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That's right people I've took the old story down and decided to do a complete remake of The Hero and the Fox: Wind Waker.

Now I won't be able to update frequently considering that this is my senior year but I will try to work on the chapter when I can.

Also Naruto, Link and a lot of the other main characters will have their ages adjusted to match the story

Naruto: 17

Link: 17

Aryll: 16

Tetra: 17

So with that said lets get this show on the road!

Oh and I do not own The Legend of Zelda or Naruto but if I buy stock in their companies then technically I Will own them then.

This is just one of the legends of which the people speak A long time ago there existed a kingdom where a gold power lay hidden. It was a prosperous land blessed with green forest, tall mountains, and peace. But one day a man of great evil found the golden power and took it for himself. With strength at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom.

But then, when all hope died, and the hour of doom seemed at hand… Two figures appeared out of nowhere one green clad young boy and one orange clad young boy. One welding the blade of evils bane the other holding the sword of the sages (1) together they sealed the dark one away and gave the land light. These boys, who traveled through time to save the land, were known as the heroes of time. The tale of the two boys was passed down through generations until it became legend…But then…a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom.

The great evil that had thought to be forever sealed away by the heroes…once again crept fourth from the depths of the earth; eager to resume its dark designs. The people believed that the heroes of time would come again to save them… But the heroes did not appear.

Faced by an onslaught of evil, the people could do nothing but appeal to the gods. In their last hour, as doom drew nigh, they left their future in the hands of fate. What became of that kingdom…? None remain who know. The memory of the kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath. On a certain island it became customary to garb boys in orange and green when they came of age.

And this is where their story starts.

Outset Island

An island that is described as a tropical paradise comes into view. On it people were relaxing, fishing, or trying to catch a pig for some reason, but that's beside a point. Anyway all was peaceful on the island until…


(Well that was nice while it lasted)

a young girl with blond hair and pig tales was running looking for her brother and his friend the girls name was Ayrll otherwise known as the flower of Outset Island for her Beautiful appearance, Sunny Personality , and a heart warming laugh. "NARUTO KUN!" She yelled and then took out a telescope and saw the two blonds on the watchtower and bolted in that direction.

On the watchtower the two blonds were looking out at sea, well one was the other was sleeping. "I've known link for years and I still can't believe he's this lazy." The blond deadpanned as he watched link snoozing. The blond in question stood at "5'10" and had tan skin. His eyes were a shade of cerulean and his blond spiky hair, which had two bangs framing his face, was put into a small ponytail that hung over his right shoulder. He was none other than Naruto Uzumaki. The blond began to go back to watching the sea before he heard somebody climbing up the ladder.

"Oh!" Ayrll exclaimed as she came across the blonds "Naruto Kun there you are." Aryll happily chirped "have you seen… oh there he is." She said looking over to link that was just waking up.

"Onii-san do you know what day it is?" aryll asked with her cherry attitude "umm Friday?" link responded still out if it. "You're still half asleep aren't you? Onii-san it's your birthday" said aryll as links eyes widened. "Really I guess I must have forgotten." The blond said sheepishly while rubbing his hand behind his head."You know you should really get down there, grandmas been waiting for a while." The female blond spoke while pointing at the house.

"Okay naruto…you coming?" link asked to naruto who was looking back out at sea. "Actually I think im going to stay here for a while."

"Okay I'll be back in a little bit" link said as he went to see his grandmother. Afterwards aryll just stood there not knowing what to say to the blond. "So aryll how have you been?" naruto said trying to break the silence "good" aryll replied. Things have been uncomfortable since he had walked in on her showering and didn't know that she could get that red in the face.


"Link you here?" naruto asked walking through the hallway of link's house. The blond suddenly heard noise coming from the bathroom, thinking it was link brushing his teeth or something naruto didn't bother knocking and went in.

"Hey Li-"was all naruto got out before his jaw dropped. Instead of link brushing his teeth like he thought he found aryll whom was taking a shower. Her eyes were closed so she didn't see him but naruto saw every curve on her body that her usual dress hid. The way the water rolled down her neck to her perfect breast, down her toned stomach and finally in between her legs would forever be burned in his mind.

When aryll did open her eyes she saw naruto, still frozen in shock and red as a tomato, starring at her.

For awhile there was complete and utter silence until…

"KYA-AHH!" she screamed while attempting to cover herself and also breaking naruto out of his stupor. "a-aryll I-I-"unfortunately all naruto could get out was stutters while trying to back out the door. "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" she screamed while picking up random objects to throw at naruto.

He narrowly dogged while racing out of the house, when he was finally outside he saw he was running towards link. "Hey naruto what's wrong?" the pointy eared blond asked but naruto ran right past him.

"NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL!" naruto yelled not even bothering to look back and kept on running leaving link confused before he shrugged and walked back towards his house.

End Flashback

"Hey naruto you want to use my telescope?" she asked cutely while holding it out with one hand.

Naruto looked at it for a while before nodding. "Sure" naruto then used it to look for interesting spots on the island. While scanning the area he came across a woman holding a jar over her head, walking to her house, she wore a shin length pink dress with blue designs.

"Sue bell…" naruto thought to him. He always had a slight crush on her but because of the age difference he thought there was no chance.

Aryll knew slightly about his crush and always got a little jealous when ever he started looking at her.

Eventually link came back wearing a green tunic with white stockings and brown boots. In other words the fruitiest looking outfit he had ever seen in his life at first naruto let out a snort then a giggle then a full blown laugh.

"Oh my god is that a skirt?" naruto said between laughs as links face turned a bright red due to anger and embarrassment. Aryll had let out a few giggles. "Shut up and just so you know she made something for you too." naruto's laughing stops immediately as he shows him a orange outfit (2) "Uhh you really don't expect me to where that do you?" naruto asked trying to get out of wearing it. "Grandma made it." Was all link said before naruto shoved the telescope in his hand and goes down the ladder to change, grumbling all the way.

Link then decided to use it and was looking at random spots on the island. He then looked at his mailbox where the mail man had just finished making a delivery (3) but for some strange reason the mailman began flapping his wings and started to freak out."AHH WHAT IS THAT!" as aryll screams as a monstrous bird flew over the island.

Naruto, who rushed back up the ladder after changing, takes the telescope from link to get a closer look at the bird while looking he sees the bird carrying a girl" the girl in it's claw had dark tan skin, blond hair and slightly pointed ears. "Oh no is she dead?" Naruto thought to himself before he sees large boulders being flung at the bird. Looking out at sea he sees a pirate ship launching the boulders. By chance one of the boulders hits the bird in the side of its face and it dropped the girl into the woods of the island.

"Come on link lets go!" naruto told link that nodded but before they could start aryll stopped them. "But naruto, that's the forbidden woods." She tried to reason but naruto persisted "exactly which is why we have to get her." And before she could say anything else naruto and link climbed out of the watch tower and charged headfirst into the woods.

"Why is this place forbidden?" naruto asked link whom shrugged "I don't know its just that my grandmother always told me to be suspicious of this place." Link said as he swung his wooden sword over his shoulder (4) naruto saw this and picked up a random branch off the ground and decided to use it as a bo-staff.

After a few minutes of searching the boys finally found the girl, still alive, stuck in a tree but before they could do anything they could do anything several creatures ambushed them. Readying his branch naruto jabbed the nearest creature in the stomach before swinging it up and slamming it into the creatures temple. Link used his wooden sword to take out the next two by jabbing one's face before doing a spin attack while it was recovering. The two blonds quickly finished the rest off before they could do any real damage. "Okay now that tha-"naruto began before he was interrupted by the creatures exploding.

"Wait- what the fuck?" naruto said shocked "For reasons unknown all creatures tend to explode when you defeat them." Link explained not at all bothered by it. The boys then proceeded to walk towards the tree where the girl was held. She was just now coming about, being awoken by the explosions, and saw how high up she was. Startled, she began thrashing about causing the branch to break and her to land with a thud. Naruto cringed when she hit the ground and rushed over with link following. "OWWW!" she exclaimed while trying to get up when her eyes focused she saw naruto and link running towards her.

Her eyes focused on naruto first as a small blush overcame her face before she shook her head. "Hey you need a hand?" naruto offered her but she managed to get up on her own. She then looked at link, or more specifically his outfit "Hey what's with that getup?" link's face turned red "ah what ever so where am I?" she asked while looking around at her surroundings "your on Outset Island." Link answered getting a shocked look from the girl."OUTSET BUT HOW DID I… oh yeah that bird…" she stated but before she could say anymore she was interrupted by a loud voice coming out of the entrance.

"MISS TETRA!" said a overly masculine man who ran over to the trio and began to weep tears of joy "miss tetra im so glad your okay." The man wept betraying is appearance and confusing the boys. The now named tetra decided to get revenge on the bird and began to make for the exit. When she saw that the men were standing still she decided to get their attention.

"Well don't just stand there lets go! Time to repay our debt to that bird in full." She stated before turning on her heel and heading for the exit.

"Wait!" the man yelled before running after her and naruto and link looked at each other and sighed before running after them.

Well that wraps up the remake chapter and I think that this one is a lot better than the old one.

(1) Ganon's sword in Twilight Princess

(2) Narutos outfit from the original series (but don't worry new outfits come next chapter)

(3) Honestly the mail man in this game is the only one i like

(4) The Wooden Sword from Twilight Princess

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