Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling

A/N: I was inspired by Czech short story of really smart queen who out-smarted her husband. I apologize for any mistakes I made. I tried my best but English is not my native language. If you find any, point them and I'll fix them. :)

"Sweet dreams," whispered Hermione and watched Draco Malfoy falling towards ground. When he fell, she wasted no time and she was putting sleepy Draco in her bed not even a minute after they appeared in her flat. She left sleeping Draco in her bedroom and went to make something to eat.

"Where am I? This is not Malfoy Manor and not likely my bedroom," were Draco's first thoughts when he opened his eyes and saw he was in to him unknown surroundings. "You're in my flat." Draco turned around and saw Hermione wearing muggle clothes.

"I thought this place was sold when you've moved in with me. And can you tell me why I am here?," he asked but Hermione wasn't listening. She was remembering...


"Do you promise not to intervene in things at the Ministry of Magic?," asked Draco Hermione for the fifth time that day. "I do," said Hermione but fingers on her left hand were crossed.

Draco has been The Minister of Magic for two months when Hermione heard for the first time the complaints of some employees who were wronged. She hasn't hesitated and told them how to make it right.

Draco suspected someone was helping them and one day hidden under the Cloak of Invisibility borrowed from Harry followed one wronged employee and confirmed his supposition. The "traitor" was Hermione.

"You promised you wouldn't intervene and you broke the promise. And this is not the first time you did it...so you have to leave. But you can take the thing you value the most with you," said Draco.

Hermione was sad but resigned to things. "But I want to have a cup of tea with you.""

Draco didn't refuse and had his cup of tea. But he didn't know Hermione used Sleeping Draught instead of tea.


"You told me I can take the thing I value the most. And it's you," Hermione smiled at Draco. Draco admited Hermione was right and they returned to Malfoy Manor. Hermione took over the employees and Draco dealt with more important things.

Their son Scorpius was telling his children a story how their grandmother out-smarted their grandfather. And little Leo and his sister Serene for loudly cheering for their brave grannny.