voice mellow again. "Why am I laying here? Ouch! My shoulders ache!" He sat up. "What happened?"

"What is wrong with you Air head?" Toph spat. She had pulled herself to the full height and standing on the steps away. A shock was clearly visible in her pale-jade eyes. Her hair was down and waving in the sea breeze. "If that was a joke, it was not very funny. Next time you do well to keep your dirty mouth to yourself and Sugar Queen." With that she turned in a flash and earth-bended herself out of sight.

"What did she mean? What did I do?" Aang asked in confusion. Katara, now she looked shocked and concerned, her eye brows were narrowed, let go of him. "You kissed her Aang, full on mouth." She said turning away. "Don't you remember?"

"I WHAT?" Aang shrank in fear. "Why would I do that? The last thing I remember is meditating on that rock, I was focusing on waves."

Katara turned to face him. "Though you did not sound like yourself and your eyes were blue." She said. "You asked if she can ever forgive you for been too late. And that you will love her always." Katar said in a small voice. "You sounded like a man in his late twenties, who lost his love due to his mistake."

Aang's eye brows narrowed. "Sounds like I was in a trance. And this man you say I turned in to... he sounds like.." Aang froze. If his assumption was correct why Toph?