FFAL - Ch. 2

"Cam. What happened out there?" Liz asked quietly.

"Nothing Liz. Nothing."Cammie was deep in thought, and Liz realized that it would be best to leave her alone for now.

Once Liz had left the room, Cammie allowed her thoughts to drift toward that fateful day; eyes taking a glassy quality. Her mother was a tangible presence in her life, there was no doubt about that. But was there a reason why...?

She shook her head. Now was not the time to contemplate what ifs and maybes, or motives obviously hidden in the past. For now, she had to figure out what made this 'Zach' character stand out. Sure, he had somehow managed to escape with her (well, technically Mr. Solomon's) quarter, but there was something else. Something different about the way he carried himself. Something that reminded her of -

The sound of the door slamming shut cut off that dangerous line of thought. Cammie looked up sharply, glaring at Macey.

"What?" Cammie asked, irritable.

"Nothing," she replied, the corner of her mouth twitching slightly - amusement?

Cammie narrowed her eyes. "We both know that it's not nothing, Macey."

"It's just, from what I've heard, you two were pretty cozy."

"You don't mean..."

"Yup," she confirmed. "That Zach kid."

"But I failed because of him!" Cammie cried.

Macey raised a perfect eyebrow. "Why so touchy?"

To be honest, Cammie wasn't quite sure, she just knew something was wrong with him. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it wasn't like she was jumping for joy.

"Call it a spy's instinct."

"More like a girl's instinct," muttered Macey, exasperatedly.

Cammie ignored her, and grabbed a jar of Nutella.

"Zachary," began his mother. "I just got a call from the school saying that you weren't there today."

This wasn't the first time, nor the second, or even the third.

Zach simply shrugged. "There's no point in me going to school. I'm not going to learn anything when you've already taught me everything."

He considered his mother a genius that he would someday surpass. Some thought this to simply be childish affection. Others believed that he just needed someone to look up to, since his father was never in the picture, nor anywhere near. But the truth was, she was indeed a genius by nature, and science had even confirmed it. However, she didn't believe in spilling her secrets to everyone, not even her son.

"I know how you feel, but you still have to go."

"Don't worry about that mom," he said, smirking. "It'll all work out in the end." Then left to his room.

"What am I going to do with that boy?" she muttered dejectedly. He is most definitely his father's son...she thought, smiling slightly. But that's the problem, whispered the voice in her head. The same voice that had told her that running away solved nothing, and her past would always come back to haunt her. So far, it had been wrong.

"Grant?" Zach said into his phone. "Yeah, I'm gonna need some help. On my way."

He went out of his room, down the stairs, and saw his mother sitting with her head in her arms leaning over the table, and due to the even breathing, most likely asleep. She looked so peaceful, and without the constant strain of stress in her face, he saw just how young she actually was. She had him when she was only fifteen, after all, so she was only thirty - thirty one in march, whereas most of the other parents were almost forty.

Not wanting to disturb this seemingly serene moment, he wrote on a piece of paper, explaining how he was leaving, and would be back in time for dinner. This gave him just over three hours to do what needed to be done.

Once there, rather than knocking and entering politely, Zach decided to have a little fun and climb up to Grant's room. After all, life wasn't worth living without a little risk.

He had done this several times before, so Zach knew what he was doing, but first, he took a pebble and put it inside his pocket. Find the grip, avoid the bee's nest, lean to the right a bit, and climb.

Zach grunted, finding the window locked, and knocked a bit. Some shuffling occurred, then the window opened, revealing a puzzled Grant.

"What...?" Grant spluttered, looking around, not noticing Zach.

Grinning to himself, Zach took the opportunity to toss the pebble, and it landed perfectly on Grant's head then bounced outside, causing him to cry out form surprise, and then a breeze came by, closing the window in grant's face.

Now, let's not forget about Zach in Grant's (hilarious) misfortune. Zach, who was still clinging against the wall, hadn't noticed where the pebble had landed, which wasn't a very good thing, as it had landed on the bee's nest, which Grant really should get removed.

Zach heard a slight hum, and realizing it was the bees, began to pound frantically on Grant's window, and Grant came achingly slow grumbling about pebbles falling from the sky. This time, no tricks were played. As soon as the window opened, Zach hopped inside and shut the window close.

"What are you doing, man?" Grant asked, clearly annoyed.

"Nothing," replied Zach with an innocent smile that Grant knew was anything, but.

"So what did you need, Zach," asked Jonas, pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

"What do we know about the Gallagher Academy?" zach asked distractedly.

"It's a snotty boarding school for bored heiresses. Was that it? Did you make us go here just to ask that?"

Zach gave him a mocking smile. "Really. For someone as smart as you, I thought you would know me better than that. I don't ask things without a reason."

Jonas humphed. "So what else is there?"

"Go to their website, and go to the real one. Not just the decoy."

"How do you know there's a decoy?"

"Don't worry about that." It was actually something he had discovered as a boy, looking through his mother's things one day, he had found some interesting documents. However, it wasn't something he would openly share.

"Whoa. Tough stuff," Jonas muttered. After many long minutes, Jonas finally got in.

"Look for a Cameron," ordered Zach. There was something strange about her. She was snotty, but there was also something in her eyes that told him there was a reason for those barriers. And he knew his instinct was always right.

"What grade?"

"Our age."

"Let's see...Found it."

"Nah. That's not her," Zach said. "Keep looking." That one had different eyes, hair, and facial structure.





"Well, sorry, but those are all the Camerons in the entire school."

Grant, who had been quiet the whole time, spoke up. "Any reason why you seem obsessed about her?"

"Nothing you need to know." Zach took over Jonas' spot, and continued looking around, before a message popped up.

Congratulations. You broke through the firewall in record time, but don't worry, this wasn't the real site. But just wait, next time you try this, you'll be in for a big surprise.

Zach felt a prickly sensation crawl up his arm.

"Uhhhh Zach..." Grant started. "There's a bee on your arm."

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