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Sam Evans! Her Sam? She knew that he was very familiar when they slammed into each other in the hallway. All she wanted to do was just to jump out of her seat and run to hug him tightly. It had been so long.

"Santana" Quinn turned to the Latina sitting next to her "Can you move to another seat?"

"What? Why?" Santana asked.

"Please" Quinn begged and Santana rolled her eyes. She grabbed her books and moved to the seat next to Brittany.

"Ok Sam" Mr. Schuester said as he looked around the class and saw an empty seat next to Quinn "You can go and sit next to Quinn"

Sam couldn't believe in what he just heard. Quinn? Quinn Fabray? He quickly turned to the teacher's direction. That's the girl that he slammed into in the hallway! How couldn't he notice that was Quinn? It had been so long! He had no idea that he could see her again!

Sam smiled widely and moved over to his seat next to Quinn.

"Sammy!" The girl stood up and hugged her old friend tightly "I can't believe you're here! Oh my god!"

Sam hugged her back "Me either. I miss you so much"

They both didn't want to pull away from each other until they heard Finn cleared his throat loudly.

"Um, let's sit down" Quinn told Sam and gave Finn a look before sitting down in her seat.

The bell rang, that meant class was over. Sam quickly grabbed his books and followed Quinn out of the classroom.

"How long have you been here in Lima?" Quinn asked when they were walking down the hall.

"Last week. I didn't expect that I'd see you here" Sam smiled.

"I knew that I have seen you before when we met in the hall" Quinn said.

"Yeah, and wow" Sam stopped walking and looked at Quinn "You are so different from the last time I saw you. You look taller and more beautiful"

"Duh, it's been 10 years. And by the way, you look different, too. You're taller, and so much more handsome" Quinn smiled and they started walking again. Sam looked around the hall. He found really weird that everyone in the hall just kept staring at them. Quinn could figure out what Sam was thinking. She chuckled "Just ignore them. They are like that every day"

"You mean staring at you? Wow, you must be very popular here" Sam smiled. Quinn nodded her head "I did my best to be the head cheerios and it's so worth it"

Sam didn't say anything about that. He was thinking about this Quinn and the old Quinn, there was a big difference.

"How's your family?" Quinn pulled Sam away from his thought.

"They're fine" Sam said "How's yours?"

"Well…" Quinn looked down at her feet as she answered "My dad left. He and my mom fought. There were lots of things happened, but I'm glad it's over"

"Oh…I'm so sorry Quinn. I shouldn't have asked" Sam said, pulling Quinn close to him and gave a soft kiss on the top of her head. Quinn hugged him back. It's so weird that after all those years and the feelings they had were still the same.

"Excused me?"

They both pulled away when they heard a voice. It was Finn, he's with Santana, Birttany and Puck.

"You know Sam?" Finn asked, looking at Sam

"Oh, yeah" Quinn smiled, holding Sam's hand "We were best friends back when I was in Tennessee"

"Really?" Santana smiled and stepped closer to Sam "I'm Santana. Have anyone told you that you're hot?"

"Santana!" Quinn said, pulling Sam away from her friend "You can't just go and flirt on everyone!"

Sam just smiled "It's ok, Quinn"

Then he turned to Finn "You're the quarterback of the football team right?"

"Yeah, I'm Finn Hudson" Finn smiled "Welcome to Mckinley"

"Thanks" Sam smiled back "So, you and Quinn are…?"

"She's my girlfriend. We've been dating for a year. We're the school's golden couple" Finn said as he pulled Quinn to him and kissed her passionately.

"Get a room!" Puck smiled at the two of them and the cheerleaders laughed, but Sam didn't. Quinn pulled away from her boyfriend "Stop it, Finn!"

"Uh…I have to go now…I have English next" Sam said.

"Are you sure you can find the way there?" Quinn asked.

"Sure" Sam nodded "I'm not 6 anymore Q. See you guys later ok."

Sam gave her a smile and walked away into the crowded hall.

"I'll go with him to make sure he's not lost" Santana said and ran after him.

"Wait I'm coming with you!" Brittany smiled excitedly and followed Santana.

Quinn just smiled at her friends and went with Finn to their next class.

Lunch time.

Sam held his food tray and took a look around the crowded cafeteria. His face turned into a smile when he saw Quinn sitting at a table by herself, she was too focusing on her lunch so she didn't see him.

