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What brought me back were two things. First, one of my favourite stories of all time was removed from this site by the very author who wrote it. I've PMed her to ask why but she never replied. So, feeling utterly desolated, I took to typing. The second is because I got another story in my head that I was thiiis close to starting when I realised I could merge it with this one. So, here goes…

I had to reread the story to carry on and I had a few things stand out… is Harry to logical? I hate in fics how Harry seems to just take a slightest thing and blow it out of proportion, but I may have taken it too far the other way.


He turned and walked into the ballroom, not bothering to knock. As predicted, Voldemort was stood in the middle of the room talking to father number 2.

Both men turned to look at him as he walked in. He felt Snape bow from behind him, and Hermione and Ron had both stopped at the door.

Harry stared at the snake without fear and growled, "Why did you kill Cedric?"

Harry watched the snake look at him blankly, then raise an eyebrow, and knew that he would not get an answer. Cedric's death had been nothing to any of them. He was in the way, so he was killed. An innocent 17 year old boy.

"Does his death matter to you because it was I that killed him, or because he was killed in front of you?" asked Voldemort. Harry glared at the snake. He refused to call that thing a man when he had yet to see him resemble a human being.

"Why is that important? He was innocent, he didn't need to die." Harry replied.

"I didn't even kill him." Voldemort spoke calmly, completely in control. Harry felt as though he was losing it. He wondered why it mattered so much. Trying to understand the mind of a mad man was like trying to find the end of a circle.

"He was killed on your order!" Harry had shrunk back into himself slightly, but refused to look away from Voldemort.

"You blame yourself." Harry flinched internally, knowing it was true but refusing to admit it, even to himself. He saw Snape and Hermione and Ron stood around him, staring at him in realisation. Hermione had always said he had a saving people thing, and Harry was starting to wonder if she was right.

"I did not kill Cedric!" he hissed, glaring at the man in front of him.

"No, you did not. Wormtail killed Cedric, on my order. It had nothing to do with you at all. Yet, you are furious about a death that happened over a year ago, to someone you barely knew."

"This is not about me. This is me trying to understand why Cedric had to die. Trying to figure out how I can stay in the same house as someone who has tried to kill me multiple times, and kills innocent children because they can!"

Something flashed in Voldemort's eye and he nodded to himself.

"This is you seeing how far you can push me before I get angry. You might as well stop, Harry. I would never hurt Lucius or Severus, or anyone they love. I'm sure they can tell you that."

Harry took a step back like he had been slapped and looked the man in the eye. Snape had told Harry that Voldemort was like a father to him. Was the same for Lucius? As such that meant that Draco and Harry were safe form Voldemort. What about the rest of the innocent people in the world.

Did Voldemort not understand that this was not about him? Harry couldn't care less about his own safety, when the safety of his friends was on the line.

"So you're saying that my fathers are safe from you? That you have never hurt them and would never? That Draco and I are safe, too? What about Ron and Hermione, the two most important people in my life?" Harry huddled inside himself a little at that statement. Everyone knew it was true after the Tri-Wizard tournament, but it was a different thing to admit it himself. He took a deep breath and forced his courage back to the front of his mind. "What about the rest of my friends still stuck in that castle with Dumbledore? What about the millions of innocent people – Muggles and Muggleborns – that you're hunting and killing?"

Snape took a step forward then, and spoke cautiously to Harry. "Harry, the Dark Lord's goals are not as you have been led to believe. I have already told you that Dumbledore's influence –"

"Dumbledore has filled everyone's head with stories of death and torture and rape, Potter. Who I actually fight is Dumbledore himself. It started when I asked him to assist me in becoming Minister for Magic. I had hoped that with his support, and the few followers I had, I would be successful. My hopes had been to restore the Wizarding world to what it had once been.

"What I hadn't realised, was that the Wizarding world had become as it is because of Dumbledore. He had slowly changed the views of those in the ministry to his own and I could not fight him. I slowly gained more power, but as I did, Dumbledore twisted my goals and I ended up the Dark Lord.

"I admit to disliking Muggles, but this is simply because of my upbringing. Mixing our blood with that of Muggles will do nothing but weaken it until magic disappears. Discouraging mixing with Muggles will at least lessen the chances of this happening. The ministry encourages mixing with Muggles because it believes I wish to eliminate Muggles. Another lie told by Dumbledore.

"Of the five billion people who live in this world, only around 50 million of those are magical. However, everyday a Muggle is born with magic. These children grow up to have just as strong magic as those of pureblood. Something else Dumbledore twisted."

Harry looked at Voldemort slack-jawed and confused. Was it really possible that Dumbledore had twisted everything Voldemort had done into something bad and made the entire world believe it? Was his hold that strong?

Harry thought through everything the man had said and found himself doubting those words. Surely the Wizarding world could not be so very gullible? So trusting of a man who, if Voldemort was truthful, was completely insane?

Harry looked harder at the man. Sitting calmly on a throne that was half as tall again when he sat down, and Harry saw no deception. What was worse was that harry knew the man was not lying to him. Every word had been completely honest and Harry knew that. He could feel that, with every fibre of his being he knew that Voldemort was telling Harry the truth and the thought was terrifying.

Harry hated Dumbledore for what the man had done to him and his father and everyone else who had been hurt by Dumbledore and the Potters. Had the Potters been just as much victims as Harry and Snape and the rest of the Wizarding world? But this took it to a whole other level. This was a man who had control over the entire Wizarding world who believed every word he said. Harry had trusted the man with his life for 5 years.

