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"Hello" Talking


"Hello"Spells/Attack/ the King of Red Lions.

Chapter 3: How to save the girl

Somewhere out in the Great Sea our heroic duos were lying down on a small wooden boat that was slowly drifting towards an island. Link was the first one to wake up and look around. The blond then saw naruto was still unconscious and decided to shake him awake.

"Wakeupboys"a voice came out of nowhere startling link and making naruto opens his eyes for a brief moment.

"Uhh what a crazy dream…" The whiskered blond spoke groggily before dozing back off, but not for long.

"WAKE UP!"The voice boomed making naruto snap his head up in surprise and making link shout in shock.

"Okay, Okay im up." Naruto said annoyed from being woken up by a voice that was coming out of no ware.

"Where are we?" Link asked as he looked around seeing nothing but water. Finally his eyes landed on a small island in the distance.

"Well have you two came to your senses yet?" The voice continued making the green clad blond sigh "And where is that voice coming from?" he asked as he looked around again trying to find the source of the irritating voice.

"Your both surprisingly dullwitted." Finally the blonds question was answered as the mast of the boat moved. Its neck moved around to reveal it was the boat talking the entire time.

Naruto and Link's jaws dropped simultaneously.

Allow me to introduce myself I am known as the King of Red Lions." The talking watercraft explained as the blonds still had there jaws on the floor of the boat.

"I have been watching you since you entered the forsaken fortress. While it was a bold attempt it was foolish." The red King of read lions lectured.I suppose you saw him the man commanding that bird. his name isganon."

"Whoa hang on are we talking about the same ganon who was sealed away by the heroes of time a long time ago?" naruto asked

"Yes "the boat, responded, "do you still wish to save your friend?""Of course we do." Link spoke up. "So let's gobut I am getting ahead of myself."The red boat sighed as the blond duo looked at him confused"What do you mean?" naruto asked, "Although I am the only boat who can speak the words of men I carry no sail."The king explained as the two blonds sweat dropped.

"But I have managed to carry you to Windfall Island so you can hopefully find a sail as well as some food for your journey."

Windfall Island

"So where are we supposed to find a sail anyway?" Naruto questioned link as the two walked towards a small market.

"Look there's a market up there maybe we can find somebody who is selling one up there." The pointy eared blond responded but before they could continue they were stopped by an old man running up to them.

"You two… are you warriors?" the strange man began before link responded "well I guess that would be right I mean we just came back from the forsaken fortress and…"

"WHAT!" the old man yelled interrupting link and startling "I knew it you two are warriors I knew it from the moment I saw you." He continued making the blonds back up slightly.

"Please! Please save my poor daughter! I beg of you! Here I stand, begging!" the old man pleaded making the duo back up even further before naruto interrupted.

"Okay we'll see what we can do." Naruto sighed while the old man began cry tears of joy making the duo back up even more. "So what's her name?"

"Maggie please save her." The man said before running off to sulk some where.

"Okay so link I think if we split up in the market we might be able to find the sail faster." Naruto suggested with link agreeing. When the two split up naruto headed towards the stands attempting to see if anyone was selling a sail and link began to ask people to see if he could get any results.

After walking around for a little bit naruto saw a huge house on the hill of the island "Wow whoever lives there must have alot of money.Maybe I can find a sail there!" The blond thought enthusiastically as he increased his pace towards the mansion.

Unfortunately naruto was too caught up in his thoughts to watch where he was going and crashed into somebody.

"Ow that hurt…" a female whined as naruto regained his bearings. When naruto looked up the first thing he noticed was a mop of orange hair with a flower in it. Her soft brown eyes gazing up into his as he got off the ground and offered her a hand up.

"Sorry about that." Naruto apologized sheepishly while the young woman got off the ground.

"That's okay it's my fault." She smiled back "my names Marin(1) what's yours?" the orangette inquired tilting her head to the side slightly. "Naruto Uzumaki" the blond responded back.

"So where were you going?" she asked before naruto pointed at the large building. "I was going to see if that guy had a sail I could borrow."

"I don't think he will let anybody in right now." Marin informed the blond.

"Huh, why not?" the blond inquired

"His daughter, milla, was taken from him a while ago and it really devastated him. But if you're looking for a sail I know of a man selling one." She spoke while heading off to the market. Naruto got the message and followed after her.

She had let him back to the market where they came upon a stand run by what looked like a tiny Eskimo.

"Hello my friend is looking to buy a sail for his boat." Marin asked to which he pulled out a small sail with a green design.

"Sorry unfortunately this is the biggest we have and I can sell it for you to sixty rupees."

"That's ok it's actually the perfect size." Naruto said while Marin developed a look of surprise on her face "wow It mus be a really small boat."

"Okay now that that's taken care of I just got to find link and we'll get out of here." Naruto said to himself before he turned towards the orangette.

"Well thanks for everything but its time to go, we'll come back soon." Naruto said before she walked up to him and hugged him.

"See you later whiskers." Marin said before she walked off.

Naruto stood there for a few moments before walking towards the shore.

"Why does everyone go for that?"

When the blond came back to the enchanted boat he where he found link waiting for him.

"I thought you were at the prison, how you get here?" naruto asked the green-garbed boy. "Hey link, found a sail."

"Cool, all I got though was this camera though." Link said while holding up the small box.

"Now that we have a sail we can finally get started with our journey. but before we can actually save your sister, Link, link there are certain items we require. The first is on Dragon Roost Island I'll tell you on the way. Now let's go while there is a west wind." The King of Red Lions informed the blond duo before they set up the sail. Once the sail was correctly set up the group dashed, with surprising speed, towards the next island.

(1) Marin from the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

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