The Howls of The Raven's Shadow

(disclaimer) i own nothing of harry potter or twilight because if i did ginny would have died in the chamber of secrets. harry would have never been friends with the jealous git otherwise known as ron after 4th year. hermione would have stoped being a stuck up know it all when she can't do anything if its not in her beloved books. and mcgonagall would have turned dumble into a scratching post when he left harry on the doorstep at the dursley in the middle of the night in november. if i owned the movie harry would have green eyes.

if i owned twilight jacob would be with edward or edward would be with jasper. seth and jasper would been in more scenes. bella would have been ran over by a car. oh and the vamps would have fangs and not turn into a discoballs in the sun.

( warnings) this is a slash fic and will mention Mpreg. has dumble,dursley, weasley - molly, ginny, ron and hermione (HP) bella, emily, jessica and alice (twilight) bashing and homophobic people. DarkHybrid/Super!Harry. HP/EC(main pair) the other pairings will be mentioned in the next few chapters ahead. if there is a love scene between harry and edward i will warn you ahead of time since i dont know if i can write one, either way you will know when a love scene comes up in the story.



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Chapter 1

Raven's Nightshade

The fifth year of Hogwarts was finally at a close and Harry James Potter was checking to see that he packed everything for the summer. Once he was sure he was done he turned to face one of his best mates Neville Longbottom who was his guard until they met up with the rest of the group. Not that Harry needed the extra protection, it really was for the protection of whoever tried to get in his way to the train, namely weasel and the know it all. In the Pack Draco and Neville were the only ones in his age group that Harry trusted enough to help keep his true power grounded while at school.

Neville has grown into a proud and confidence young man at 6'1 and was still growing like the plants he looks after. The years of being emotionally and physically abuse at the hands of his beast of a family no longer have as strong as affect that they once had before he became Pack. The first years in the Pack helped with the emotional abuse, like being told for years that he would never be powerful enough to become the next Lord Longbottom after his father. From what Neville have told them the physical abuse started when he was five when he still showed no sign of magic. They thought by hurting him that his magic would act up to protect him. His family only stopped when he got his Hogwarts letter, but still belittle him because they thought he had a lacking of magical strength in his magic.

Once he became friends with Harry,Draco, the Twins and later Luna, they worked to add to his mostly non-existent self confidence and helped work past his fears of never being good enough. Harry and Draco had showed Neville that he had someone believed in him, after he got hurt during the first flying lesson with Gryffindor and Slytherins, when they went to see him in the hospital wing.


Harry wished that Draco didn't have to act so mean to be able to fit into the snake's pit. After Neville got hurt and was sent to the hospital wing, Draco had started laughing at Neville's accident on his broom. For Harry whenever Draco had to laugh at another student's pain it would remind him of Dudley. When he had told Draco that he looked sick to his stomach. Not for being compared to muggles but for being compared to the Drusley's after Harry had told him about his home life.

Harry knew as soon as he befriended Draco at Diagon Alley that they had to keep it secret until the person they picked to tell was trustworthy. So as he walked into the hospital wing to check on Neville, he was met with the site of Draco handing Neville back his remembrall.

"I'm really sorry Neville, about teasing you in The Great Hall. When Harry gets here we will try to explain everything to you ok? "said the blonde.

"O-ok." stammered Neville.

Harry fully steped into the wing and felt relieved that at least Neville wasn't yelling for Madam Pomfrey to remove Draco from the wing, when Draco first came in to talk,that was a start.

After The Great Hall scene Harry had pulled Draco aside and mentioned that he was thinking of befriending the nervous boy. After hearing about his home life, which was the complete opposite of his in that Neville's family treated him badly for not having magic, Harry's abused him for having magic. Draco after hearing this agreed full heartily.

"H-harry, is that you?" asked Neville looking from the blone by his bed to the raven haired boy that just walked in.

"Hey Neville, yeah its me," he said with a wave to the injured boy. Harry walk to where Draco was standing ,at the foot of Nev's hospital bed and turned to the blond. " Hey Drake do you want me to start or are you going to explain it to him?"

"I think you should Ry."

"Ok. Neville me and Draco have been friends since a little bit before school. And together we decided to keep it secret until it was safe for us and the people that we told about our friendship before we show people that we're in fact friends."

