Twang. Robin Hood gasped as an arrow hit a tree just before his nose. "Watch where you're going," a gruff Cockney voice said. Glancing around rather nervously, his gaze fell on what had to be one of the loveliest ladies he'd ever seen.

Much surprise?

The lady- if you could call her such- was wearing a leather jerkin and leather trousers. She had a quiver full (or almost full) of arrows and was holding a bow. Her stance showed that she had been the one that had shot the arrow.

He blinked and almost shook his head as he took in her man's clothes and physical makeup. He had seen many a beauty in his time, but this one was worth looking at twice; not just because it was beautiful, but also because it was not boringly perfect but almost flawed; almost, but not quite.

Her face was the classic oval, but the cheeks were a little too thin, and her chin was a little too pointed. Her nose was really gave her face character. It was a little too long to be a classically perfect, but it had a little point to it at the end that was slightly captivating. Her eyes were what made you certain that her face really wasn't ugly. They were large and rimmed by thick, black eyelashes.

But just now, her entire facial expression was one of annoyance and disgust.

He felt that he should speak. "Er. I bid thee good day, milady."

She lifted her chin, but he saw the slight twinkle in her eye at the "milady". "Ay, but thou hast offended my royal person, sirrah!" She said, her voice rapidly changing from Cockney to a very refined Northern English accent.

"How so, milady?" He inquired, playing along.

"Why, sirrah, thou hast not fetched mine arrow!" She tossed her head arrogantly, and for the first time he glimpsed her hair, which was tied back with a leather thong. It was thick and dark.

"Ah, I prithee thou wouldst stay thine wrath against me, for I am but a poor man-"

"Save thy tales for the mice thou sharest thine bed with. And now. Mine arrow, sirrah!"

"Ay, ay, 'twill only take me a moment!" Robin, who was thoroughly enjoying the banter, pulled the arrow out of the tree and walked over to the lady.

Holding it out meekly, he bowed and said, "Thine arrow, milady."

Lips quivering with concealed laughter, she reached forward, whilst saying, "Thy manners need some teaching, knave. Know that I am the great Lady Rhianna, sovereign of these woods!"

Letting a chuckle escape, Robin returned, "'Tis strange, in sooth, for 'tis I am known as the King of hereabouts."

"Ay, is that so? So scurrilous a knave, to keep and rule this domain?"

"Ay, Lady Rhianna. 'Tis passing queer."

"Mon foi!" Rhianna shouted, suddenly becoming French. "Look behind you!"

Robin whirled...