The sunlight on her skin, the sounds of people talking in her ears, the comfortable feel of her tight pink skirt. Mimi walked across campus comfortably, taking in the eye catching stares she got from the 'jocks' who were over near the big central fountain and the wistful glances of the 'nerds' who were over on the benches. She relished it, really, she had worked hard to maintain her big name on campus persona. However, the jealous glares from the cheerleaders and many other girls and guys were to be expected. She didn't care because she had friends that she actually liked and their opinion was the only one that mattered.

Looking up at the metal staircase, she realised it was going to be too much of a challenge. Hiking her skirt up a little, she began to climb up towards the dorm rooms slowly. Looking briefly over her shoulder, she flicked her violet hair as she saw someone watching. Might as well give them a bit of a show.

Discarding her vanity, she walked over to 2B and lifted her hand to knock on the door but decided against it. What would he possibly be doing that was more interesting than having a chat to her, anyway? Well, Joe was quite clever. But she had a project due. Slotting the spare key into the door, she twisted it and walked in. Joe would be a great dummy for her final project in Fashion Design.

Crying? It was quiet, but she was sure. She took off her pink shoes, and walked along the small hallway. There was a wooden door ahead, which was the bedroom, and was likely the source. On the right and left were two more doors for the kitchenette and bathroom, but neither were as likely a source of sobbing as the bedroom. Maybe it was just a movie he was watching?

Creeping along the soft red carpet, she placed her hand on the cream wallpaper for balance. She placed her hand on the brass doorknob gingerly, nervous about actually finding out what was happening. What if it was too private? Breathing in, she calmed her nerves and then twisted the doorknob. She swung the door open abruptly and rushed in to see Joe sat on his bed. He was looking up now and she could see his face was red and moist with tears. Snot was on his wristbands and his hair was messed up too. So it had been him.

Mimi felt her heart sink. "Joe…" He was one of the nicest, most considerate people she had ever known.

Joe wiped his face and sniffled. "Yeah, Mimi?" He coughed deeply, changing how he was speaking. "Why are you here?

Mimi looked at the sketch pad and dress that she was gripping in her hand, and then dropped them. Running over to Joe, she hugged him close, not saying a word for a few seconds. "What's wrong, Joe?" she leant back, and then sat next to him on the edge of the blue duvet.

"Oh, nothing." He wiped his nose.

Silence overtook the small dorm room for a short period but Mimi could only bare it for so long. "Joe. There is something wrong. Tell me. Now." She was aiming for the stern but caring approach, like a mother would, in the hopes it would coax the information out of Joe. Had he failed a test or something?
"Nothing. It was just something that happened, I'm fine." He looked at her. "Let me deal with it."

Mimi raised an eyebrow. Why was he resisting so much? She smiled, and said, "You can tell me anything, Joe."

"I'd rather not—"

"That's a shame; tell me now!" Mimi shouted, grabbing onto his ear and twisting it quickly.

"Okay, okay, I give! Uncle!" Joe squealed.

Mimi released his ear and waited but Joe stayed silent, looking downcast. She lifted her hand and he sprang into action.

"Well, today, when I went into anatomy class." Joe shook his head. "Just twist my ear."

"Joe, you're in too deep now," Mimi said in a sing-song voice.

Joe grimaced and then continued. "The class bully decided it was my turn to be picked on."

"Oh, Joe, that's awful." Mimi reached to touch his hand.

Joe shook his head. "I'm not done."

Mimi listened closely to every detail of the story. She heard how Joe had been humiliated repeatedly. The girl had thrown milk on him as soon as he walked through the door and asked if he had milk. This was especially awful because Joe always got nervous when he was entering a room of people. After Joe had taken his seat, he found that it had been unscrewed when it broke under him and she led the class in a chant of 'who ate all the pies?'.

Each time the story seemed to be over, Joe recounted another heart crushing piece of information about how she had been mean to him all year. It was almost too painful to listen to but she owed him an ear. Eventually, Joe breathed a sigh of relief. "That's it." He was now back to his usual colour and seemed calmer and more relaxed. "So, can I just deal with it? Please, Mimi."

Mimi looked back, unable to hide how concerned she was. She shook her head.

Joe sighed with exasperation. "Why?"

"Because we're friends." Mimi got up and grabbed her stuff.

"What are you going to do?" Joe called after her as she rushed to the door.

