Lady Haruhi, chapter 4

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There was a long silence in the room. No one dared to move. Hunny took a deep breath, and decided he would do something.

"What are you talking about, Ka-chan? I'm a girl!" Hunny pouted and crossed his arms. Kyouya followed, "How dare you insult us Fujioka's by implying that we are men? The nerve of the male population!" He scoffed.

Tamaki, given hope by Hunny and Kyouya, began talking as well. "I am insulted, Kaede Mari-Hoshi, if you wish to marry Haruhi, you must become a proper gentleman! I will not allow her to become Haruhi Mari-Hoshi without you becoming a suitable man!" Tamaki stated, pointing at the frozen Kaede.

The twins chorused in the background, "Yeah, what Saki-nee-chan said!"

The look on Kaedes face gradually formed into a smile. "No worries, ladies. I can see that you're all jealous of Haruhi and want of piece of the deliciously sexy man here." He stared at Kaoru, licking his lips.

Kaoru wanted to throw up. Hikaru quickly kicked Kaede angrily, stomping on his head with his green high heels. "No. Way. Are. You. Touching. My. Koe-chan." Hikaru stated between clenched teeth.

"Hahaha, I was joking!" Kaede said, laughing. "Truth is, I'm not even Haruhi's fiancé."

"Why?" Hunny asked, confused. "Because I'm not a boy, silly." Kaede replied, smiling innocently.

"I love Haruhi and I wanted to see how she was doing. Aika-chan would only let me in as Kaede." Kaede shrugged. "She had always had a crush on Kaede Mari-Hoshi before she knew that I was a girl. Can't resist me, that adorable maid."

'I can see that she has multiple personalities…' Kaoru noted in his head, staring meekly at the girl. "Well, my name is Kiichi Makyou. Nice to meet you all." Makyou said, smiling brightly.

"Nice to meet you…?" Mori said quietly, talking for the first time that day. Makyou was frozen into place, staring into a surprised Mori's eyes. "You…." Makyou stared, bewildered.

"My dream guy!" she squealed, hugging Mori happily. Her eyes turned to stars as she gushed about him. "That deep, sexy voice… ohh~ I'm getting shivers already!" she gushed, hugging her sides.

"And that perfectly toned body, I want to kiss you all over!" she continued, running her hands all over Mori's arms. Mori just stood there, not knowing what to do.

"Oh, you don't know what I'd do with you all day in bed if I- AHHHHHHHHH!"Makyou screamed, as Haruhi hit a certain point her neck with a slender finger.

Makyou fell to the floor, asleep. "Acupuncture." Haruhi stated, with an evil smile. "Well, now that that nitwit is sleeping, you may all get changed. I expect nothing more of you today, so you are dismissed. But, you are not allowed to the mansion." She grinned. And with that, she was gone.

Hunny hopped onto Mori's shoulders, giggling. "She has a crush on you, Takashi. I'm jealous; Makyou-chan is very cute." Hunny teased. Mori chuckled and gently patted his cousin on the head.


Mori carried Makyou to Haruhi's room, and put her in the extra bed. The girl stiffened, tears falling from her closed eyes. Mori stared at her; he wasn't sure why she was crying. "Tsuno-kun…" she sobbed in her sleep, grabbing a fistful of Mori's white tank top. "Why did you leave me…? Why… Why for Magyaku?" she whispered.

Mori could not help but pat the girls head lightly. Her voice showed that she had been through much pain. How is it that she looked so happy, so strong? Mori smiled. She was much more charming in her sleep.

"Sleep tight…." He whispered, a smile still lingering on his lips, "Makyou."

Hunny watched his cousin stare at Makyou. He knew that Takashi didn't love her. But with the look on Mori's face showed that he cared for the girl, but not as much as with Haruhi. For some reason, whenever Mori was looking at Haruhi, he looked energized, affectionate and every other enjoyable feeling you can think of.

A frustrated feeling welled up in Hunny's chest. Haruhi… what exactly was Haruhi to him? He had mostly thought of her as 'nothing' until now. To his cousin, Haruhi was an important, precious porcelain jewel. What was Haruhi to him.

And as Hunny tucked himself into bed, still waiting for Mori to come back, he whispered, "Haruhi is… not a 'nothing'….. she is a girl."

Hunny dozed off, content with his answer. Mori was behind him. He had heard the whisper. Mori smiled at his shorter cousin. "Not just a girl, Mitsukuni, she is your new crush." He chuckled.