OK, so i have started a few stories since i last posted, but i never finish. This started in 2010 and has been running through my head this week so I decided to just post it. That way I cannot just ignore it, really. It's just this chapter so far. I will continue depending on the response.

There may be some OOC here, especially Snape. This will be explained, promise. If he is too OOC, please let me know.

I have no idea what warnings to put in at the moment, but there will be definate slash. If you have read my previous stories, you'll know I like to be cruel to my characters so expect torture etc as well.

The One Where The Truth is Revealed (PROLOGUE)

Harry stared down at his parchment. He was utterly confused. He heard Hermione gasp and turned to look at her results. They were correct, so why had his not worked?

He heard Snape approaching, checking every student's results. He heard some sneered questions asking how it was possible to get it so wrong. Harry had to wonder the same. He had thought that if the potion was wrong, nothing would show up. The parchment should not have reacted.

"Potter," Snape started. A slight hesitation then, "Is this some kind of a joke, Potter?" his voice low, menacing.

Harry opened and closed his mouth, unable to speak.

"He did it correctly, sir. We did it at the same time, and my names are correct. Quite clever considering my parents are Muggles." Hermione was nervous, he could tell.

Harry looked up to see Snape glaring at her. He looked furious.

"You will do the check again Potter. This time I will watch as you seem incapable of doing such a simple task unaccompanied."

Harry shrugged. He was quite used to being picked out in Potions class this year. Sixth year Potions had not been easy and it was only three weeks into term. Snape had been furious when Harry had received an O in his OWL, knowing some of the specifics of Polyjuice potion that no fifth year should have known, and had been trying to push Harry since. Harry assumed Snape wanted him to lose his temper and walk out but Harry refused to allow Snape to win this time. Even if it meant they both lost.

Harry scooped a vial of the potion out of the cauldron, pricked his finger again and let a drop of blood drop in. He stirred the concoction twice, then took a pipette and squeezed up a drop of the potion/blood mix. He then looked up at Snape, raised an eyebrow, looked back down and squeezed the mix out onto the fresh parchment.

He heard Hermione hold her breath as the letters swirled, and Harry was hoping he had somehow done it incorrectly the first time, or that something had gone wrong and he maybe had Malfoy's results instead of his own.

The tension was thick and Harry soon realised the entire classroom was watching. Harry watched in mounting confusion as the same words were written in black:

Severus Tobias Snape (Maternal)

Lucius Abraxas Malfoy (Paternal)

Harry looked up at Snape, who had paled slightly, and was glaring at the parchment. He watched as Snape snatched it up off the table to hold it in front of his face.

As if that would change the words on the page.

Hermione had gasped again, and Harry could see her looking between Harry and Snape with mounting worry and horror.

Harry couldn't see why – someone had obviously played a trick. Not only was it simply ridiculous – men did not have babies, quite simple – but he was the spitting image of his father, James Potter and had his mother's eyes.

Harry stared back, unworried until Snape threw a harsh glare at the room and snapped, "Class dismissed!" They did not have to be told twice and Harry watched as the class quickly packed up their things, vanished their potions and practically ran out of the room. Harry started packing up as well, but Snape stopped him with a tight, "Not you Potter."

He looked at Hermione. Her eyes had started to water and she was looking at him as though she thought he was going to die.

He was pretty sure Snape would not hurt him. Right?

When the room was empty, Snape looked back at him. He was still furious, but now there was something else in his eyes which made shivers run down Harry's back.

"Follow me Potter." Snape walked towards his office, cloak billowing behind him as only Snape seemed to manage.

"What is going on, Professor? It's obviously wrong, so what's the big deal? Someone must have cast some kind of spell on me or something."

"It is not possible to alter DNA, Potter. Regardless of any potions running through your blood, or any spells on your person, the potion is designed to read your DNA and magically locate your birth parents. It cannot be tricked."

"Ok, so then the potion was wrong."

"The potion was perfect Potter. That much was obvious without Granger's results proving to be correct."

"Wow, I bet it was painful admitting that." Harry mumbled, and then asked Snape, "So why are the results wrong then?"

"With a correct potion and correct check, there is no way the results are wrong."

Harry stood still, staring at Snape with his mouth agape.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Harry laughed as he exclaimed, "Are you telling me you're my father?"

Sanep's lack of response caused Harry to freeze. Cold chills ran down his body and he found himself unable to move or talk. He shook himself. There was no way.

