The Howls of The Raven's Shadow

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Chapter 10

Raven's Call to Arms

After Harry informed the rest of his family about what happened to the twins his dad went and checked on Fred and George. He prepared with the rest of his family for the twin's brothers and father to come to the manor and also the meeting.

Harry had many things to get ready before the full scale meeting that would be happening in the next six to eight hours could start. Harry hoped that Luna gets back before the older Weasley brothers and their father show up.

Harry decided to had pops Fenrir check the perimeter to see if Dumbledore put a tracking spell before making the twins go find him at the manor. He also had his papa go and get Mr. Weasley from the Borrow, knowing that Mrs. Weasley was still with Dumbledore.

Harry has been working with the goblins for years to bring down Dumbledore the goblins have zero tolerance for thieves and lairs.

While looking into the Weasley withdrawals from the Potter vaults Harry found that the red hag had bought love potion. It was a highly illegal potion so Harry had told Griphook to look out for Mr. Weasley and see if the potion was meant him.

Harry soon found out that the potion were in fact meant for Mr. Weasley but also Harry too. The young Potter had the goblins keep track of everything that Mrs. Weasley and the youngest children bought.

While looking into the younger Weasley they discover that Ron and Ginny weren't really Weasleys but Dumbledores. Harry hadn't told anyone about the new information but he is going to have to today, after Mr. Weasley was free of the love potion.

With everyone getting ready for the meeting Harry had Dobby pop to some of the different Pack and Coven, alphas and elders in the UK. Even though his pops and grandpa Aro are the leaders of all the packs and covens they all have a "live in" alpha or elder that reports back to pops or grandpa Aro.

With Dobby gone Harry personally took care of contacting their spies in the Ministry. Harry wanted to make sure everyone got an equal vote on what was going to be happening, his family wasn't the only ones destroyed by Dumbledore's manipulations.

With that done Harry sent word to the elder Weasley sons by using Aiden his black and green Flame Phoenix. Aiden was Salazar's familiar and Fawkes was Godric's familiar.

The only reason that Dumbledore was bonded to Fawkes is that he found Godric's chamber in Hogwarts and enslaved Fawkes. Fawkes was meant for the mate of the current Shadow Mage.

When Harry bonded with Aiden he was marked with a black flame on his right inner wrist. His mate will also gain a mark when he bonds with Fawkes but will also receive a mark after mating with Harry.

Harry entered the meeting room that grandpa Aro and granddad Tom had prepared earlier. Raising his hands he lit all the torches along the wall.

With his dad with the twins now he decide to call Kiernan back to him. Black and red flames soon appeared in the meeting room.

Just then Luna and Griphook walked out of the meeting room's floo when Aiden flamed in with Bill, Charlie and Percy. Harry just had Kiernan sit at his side while he greeted his guests.

"Welcome Griphook, Bill, Charlie and Percy. Griphook please stay with me for a moment. And guys Luna will take you to were you are needed right now."

"Come on guys I'll take you. Oh Harry the healer will be here in fifthteen minutes." said Luna as her walked out the door with the older Weasley brothers following behind her saying their goodbyes for now.

" Thanks Bug." said Harry.

"Griphook its would seem that Dumbledore will be gone before I graduate." said Harry after offering Griphook a seat at the table.

Griphook gave him a wicked smile which he returned.

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