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Rebecca Anderson was trudging home from school, her backpack laden with homework. This should have painted a rather dismal picture but Rebecca was feeling great.

They had gotten UIL results back that day and she had come in third place for writing. True it was not first place but she had met the other students that had beat her and was not at all surprised she hadn't been the best. She did better than she did last year at least and was quite content with her score.

"Those kids were freaking geniuses," she thought. "Or is it genii? Yeah I think it's genii."

At that moment she felt her phone buzz to life. She pulled it out and saw that her au pair, Jenny, had sent her a text.

"Pick up milk on your way home." It was a good thing she had texted her right then, the grocery store was just two blocks away.

The reason she had an au pair was quite simply her father was never around. Stan was a prominent business man, who worked for a well respected computer company. His division dealt with international trade, which led him to constantly travel and spend almost no time at home.

Rebecca tried not to resent this too much. She understood that for some people, their job was the most important thing. She was sure that if she were ever in trouble her father would demand some time off to come take care of it, but while she was safe and relatively happy he would put his job first.

On average, she figured he was home for maybe 7 days a month.

She picked up the milk and started for home, deciding to take a short cut. It wasn't exactly the best part of town but her backpack combined with the milk was getting really heavy. It was still plenty light out and it would cut her walk by more than ten minutes.

It really seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute she was walking down the street with no one in sight, the next, a black bentley pulled out of an alley way right in front of her.

It stopped in front of her, very effectively cutting off her path. Time seemed to slow down, and some instinct she hadn't been aware of took over. She could hear her blood pumping in her ears, feel her heart stutter and speed up. Her muscles tensed, and she knew it was no coincidence or mistake.

Whoever was in there was there for her.

She dropped everything she was holding and sprinted in the opposite direction. "It's not like I can take it with me," she thought grimly.

She had barely made it six steps before she felt someone tackle her from behind. That someone was huge. The wind was knocked out of her as she collided with the concrete below, and she scraped her arm trying to protect her face.

Whoever it was got off of her immediately and picked her up like she weighed nothing. She hadn't gotten her wind back yet, and before she could even attempt to scream, she was shoved into the trunk of the car.

She felt the car accelerate under her and peel off. One thought fought its way to the surface of her panicking mind.

"What the heck just happened?"

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