When Boy Meets Girl

I have wondered what it would have been like if Niles and Daphne would have met when they were teenagers. Imagine how different it would have been. I decided to write a story about it. I don't know if the story will be any good or if I will continue it, but I figured I would go ahead and write it while the idea is in my head. Please tell me what you think. I hope you like the title. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Niles Crane gathers up his things as he leaves algebra class. He leaves the classroom and with his books in his arms he walks the hallway to his locker with his head down. His mother always tells him to pay attention where he is walking instead of looking at his feet. That is how he always ends up running into someone or something and causing a big scene. He ends up getting teased as he is left alone to pick up his stuff off the floor. It isn't always a good thing to be one of the smartest kids in school. He constantly gets teased because of the clothes he wears, the music he listens to, and the way he talks. He would love it if he could be like the other kids for just one day. Niles finally makes to his locker when he thinks he hears someone yelling at him. He must be hearing things. He begins to unlock his locker when he suddenly gets a whiff of cherry bark and almonds and then he hears a girl's voice with a strong English accent.

"Hey, you dropped your calculator."

Niles looks up and sees the most beautiful girl he has ever seen in his life. She has a mane of beautiful brown hair that cascades down her shoulders in loose curls, her brown eyes are full of life and seem to sparkle, her lips are full and amazing, and her skin is so soft and slightly tanned. She is wearing a floral print dress that stops just above her knees, which are covered in brown stockings and end with her black Mary Jane's covering her feet. I bet her feet are just as beautiful as the rest of her. She is an absolute goddess.


Niles is brought back to reality as she speaks to him with her beautiful English accent. Niles stands up.

"Sorry about that."

She smiles at him and holds her hand out with the calculator in it.

"You dropped your calculator."

Niles looks down at her hand and takes the calculator from her. Her hands are as soft as silk.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome; I figured you might want it. It will be a bit hard to do your homework without it."

Niles smiles.

"Yes, it will. It was very kind of you to bring it to me."

She smiles at him. She even has beautiful teeth.

He holds his hand out to her.

"My name is Niles, Niles Crane."

She takes her hand in his.

"I'm Daphne, Daphne Moon. It's nice to meet you, Niles Crane."

Daphne lets go of his hand and starts to walk away. Niles stops her.

"Daphne, would I be too forward as to ask you if I could walk you home after school?"

Daphne gives him a shy smile.

"You are not being too forward; I would love it if you could walk me home after school."

Niles gives her a smile.

"Great, I will meet you here after school then."

Daphne nods.

"Okay see you then, Niles."

His name sounds amazing on her lips.

Niles nods as he watches her walk away.

She has the most amazing walk, the most amazing smile, her accent is beautiful, and she is perfect!

Niles puts his hand against his chest to slow down his heartbeat.

"I think I'm in love."

Suddenly the bell rings, interrupting Niles from his thoughts. He gathers his things together as he heads to history class. He can't wait till after school. He is going to be walking a goddess home, a goddess named Daphne.