Someone Like You

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Summary: Inspired by the song of the same name by Adele. A Future-Fic where Steve struggles with the repercussions of the choices he's made and Kono and Charlie's evolving relationship is struck with tragedy. Kono/Charlie. Kono/Steve eventually.
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Chapter 10 – Bittersweet

# # #

Valley of the Temples, Memorial Park
Kaneohe, Oahu

Practically driving on autopilot, it didn't really come as a surprise to Steve to discover that once again, he found himself at the cemetery. He'd found himself here on more than one occasion lately, either by himself or with Kono. Visiting Charlie he mused, was different from visiting his parent's graves. His family in some ways represented his past and Charlie's, some how, spoke of the future.

Today, the cemetery looked beautiful as always. Finely groomed grass around the headstones, rolling green hills, set against the tropical rain forests and rain-carved mountains of Kaneohe. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. The air was definitely sweeter here, on this side of the island.

Steve stood, looking down on the gravestone before him. Charlie had been laid to rest for almost a year now and Steve could still remember what it was like to work with him as if it had been yesterday. He liked him. He found him to be extremely intelligent, quick, thorough and thoughtful when it came to his work and the work he did with Five-0. And he had to admit, he kind of missed him.

One day, maybe he'd tell Kono of how she wasn't the only reluctant one. Steve chuckled softly to himself. He recalled how, shortly after the eighth or ninth time he asked her to go to the HPD Crime Labs for their lab results, he got a pointed message from Charlie. Who turned out to be, a really, really smart guy.

Steve smiled and shook his head.

It wasn't that Charlie didn't have any confidence, Steve discovered. It's just that, early on, Charlie already saw what Steve failed to see. That Kono's heart was already taken and he flat out told Steve 'no', just like she did all those months ago in his office.

The very idea however, had the older man scoffing and then convincing Charlie that he was mistaken. Steve was so good at convincing Charlie that he managed to delude himself as well. Yes, he and Kono may have shared something special, but he wanted her to move on.

To move on, with Charlie.

Later of course, after succeeding in getting them together, when Charlie was about to ask Kono to move in with him, he actually asked Steve his consent.

"You're sure it's okay?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, yeah of course, why wouldn't it be?" Steve asked back. "I'm happy for you guys and I'm actually kind of surprised you're asking for my permission."

Charlie seemed to be studying him then. "It's just – I know you feel something for her," Charlie stated.

"She's special, to me, that's for sure," Steve admitted. "But, she's with you – she loves you. We don't get a lot of second chances in life, Charlie. I would grasp at whatever opportunity you can with her," he said.

Steve could not help but recall how the conversation caused a dull ache within him that lasted for weeks.

He shook his head slightly, to clear his thoughts. Steve closed his eyes then and let himself enjoy the warm tropical breeze that blew across him as he stood on the slight hill where Charlie was buried. It was time, Steve knew – to take his own advice as well as Charlie's to himself. He wouldn't blow a second chance with Kono.

# # #

King Street

"Gun!" Danny shouted and before Kono had a chance to draw her own weapon, a body came barreling towards her and tackled her. She found herself pinned to the ground on her stomach, struggling to breathe.

She heard the guys exchange information about getting the shooter and began to squirm. "I swear to God, Steve! What the hell, I can protect myself," Kono said angrily as she shoved the body holding her down off. But then, the very familiar hand and combat boots of the head of Five-0 appeared before her and she looked up in surprise.

"If you and your cousin are through goofing off Kono, we've got a few more perps to chase down," he said, desperately trying to hold in his laughter.

Kono's head whipped around and found an equally amused Chin. "Seriously Cuz?" she exclaimed, unable to believe that her cousin had been the one to pull her out of the line of fire. To be fair, if it weren't for Danny getting the shooter, a second too late and she could have possibly gotten hit.

"A little sensitive, since coming back?" Chin asked, laughing at Kono's sudden expression of horror at her mistake. But before she could respond, he reached out and gave her a bone-crushing hug. "I missed having you with us, Cuz," he said.

"Oof!" Kono exclaimed as he continued squeeze her. "Quit it," Kono said, attempting to push Chin away. "I can't breathe, brah!" she said, finally succeeding and getting him off of her. The older man chuckled.

"Hey, what about me?" Danny said, approaching her with his arms wide open.

Kono smirked and walked towards him. "Seriously guys? I've been back almost a month," she said, accepting Danny's hug.

"We know," Danny said. "But you came back and we were in the middle of a case and we've been so busy since, it just seemed like we never told you," he explained, letting her go and backing up.

Kono turned to look at Steve who seemed to be beaming with happiness. "What the hell are you grinning at?" Kono asked him in mock irritation, as she shifted her Kevlar vest.

"You," he said, still grinning as Danny and Chin nodded to him with knowing looks. The pair then took off in the direction of the other perps.

"What about me?" she asked as she stepped forward and into his space, a challenging him with a look. She felt the warm, comforting heat of him radiating towards her and she felt content.

Steve arched a brow and looked back to the departing figures of their partners and HPD and then turned his gaze back to her. "It was never the same without you," he said softly.

Kono nodded. "I know, we lost some time together," she said. "But Charlie -"

"Was worth it," Steve said, interrupting her. His smile softened as he leaned in closer to her.

"Sometimes things happen because we need to be reminded," Kono said as she gazed back at him, tilting her head up, slightly.

Steve nodded as he leaned forward, his eyes dropped and focused on her lips. "I know. And sometimes it takes me a while – to get there, to realize exactly what those things are," he said, the deep timbre of his voice hitching just a little.

Kono smiled then. It was warm and yet playful. "It's okay, life happens the way it does for a reason, remember?" she asked rhetorically as she suddenly took off to follow Danny and Chin, leaving Steve in the dust.

"Hey, Kono," he said, only slightly surprised, moving quickly after her. "Wait, you never let me -"

"You've got to be faster than that, McGarrett if you wanted to kiss me," Kono said teasingly, over her shoulder as she increased her speed.

And he laughed, shaking his head as he ran after her.

# # #

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