Harry suddenly felt as though beating Dumbledore to a pulp would have been a good idea because the very thought of fighting a man with such a deep hold on everyone's minds seemed utterly impossible and quite terrifying.

Harry took a deep breath to get his thoughts in order. He looked towards his father, who he trusted implicitly as soon as he knew who he was, and realised that he was right where he needed to be and right where he wanted to be.

He sighed. "So you have no desire to kill Muggles, just separate them from our world?"

Voldemort looked impressed, and Harry rolled his eyes. He wasn't completely stupid. He watched the man tilt his head slightly in agreement.

"You do not wish to kill Muggleborns, and have no desire to keep them separated from our world because with them our blood remains strong?" Voldemort tilted his head again. "But you called Hermione a Mudblood and Ron a blood traitor?" Harry's voice held no spite or anger this time. He simply asked a question and knew he would get an honest and informative answer.

"Mudblood is the correct term for those born of Muggle parents, Harry. It was never meant to be offensive. Yet another term twisted by Dumbledore, although I admit it is not a very nice name. Additionally, the Weasley's are some of Dumbledore's greatest supporters, and therefore support a man who wishes to integrate Muggles into our world."

"Not knowingly! My parents would never have supported that man if they'd known what he was doing! This is partly your fault – you never tried to change anyone's opinions of you!"

Voldemort turned his attention to Ron and glared. "Of course I tried," he hissed, "but how do you think people take being told that Dumbledore is the problem and that I simply wish to make our blood stronger? Before today, if you had been told that, you would have laughed and gone happily back to kissing Dumbledore's arse."

Ron still looked angry, but did not deny what Voldemort had said. Harry had to agree – he was still finding it difficult to believe that Voldemort was innocent in this. Harry knew he wasn't completely, but fighting a wizard like Dumbledore would change anybody right?

"And Cedric?" Harry still wanted to know, and would not drop the subject.

Voldemort sat back in his chair and rolled his eyes, hissing, "Why does that matter to you?"

Harry shrugged. He didn't really know why but he suspected that Voldemort may have been right – Harry blamed himself for Cedric's death. Illogical, so he would not admit it to the Dark Lord looking down his nose at him.

He knew though, Harry could tell. When had he become so adept at reading people? It wasn't just Snape that he could read like a book – Voldemort was clear to him too. He could see that the man knew why he wanted to know, but he couldn't feel the emotion Voldemort felt because of that.

Was this one of his Veela powers then? Harry liked it. He liked the idea of being able to tell when people were lying to him.

"You were never supposed to come back from that graveyard, Harry. No one was supposed to know that I had been resurrected. Of course, Harry Potter would screw up my plans. He died because I didn't want him returning to Dumbledore and telling him. You were supposed to die, too." The snake-faced man spoke with such calm that Harry burst out laughing.

He looked at Ron and Hermione who were smiling at him and then turned back to Voldemort and said, gasping, "Sorry about that. I've always had the best luck."

"Understatement." Mumbled Lucius. Harry glared at him and then turned away, determined to ignore his sperm donor.

"I am not a nice man, Harry. Do not underestimate that."

Harry laughed again. "Oh, I have no plans to. That doesn't mean I have any plans of fearing you, or allowing you to command me. I will not become a Death Eater, and I will not take your orders. These two can do as they please," he pointed to Snape and Lucius, "but I will not. I will act as I see fit."

Voldemort glared at Harry and clenched his jaw. He stared at Harry and the newly blonde-haired boy stared right on back, never breaking eye contact and never flinching.

"My most loyal have already been told that their children will not be marked. Whether they decide to follow me is their own prerogative."

Harry smiled at the man, eyes twinkling. "Good to know. Now, what do I call you, because I sure as hell ain't calling you Voldemort."

Snake-face glared and looked towards Snape. "Get him out of here."

Harry chucked and turned towards Hermione and Ron, walking to the door. Both were holding back smiles as they walked out of the large hall. Harry held the door open for Hermione, Ron and Snape, smiling at his father who glared at him as he walked through the door.

"If you think of him as a father, maybe I should call his Grandad? Or Pops?" Harry's smiled widened as Snape balked, and Ron and Hermione burst out laughing.

"I like that. Lord Pops." Harry walked away from the group, one of who was staring at Harry in disbelief and the other two laughing so hard they could barely walk. Harry turned and watched them wipe tears from their eyes before they finally caught up to him.

"What's for lunch? I'm starving!"

Harry grinned while Hermione simply sighed and complained, "You're always hungry!"

"I am not!"

"Yes you are!"

Harry listened to them argue, feeling the words flow over him and enjoyed the normalcy. He turned to his father and Harry smiled at the man, who smiled back.

Harry couldn't remember every feeling this happy and content. A small pang of doubt hit him and he wondered when this calm would be uprooted again.


I didn't mean to finish this on a high note, but once my fingers got going I couldn't stop. Besides, the Pops things had me grinning because I can totally imagine Voldemort's reaction to that name.

I like where this story is heading now.

MATES! I have changed my mind and it will no longer be a trio fic. It will be a moresome.. Harry will have at least two mates, maybe more depending on what you guys want really. I know one, but ideas for the others are highly welcome, please. Is anyone opposed to Ron being a mate? I know this isn't a very popular ship.