"Well what are we going to do Potter!" I snarled at him. Potter stared at me before glaring "how am I supposed to know Zabini what do you want to do" he demanded.

I rolled my eyes "well obviously I'm not a Muggle-born nor am I half-blood. Thank god for that!" I exclaimed the last part.

The boy who just won't fucking die rolled his own eyes. "Fine let's look through the laptop" he said standing up from his seat. "A lapwata?" I said pretty confused

Potter gave a bitter laugh "I'll show you" he said taking out a thin silver cube from his rucksack. Tilting my head to the side lightly I watched the box carefully just in case there was no Gryffindor prank.

"Well you have to sit by me to see it" he said patting the spot next to him. Still confused I stood up and walked to where Potter was sitting.

Hesitantly I sat down, we were so close that my knee brushed his and I could feel his warm body heat on my skin.

I gulped and loosened my green and silver striped tie a bit. Potter flipped open the box and I blinked at the sudden white light from the thin box.

My eyes widened as I watched Potter's dainty fingers move up and down on a rubber square. There was a small click and he clicked it.

Then there was a whole rectangular tab with all the letters there and numbers plus even more. I watched in awe as he did this.

"Here we can do a project about cars" he said. "What's a car?" I couldn't help but ask. Potter lips twitched and his eyes lit up in amusement.

I bristled what he laughing at me "are you laughing at me!" I snarled. Potter sobered up and glared at me with so much hatred in his eyes that it made me flinch "no why would I laugh at you" he growled turning away from me and slapping the box shut and stuffing it back into his rucksack.

"Met me at this same place tomorrow around 7" he muttered and walked off. I sneered when he left and mimicked what he said in a baby voice.

I sat there for a moment when I heard a clacking of shoes coming my way. I straightened up instantly, from around the corner walked in Astoria Greengrass. Her lovely blonde hair swishing around her, the lovely icy blue eyes staring right into my indigo ones, and that killer body of her…hehe yum!

"Hello Blaise" she purred coming to sit down next to me, one of her legs hooking over one of my things, her body arching into mine.

"Hello Astoria" I said giving her a smile. She gave a small noise in delight as I smiled at her. "So how's working with potter" she spat out his name.

"Bloody Horrid" I grumbled pulling her close squeezing her ass shamelessly, she giggled and pressed closer. "You know what" Astoria whispered huskily in my ear. Turning my head I nibbled on her ear "what" I grounded out. My erection was swelling and straining against my pants. "I'm so horny for you" she purred.

I grinned and took out my wand casting a quick glamour spell so it would look like we were just talking to the other people around here. I stood up pulling her up with me. "Lean over the couch" I growled at her working with my belt on my jeans. Once I had it unbuckled I pulled down my jeans along with my boxers to my ankles.

My attention turned back to Astoria who had her legs spread wide, her body leaned down over the small couch chair, her hands either side of the arm leaning down.

Smirking I flipped over her skirt and grinned at the black thong she wore. Withdrawing my hand, and then slapping it against her sexy arse. She moaned and wiggled her arse a bit more. "Blaise just do it no foreplay" she moaned out. I looked down between her legs and sure enough she was already dripping wet for me.

I moved the thong aside and shoved into her pussy. I moaned from the wet heat, she groaned as well pushing back against me more. Grabbing her hips and thrust into her quickly. Out and in out and in, I panted out quickly going faster when I felt her muscles clench my cock ready for release.

She came with a cry out of her lips so did I, pulling out of her. "Sit down on the chair, legs apart" I demanded. She did was she was told and stared at me lustfully. Grinning I uttered a spell and her shirt ripped open so did her bra.

"Touch yourself" I growled out. Her eyes widened "what!" she exclaimed. I smirked "go on your no sex for two weeks" I said sternly. She glared at me but her hand went down to her dripping pussy and her forefinger circled her clit. Astoria's eyes lids shut halfway, her mouth open in a silent scream. Her other hand went up to pinch her nipples. I smirked staring as her hips bucked against her hand.

One finger slipped between her folds and in her pussy. I loved to see women to touch themselves it turned me on. I held my cock in one hand and pumped faster as Astoria's fingers were inside her pussy know humping her fingers.

The other hand furiously punching her nipples, I laughed bitterly at the desperate expression on her face. I cast a spell on her making sure she wouldn't cum until I took off the spell. She was too busy in pleasure that I had pulled up my pants cleaned myself and released the glamour so know her exposing hot body was for all too see.

Walking out of the Library, I bumped into the weasel "watch, were your going whore" I snarled at her. She laughed bitterly "at least I'm not like your whore" she pointed to Astoria who was now humping her whole hand her nipples bruised and red. A bunch of guys watching her from afar jacking themselves off

"Touché" I commented "but she didn't sleep with almost half the guys in school even some Slytherines" I said. She smirked and flipped back her straight red hair her mud colored eyes stared into mine. "I can't help it that I'm irresistible" she said with a small laugh at the end. "Sure whatever now I must go blood-traitor" I sneered at her and walked off.


I stared at Granger as she stirred silently in her sleep. I had nothing planned out so I was going to wing it. Suddenly she groaned and her eyes opened "Malfoy?" she croaked out standing up "yes that'll be me" I muttered looking through my stash. "Aha! Here it is" I exclaimed picking up the outfit "go change" I demanded.

Her eyes widened in fear but she nodded cursing me all the way. I sat down on the couch waiting for her to return, it was quite for a while until I heard a clacking of heels coming down the stairs. I stood up and turned around my eyes widened at the beauty in front of me.

Granger was wearing white heels with silky white straps that tied up all the way to her knees. Going up her gorgeous thighs, the tiny piece of cloth covering her pussy was a thong. Then higher past her tight flat stomachs towards the white push up bra.

On her neck was a black and white chocker, and then on her head was a head band that had big white fluffy ears attached to it. One slightly bended then the other. "Hello granger" I purred.

I dressed her up as a bunny rabbit. Ooo this will be fun. I thought grinning hooking my finger to draw her in closer. She glared but walked towards me the sway of her hips made me hard instantly. "We are so going to have some fun"

Standing up I cupped her breast and she gasped "prepare for a hell of a time Granger" I cooed bitterly in her ear.

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