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It's Santana's party. Quinn didn't want to go but she's made her promise. She just couldn't stop thinking about Sam. She hated herself for saying that to Sam. She had to admit to herself that she had some feelings for Sam. He meant a lot to her. She had never felt like that with anyone before, not even with Finn. (Well, she felt nothing with Finn).

"You came, Q" Santana smiled widely when she saw her best friend. Quinn gave her a small smile and walked inside. Santana's parents were gone so she owned her house that night. Almost the whole school was there. Quinn looked around to find Finn but she couldn't see him anywhere.

"Where's Finn?" Quinn asked Santana while looking around the crowded living room. The Latina looked like she was kinda drunk then, "don't know"

"San, are you okay?" Quinn took her best friend's shoulder but Santana pushed her away and walked off to where the football team was standing. Quinn rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen to get some water because she didn't drink. She had been here before but she didn't remember where was the kitchen. First, the house was huge. Second, people were everywhere and the house was a complete mess. So, Quinn decided to check every room there. She went up to a door and opened it. What she saw really shocked her. She was almost fall down when she saw 'them'. Her 'boyfriend' and a girl, not any girl! Rachel Berry? She was lying ontop of Quinn's boyfriend on the bed. Quinn's head was spinning and she couldn't believe it. Finn quickly climbed off the bed and ran to stop her but she pushed him away and slapped him across the face as she screamed, "you asshole!"

"Quinn, I can explain…"

"Forget it!" she screamed and ran away. She was almost get to the front door and suddenly she slammed into a person.

"I'm sorry…wait…Quinn?"

The blonde cheerleader looked up with her teary eyes and caught those deep green eyes staring at her.

"Sam, what are you doing here?" Quinn said in her tears. Sam ignored everything she said and held both of her shoulders tightly, "what's wrong? Tell me!"

Quinn couldn't speak. She just pushed him out of her way and ran outside. Sam quickly followed his best friend and stopped her before she got to her car. She tried to get away from him but he's managed to wrap his strong arms around her and pulled her close. She stayed still and let him hold her. Sam stroked her hair and kept mumbling, "it's okay. I'm here, Quinnie"

"Finn…he cheated on me" Quinn tried to speak out the words while she's crying. Sam felt his heart ache. He couldn't protect her.

"I'll kick his ass" Sam said angrily and pulled away but Quinn stopped him, "no, please!"

"Why not? After what he did to you?" Sam screamed. Quinn cried even harder, "I don't want you to fight for me and get hurt"

Sam pulled her into his arms again. He mumbled into her hair, "I'm sorry. I promised that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you but I couldn't keep my promise"

"You did, Sam. You did protect me but I didn't believe you. I hurt myself…I hurt you…and…I'm sorry"

Sam pulled away from his best friend and stroked her cheek with his thumb, "it's okay, Quinn. I'm not mad at you anymore. He's not worth it, you know. You shouldn't cry your eyes out because of a person like him"

Quinn slowly shook her head, "I'm not crying because I love him, or care about him"

"Then what?"

"I'm crying because I didn't listen to you. You warned me but I yelled at you and I said mean things to you" Quinn cried, "I never meant to say such horrible things"

"Just forget about it" Sam looked down and smiled at her sweetly, "it's all in the past now"

"I have to tell you something" Quinn stopped crying and wiped away her tears, "I've been feeling very strange lately and I've been looking for the reason but I didn't realize that it's so close to me"

"What are you trying to say?" Sam spoke softly. Quinn took a deep breath and looked up at him with her big hazel eyes, "Sam, I think I lov…"


The blondes quickly turned around when they heard that voice. Walking to them was Kristen. Quinn was very surprised to see her here. Kristen did a shocked face when she saw Quinn with her eyes full of tears. She acted like she really cared about Quinn.

"Oh my god, Q. What happened?" Kristen asked as she put her hand on Quinn's shoulder but the blonde immediately pushed her cheerleader friend away. Kristen didn't seem to care, she just turned to Sam like Quinn wasn't there, "let's go inside, Sammy"

"Sammy?" Quinn felt her heart broken again. Kristen gave her a smile, "he hasn't told you?"

"Tell me what?" Quinn looked at the both of them. She was nervous and scared to hear the answer. Sam bit his lip and turned to his best friend, "um…I'm…I'm dating Krist"

"What?" Quinn said loudly.

"Aren't we a cute couple?" Kristen giggled and took Sam's hand in hers. Quinn looked away. She told herself not to cry but she knew she couldn't help it for long. She tried to look okay although she knew she was horrible at acting.

"R-really?…I'm so happy for you two" Quinn said with a fake smile, "I-I think i should go home…"

"Wait, I thought you had something to tell me" Sam asked. Quinn bit her lip, "yes…I wanted to say that…you are the bestest friend in this whole world"

"Thank you, you are my bestest friend, too" Sam smiled. Quinn slowly nodded her head, not saying anything. She started crying just when she turned her back at the couple and walked back to her car.

After that day, Sam went everywhere with Kristen by his side. Whenever Quinn tried to talk to him, Kristen got in the way and took Sam with her. They never left each other and it really hurt Quinn. Everyone could realize that she was sad but all of them thought that she was heartbroken because her boyfriend cheated on her. None of them knew that she was desperately in love with her best friend who was happy with his current girlfriend.

That day, Quinn was getting her books from her locker and she heard a husky voice from behind her, "Hey, Q"

She turned around with a small smile on her face, "hey, Sam"

"Well, we haven't talked much to each other recently"

"Yeah, I think we're both busy" Quinn said as she closed her locker. Sam scratched the back of his head and smiled, "so, I was wondering if you're free tonight? Maybe I can come over and we can watch a movie together?"

"Don't you have any plan with your girlfriend tonight?" Quinn asked.

"No, Kristen was going to a party with her parents tonight so I'm free"

"Yeah, okay"

"See you tonight!" Sam said as he walked away. Quinn looked after him and saw Kristen waving at him. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. Quinn sighed and turned to walk away. Maybe she'd have to forget about her feelings for him, but she knew it wouldn't be easy for her to forget.