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"Y-Your errand dogs?" Hikaru asked in disbelief. "Of course. You broke something precious, and now, you must pay for it." Haruhi said, smirking at the bewildered redhead. "What do expect?"

"You to let us off easy?" Hikaru countered, being as obnoxious as ever. Haruhi scowled again at him, but nonetheless, continued her speech. "You will all live here, and work for me. Once your debt is paid off, you're free to go."

"I assume you're all fine with this?" she said, her eyes as cold as ever. She was expressionless, as she watched them all. Kyoya was the first to break the silence. "Of course we are." he said harshly.

"How long do you think we'll be working here, ne, Takashi?" Hunny piped from the other seniors' shoulders. "Dunno." was the reply he got from the quiet teenager.

"Aika. Take them to the west wing. Three in each room, the rooms beside the kitchen." she ordered, as the 'Aika' girl from before, scurried back into the room. She looked at them, then nodded towards the door, then proceeded to walking out the door.

Hesitantly, they all followed then platinum blonde through the hallways, her sleek black heels clicking against the white marble floor. There was no talking through out the entire walk.

Suddenly, Aika stopped in front of three doors. Pointing at the one in the middle, she said, "That's... the kitchen..." she said, then pointing her fingers at the two doors on either side, continuing, "Those are... your rooms. You three," she added, pointing at Hikaru, Kaoru and Kyoya, "Will... stay in the first room..."

The twins smirked at each other and chuckled, whilst Kyoya simply had a small smile on his face, as he jotted down a few extra words into his notebook.

"The rest," she said, turning towards Hunny, Mori and Tamaki, "Will stay... in the other room..." Hunny giggled from atop of Mori's shoulders, earning an "Ah." from the taller senior. Tamaki smiled at Aika, handing her a rose from thin air, thanking her for her 'extremely dangerous but well done' work.

Aika's silver eyes met his, as she looked up from the accepted rose shyly. Tamaki gazed into her eyes, as it was required that if a girl wishes to see a hosts eyes, it must be shown.

Tamaki stared hard, because for a second, he could've sworn her eyes had flickered from silver to the color of the painted gold on the hand mirror he had broken. He blinked, and checked again, making sure he wasn't just seeing things. The golden glint in her eyes had disappeared.

He shrugged it off, thinking it was just his imagination. The girl let the ghost of her smile dance across her face for a moment, before turning back to the rest of the hosts.

"Well... I shall wake you all... at 8 o'clock sharp tomorrow..." she said, as she bowed, getting ready to excuse herself. "Wait, Aika-chan!" Hunny called out, jumping off from Mori's shoulders. She turned to see him with a handful of her dress, as he tugged her back.

"Yes, uh..." she said, trying to remember if she had asked his name. "Hunny~" he piped happily, before talking again, "Me and Kyo-chan can't agree with the chosen rising time, Aika-chan..." he said, putting on his best pouting face.

Aika's face paled. Her eyes widened, fading from silver to gold and suddenly, the look on her face was cold. Her expression turned unforgiving, and icy as she said, "You will rise at the time chosen."

Spinning on her heels, she left, leaving an awe-struck Hunny. "Takashi..." Hunny whined, running back to his companion. Tamaki looked at the girl. It was extremely unexpected that she would do something of that sort to the loli-shota, her being a shy type, since usually, the just gushed all of the shorter boy.

Shrugging off yet another thing about the unusual girl, he turned around, and headed to his room, followed by a teary Hunny, and quiet Mori. The twins and Kyoya followed, going into their room.


"Magyaku. Get out of here." Haruhi sighed, as she stared at Aika, who had turned cold after the Hunny incident. "Oh dear, Haruhi, you're not happy to see me?" Aika, who was being increasingly different, taunted.

"Magyaku." Haruhi hissed out every syllable of the name, "Get out. NOW." The girl simply rolled her eyes, and turned around, adding, "Whatever, Haruhi. I'll be seeing you again later."

"Complete contrary~" she sang, smirked evilly. "A reverse long song~"

"Change this darkness into light~" she whispered the last part, as Aika began to glow a faint gold. "Bye Haruhi." she said softly, as her gold eyes slowly muted back into silver. A calm look spreading onto her face, her eyes fell shut, and she collapsed.

Haruhi slowly got down from her white stool, walking over to the girl, as she leaned over and pushed a few stray golden strands. She sighed. "What am I going to do with you two?"


Hikaru woke up to the faint droning sound of a bell ringing. Groaning quietly, he got up, making sure not to wake up his brother. It was pitch black, but Hikaru could hear the sound clearly; it meant he was being called to Haruhi's room.

He sighed, and slipped on a thin cotton shirt and some black dress pants, then headed out to the girls' room. "Hello?" he said quietly, as he knocked on the huge oak doors, light flooding out from beneath it.

"Come in." a soft voice said. He opened the door slowly, then closed it behind him. He looked around the room, to see Haruhi, sitting down beside Aika, in a plain light blue night dress, a lacey white bow right under the neckline drop, the ends of the bow traveling around her chest, to her back.

Haruhi looked up at him, then smiled a bit. "Thank you for coming. Your name is?" she said, loosing all the coldness from before. "H-Hikaru..." he said, quite shocked by her gentleness. "Hikaru... help me. Aika has fainted." she said, glancing back at the mess of blonde hair and black velveteen fabric on the floor.

"What happened?" Hikaru said, staring at the unconscious girl. "That is information you do not need to know." she replied non-chalantly, her cold expression from earlier returning. "Please bring her to her room." she added, as she nodded towards another door beside her bed.

"Why didn't you get someone else to do this? I'm not the strongest here, you know." Hikaru said, raising his eyebrows at the girl. She shot a glare at him. "Believing in yourself is the key to everything." she retorted angrily.

"No, obviously, money is the key to everything." he replied, rolling his eyes. Haruhi broke into a smile. "I quite like your twin. He's more level-headed than you, and obviously does more thinking than you as well." she said with a small chuckle.

Hikaru was summoning up some 'colorful' words to spit at her, but she said something right before him. "Well, your aspects are a bit cute too." she said with a faded smile on her face.

His eyes widened. Somewhere in his chest, he felt pain.

"Are you alright?" she said, noticing the small traces of pain on his face. "Uh.. yeah..." he replied, "My chest just hurts a little."

"Oh." Haruhi answered. She walked up to him, and despite the fact that he was taller than her, she patted him on the head. "Good night, Hikaru. I'll do this myself then." she whispered, a warm smile on her face.

His chest throbbed again, and he almost winced from the pain. She walked over to Aika, and pulled the girl into a princess carry. She turned back to Hikaru, and with another tiny smile pulling at her lips, she said, "Thank you."

It hurt. It really stung. Like a burn.

But somehow, Hikaru didn't want the pain to stop.

A pleasurable stab.

An enticing burn.

An addicting cut.

It was a deliciously painful feeling.