This made no sense. What at first had been a confusing joke was suddenly turning into some horrific Muggle movie.

Harry followed Snape around to the desk in his office. Snape pulled a potion off the shelf, and a knife out of his drawer. The potions Professor pulled the knife across his hand, creating a deep red gash, which bubbled with blood before it ran freely. Harry gasped, feeling a bit ill.

Snape allowed the blood to fall into the potion, turning it iridescent white, and then a dense black.

"What is that?"

Snape did not answer; instead he cleaned the knife using a wandless/wordless spell and then handed it to Harry. Harry just stared at it.

"Take the knife Potter. Cut your hand as I just did." The man was deathly calm. Harry wasn't sure what was worse – the furious Snape or this man who just seemed ominous. Harry felt as though he was walking to his death as he shakily took the knife from Snape and did as he was told.

He pulled the knife along his skin as described and hissed as the pain spread through his palm and up his hand. He watched as blood bubbled out of the cut as it had with Snape, and then held his hand over the potion, allowing the blood to drip in as the Professor had.

After a couple of drops, Snape passed him a cloth and said, "That's enough potter." Harry was surprised to hear his voice was soft now. Harry grabbed the cloth and wrapped it around his hand, cradling his arm.

The potion swirled black and red, and Harry found himself asking what it was again. He hadn't expected an answer, but apparently the soft voice meant Snape was calm enough to speak to him civilly.

"It is Reperiortus Parentis." A DNA test, in Muggle speak.

Harry could only stare in horror.

"If it goes red, it means I am your maternal parent. If it turns a yellow or green, it means we are related by blood but not directly. If it stays black, then there is no relation."

Harry was staring at the potion the whole time, as was Snape. He had to wonder why Snape had bothered mentioning the last part about the potion remaining black – the potion was already burgundy.

The potion continued to lighten, and Harry felt himself going numb, the truth painfully creeping into his conscious.

"Men cannot have babies."

Snape scoffed. "Some magical being races are unisexual."

As if that answered the question. Although, Harry supposed, it did. Snape was probably a vampire, Harry thought spitefully, knowing full well that vampires were not a unisexual species.

The potion was red now.

Harry felt betrayed. His parents were James and Lily Potter, but here in front of him was evidence of the contrary. Was Snape tricking him? Harry immediately shook that thought away – what reason would he have to do that? Besides, this was just a confirmation – two different sets of parchment had told him the same thing. Harry suddenly remembered Hermione's face and realised she knew the truth.

How had this happened? Had he been given up at birth? Snape hated Harry. Had he known? Surely Snape would not have bothered running the test if he had known. He would have just kept it secret and not had the class create the potions they had today.

Somebody must have known. Harry wondered if Sirius and Remus had known, but figured they both hated Snape and would of hated Harry too if they had known he and Snape were related.

He could feel Snape's eyes on him. He was still calm. Almost soft? Harry knew what he had known all along – Snape had not been aware that Harry was his son.

The thought made him feel sick. Son. Snape was his father. Mother? How had this happened?

"So what are you? Vampire?" Harry questioned, throwing the Vampire part in with spite.


Harry coughed and laughed. Veela were light beings, literally. They had white hair, pale skin and pale everything else. The very epitome of Draco Malfoy. Harry stopped that thought, pained at the fact he could have a brother who was one of his worst enemies.

"A Dark Veela. An all male species, extremely rare, powerful and strong. There is too little information for a sixth year student to have any knowledge on us, except maybe Granger. We can only conceive with our Mates." Harry noticed Snape voice cracked a little at the word "Mate".

This meant Lucius Malfoy was Snape's mate, and Harry's paternal parent. Also his father. He had two dads – or did he call Snape 'Mum' now?

"So, does this mean I call you Mum?" Harry asked. He was pretty sure he was losing his mind. Snape just stared at him, looking completely calm. Harry vaguely recalled his Defense lessons with Remus, and how Veela were extraordinarily protective of their young and had an inability to cause them pain. He wondered if that applied to dark Veela too.

The thought caused all false humour to leave him, and one question to enter his mind. What happened?

"So how did I end up a Potter?" he questioned. Harry had been going for curious, but his tone was angry.

It was as though this question had removed Mum!Snape and put back Normal!Snape. The dark haired professor suddenly glared at the potion, then stormed out of the classroom muttering "That's a fantastic question."

Harry stared at where Snape had been stood for a second before running after the man.