Sam smiled and about to go to her, but he stopped. Finn and the football team already came to her table with the cheerios and took all the seats. Sam sighed. There's no table left. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Hey, are you new here?"

Sam quickly turned around. He saw a short, brunette girl, smiling at him.

"Yeah, hi, I'm Sam, Sam Evans. You are?"

"Rachel Berry, the star of Mckinley. I'm gonna be in Broadway someday" Rachel introduced herself proudly.

"Wow…That…That's awesome." Sam smiled at the strange girl.

"So, are you looking for a seat? You can sit with me and my friends if you want to"

"Really? Thanks" Sam said and followed the girl to her table.

"Hey guys" Rachel said to her friends as Sam and her sat down at the table "This is Sam. He's the new student"

"Hi" Sam smiled to everyone and they smiled back at him.

"These are my friends, Mercedes, Kurt, Tina, Mike and Artie" Rachel said, pointing to each person "We're all in Glee club"

Sam raised his eyebrow "What is Glee club?"

"It's a club for people who love to sing and dance" Tina explained "People in this school think we're all losers. That's why we don't have many members"

"I think it's a very cool club, why would people hate it?" Sam said.

"Because they think they're too cool for us" Kurt shrugged and pointed to Quinn's table "That's Quinn Fabray. She's the head cheerio. She always tries to find a way to torture us. She and her boyfriend, Finn Hudson think they own the school so they can do anything they want"

"Quinn? Quinnie?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, you know her?" Rachel surprised.

"Yeah, she's my best friend when we were in Tennessee" Sam said "She's very nice and sweet"

"That's not the Quinn Fabray we know" Mercedes said.

Sam looked down at his food tray and bit his lower lip. He didn't want to believe what they said to him. But it had been 10 years, the little girl that he knew years ago had grown up.

Quinn was sitting at her table and playing with the food on her tray with a fork. Finn was talking to his friends about football again. He always talked about that.

Quinn suddenly remembered about Sam. Where was he anyway? Quinn looked around. She was totally shocked to see Sam sitting with the Glee clubbers. To her, they were just a bunch of losers. She couldn't let Sam sit with them. It'd ruin his reputation.

"Why are you so quiet today?" Finn asked his girlfriend. Quinn heard him, but she didn't answer. She quickly stood up from her seat and headed toward Sam's table.

"Sam" She said to the boy as she reached the table "Why are you sitting here?"

Sam looked up "I couldn't find a table so…"

"Why don't you come and sit with Finn and I?" Quinn smiled "We have a lot to talk, for all those years"

Sam looked at Quinn and back at his new friends "Well, I like here better. I don't want to bother you guys"

Quinn couldn't believe that he refused to sit with her for those people. She was mad but she couldn't do anything.

"Ok" Quinn said, nodding her head "I guess I'll see you later then"

"Ok" Sam responded and looked at Quinn walked away from the table.

After school, Sam walked home by himself. He was thinking about the new friends he met in the cafeteria and what they said about Quinn. Suddenly, he heard a voice.

"Sammy! Sammy! Wait!"

Sam turned around. It was Quinn…

10 years ago...

"Sammy! Sammy! Wait!"

Sam stopped and turned around "Hey Quinnie"

The little girl ran to him "You were so fast, I couldn't catch up. I thought we suppose to walk home together"

Sam looked around before turning back to his little friend "My friends told me that I shouldn't hang out with girls anymore, it's weird. Boys don't do that"

"But my dad always goes with my mom"

"He's an adult. He's different"

"We always walk home together after school…" Quinn murmured, looking at her feet. Sam didn't say anything. He saw some of his friends passed by and smiling, teasing him. He turned to Quinn, her eyes were teary. He thought for a second and slowly reached for her hand "Let's go home, Quinnie"

Quinn looked up "What about your friends? They will make fun of you"

"Who cares what they said, you're my best friend" Sam smiled at her and they walked home together.

Sam was back to reality.

"Hey" he said to the girl.

"Wow, you were so fast, I couldn't catch up" Quinn gasped, smiling at him.

"I thought Santana gave you a ride"

"Well, I told her that I'll walk home with you" Quinn said, reaching for his hand "We always walked home together"

Sam looked down at the girl, a smile appeared on his face "Ok, let's go"

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