"Deal with it." The door slammed shut.

-The Next Day-

Sitting in class, Joe tried to ignore the class bully shooting him menacing looks. Although, today they hadn't done anything. What was strange, was that he couldn't see any sign of Mimi's handiwork. He, and the rest of the class, were waiting for the teacher. And, for the most part, they were fairly patient as Dr Kato was always late. The door finally swung open and Joe sighed with relief. He would be safe while the teacher was there. There was just one issue. It wasn't the teacher that walked into the class.

A tanned girl wearing a pink sparkly mini skirt, matching jacket, and low cut red top stood in the doorway. She had a pink cowboy hat hung low over her eyes, but he already knew who it was. Mimi. She lifted the hat slightly and smirked as the class bully walked straight over to her.

"Hey, idiot, you've got the wrong class."

"Oh, who, me?" Mimi asked, in her dumbest voice. "Well, y'see, they let anyone onto this dumb course nowadays." Mimi smiled when she saw the class bully was happy. "I mean, even the really thick people." She nodded in agreement with herself. "And the trash."

Yeah, they do." Her greasy black hair swung over her eyes but she tossed it back with a proud flick of her head. Her whiter than whiter skin was reminiscent of Joe. Was it a requirement to be a doctor or something?

"I mean, look at you. I've seen less unkempt Doritos bags in the trash." She saw the girl's mouth drop open and her nostrils flare before she opened her mouth but Mimi wouldn't let it go that easily. "When was the last time you washed your hair? 'cause, I have to be honest, I reckon we could use the grease in your hair to fry chips." Mimi smiled as she saw the girl clench her fists. "Hey, you could save the environment by using all that excess saliva that you spray on people to water the world's plants."

"Now, listen you… you."

"Bimbo? Thicko? Idiot?" Mimi grinned smugly. "I think you fit all of them perfectly, the second you decided to become a bully." She swung her knee up, crashing it in between the girl's legs and causing her to moan in pain. "I'm pretty sure that's where guys hurt. Am I right? I mean, I am a thicko." Mimi looked around the class and then back at the girl. "So, that makes you a guy. Doesn't it?"

The girl opened her mouth a few times, trying to prepare a comeback but never got the chance. Somebody leapt off one of the tables and flew through the air with their fist outstretched until it collided with the bully's face, knocking her to the floor. "That's what you get!" The ginger haired girl said with a note of triumph.

Mimi sighed, rubbing her head. "You always jump the gun, Sora." Bending down, Mimi brushed her hair backwards and looked at the girl on the floor. She now had a broken nose but still had that cruel look about her. Reaching into her purse, Mimi withdrew a carton of milk. "Got milk?" She poured it onto the girl and then stood back up.

"I had a few good ones left before that one, Sora. When am I ever going to use a Whoopie Cushion Mallet again?" Mimi turned to her friend.

Sora shrugged. "I didn't tell you to buy all that stupid stuff. I just wanted to hit her in the face."

The girl gasped heavily on the floor. "How dare you?" she spat.

Mimi linked Sora and they spun around. "Ciao!" Mimi waved over her shoulder and they walked towards the door.

As they reached the door, Mimi heard heavy footsteps and turned to see the girl trying to punch her. Thinking quickly, she withdrew the pie from her purse and smashed it into the girl's face. "Who really ate all the pies?"

"At least you got to use the cherry pie gag," Sora said, pulling the door open.

"I know, I'm so happy."

The class began to laugh as the girl struggled to get to her feet on the milky, pie covered floor. "You're too kind, really!" Sora said, waving. And then they all stopped. "Mimi, got any more pies in there?"

"You girls aren't in this class!"

They both spun to see the lecturer. "Erm, well, you see," Sora said slowly.

Mimi grabbed her hand, tugging her through the door past the lecturer. "Gotta dash!" They ran down the hallway laughing uproariously as they heard the girl splat back into the pies as she tried to get up again.

Doctor Kato looked at Hillary on the floor. "So…" He walked past her, avoiding the mess. "Today, we are studying the human body." And sat down at his desk. "Page three." He stuck his feet up, a small smirk managing to creep across his lips.

So I finally rewrote this because it was fairly well enjoyed and I thought it deserved some love. It is really silly and it stretches both Sora and Mimi in terms of characterisation but I think you change a little when you're protective of your friends. Although, Mimi does get a bit sadistic, eh? :P