"What do you mean until its safe, safe from what?" asked the injured boy.

"It means that not everyone is who they appear to be. Like Draco he need to act a certain way to be able to live in the serpent nest but in private he's a nice guy. But some people hide their true selves the opposite way by actting nice and loving when in fact they're cruel and heartless."

"So who are we not safe with behind their mask, Harry?" whispered the Longbottom heir.

" The Headmaster," whispered back Harry.

Neville sucked in a breath and turned white as a sheet at Harry's answer. Trying to calm down the now trembling Gryffindor, Harry sat on the hospital bed. Once seated he took one of Neville hand in his own and with his other he put on the boy's cheek so that he can look Harry in the eye while talking to him.

" Neville,you okay. Come on talk to us,"

"My head hurts," said the pale boy, he let go of Harry's hand to grab at his now pounding head. "I keep seeing flashes of the Headmaster at the manor when I was five and ... magic ... he did something and once he left I felt so weak. I think that he bound my magic or did something to me when he was there."

Draco walked to the other side of Neville and put his hands over Neville's,"Neville you got to slow your breathing or you're going to hyperventilate. Come on breath with me ...In...Out...In...Out good Neville that's its,"

Once Neville was in not danger of passing out both Harry and Draco held his hand, "You ok now Nev?" asked the raven haired boy.

"I don't know yet to be honest," he said not looked at either one of them. They gave him a minute to gather himself."Why tell me I not going to be much help with anything and if I did get my magic bound by HIM how can we unbound it,"

" We are telling you all this because we know that we can trust you to be able to keep our secret and you deserve to know why your life has been the way it has. And together we will show the wizarding world why they shouldn't put their faith in a two faced bastard."

"But how can I help I'm practically a squib. How could I possibly be of any help to anyone," choked out the now crying boy.

" No you're not! You're a powerful wizard in training that just has to put more faith in his self and his magic," said Draco who was on the other side of the upset Gryffindor holding the hand that Harry wasn't.

"Y-you really think that Mal- i mean Draco," sniffled Neville.

"Yeah Neville we both do that's why we're here to help you reach your full potential. We are going to show the wizarding world just how powerful the next generation of wizards and witches are."

And so started The Shadow Pack.

" Are you ready for this summer Nev."asked Harry looking into Neville's brown eyes that once had a warmth in them but now had a hard gleam to them when he asked Neville the question.

Neville held Harry's gaze. He was one of the few to be about to look into Harry's dark green eyes and not look away. He said, " I'm with The Pack to the end Raven. The same I know is true for Moon Bug and Dragon."

Harry kept his eyes on Neville to so if there was any fear about the coming summer, all he saw in Neville eyes was determined. Pride bloomed in his chest to see how far Neville has come since first year.

"Ok Shade lets go meet the others and hopefully we won't see the know-it-all and weasel," he growled at the names of Dumble's lap puppies. Now there was a image he could do without,he shook his head trying to rid his mind of that brain frying image.

"Are you ok Ry?" the brown haired boy asked, as they made there way though the now empty dorm to the Hogwarts Express.

"What? Oh yeah Nev I just thought of something that should never be thought of."

"Oh yeah what?"

" Weasel and the know-it-all on Bees lap."

"Yuck! Harry, why did you think that!" yelled Neville

" Shh not so loud. I was thinking that Bee has lap dogs everywhere but then I thought that Ronald and Hermione were more like his lap puppies. Then the images started and turned into a lap dance, and now I need to bleach my brain clean," said harry, looking more pale then normal.

"We need to asked yo- Professor Snape if he can erase our memories for us and quick," said the now green Gryffindor.

"Nev just think about your blonde giving you a lap dance that should work," he said.

Neville got a glazed look in his eyes at the thought of his mate giving him a lap dance.

"Come on Nev snap out of it you're going to start drooling," laughed the dark haired teen at his now blushing friend.

They almost made it to the entrance hall when they heard

"Harry! Hey wait up, mate!"

Both Harry and Neville looked at each other and mumbled, "So close." and turned to face the red headed weasel.

the next chapter hint: we learn that weasels and beavers make dumb lap dogs and that every raven needs a moon bug.

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