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Pre A/N: This story is mostly in Maka's PoV. Some parts might be Soul, other characters or 3rd person.


Maka's Pov

I slowly opened my eyes to see a white ceiling and bright lights shining down on me. My hand moved to reach out and touch something soft and itchy on my forehead.

"The doctor says don't touch the bandages." someone said. I turned my head to see a boy with silvery, white hair and droopy, crimson eyes, watching me from a metal chair a few feet away from the bed I was laying in.

"Who are you?"

The boy looked at me, with a stunned expression on his features, "W-what do you mean who am I? We've known each other for years!" I raised an eyebrow,

"I don't remember you at all. So would you mind telling me your name?" The boy frowned in displeasure.

"I'm Soul Eater. You really don't remember me Maka?"

"Who are you talking to?"

"You! Your name is Maka!"

I narrowed my eyes in confusion. Is this Soul Eater guy crazy? Or is he telling the truth? Well, since I don't even remember my own name… I suppose I could trust him for now.

"Okay, Soul Eater… So where are we?" The albino huffed,

"We're in the hospital. You got hurt on our last mission. You got hit in the head pretty hard."

I was confused again. Mission? What was he talking about? I don't remember getting hit on the head…

The door to the room swung opened and a redheaded man ran in. "MAKA! MY SWEET ANGEL! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" I blinked in surprise,

"And… Who are you?.." The man's mouth dropped open and he pointed an accusing finger at Soul Eater.


Soul Eater rolled his eyes. "I didn't do anything to your precious Maka. She got hit on the head is all."

The redhead waved his arms around, "AND WHY DIDN'T YOU HELP HER?" Soul Eater stood up and huffed,

"I'm the one who brought her to the hospital!" I was starting to get annoyed. These two guys say they know me and start arguing right in this… Erm, what was it? The hospital room?

"Uh, Excuse me? Maybe you could EXPLAIN WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT?" The two of them looked at me. The redhead slumped down next to my bed,

"MAKA! YOUR PAPA IS HERE FOR YOU!" This man was my father? I would expect a father to be worried but… This was a little much.

"You're my father?" The redhead nodded vigorously.

"AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY DARLING MAKA!" Okay, this was starting to get weird. He was a pretty obsessive father, even if I was his daughter and I got a bump on my head. What a strange person…

The door swung open again and a man in a lab coat came into the room. He had circular glasses and a head of gray hair. But, what I found strange was, he had stitches all over his clothes and the skin I could see. And he had a giant screw in his head… Okay, that's definitely not normal.

"And who are you?" I said angrily. The random people coming in were starting to really piss me off. The man chuckled.

"You must have hit your head hard enough to have developed a case of amnesia."

The guy, Soul Eater looked up at the screw man with narrowed red eyes. "So that's why she doesn't remember anything?"

Screw man nodded. "She should get it back soon enough."

Hold on, wait a second. What the hell are these guys talking about? Sure I don't remember some stuff but that doesn't mean I got amnesia!

The door swung open yet again and a kid with blue hair and a star tattoo ran in. Damn! How irresponsible are these kids' parents? Tattoos and… Dyed hair? I don't think white and blue are normal hair colors. Not to mention this Soul Eater guy saying something about a mission. That sounded pretty dangerous to me!

"YOUR GOD IS HERE TO MAKE YOU ALL LOOK SMALL!" A busty girl with a long ponytail followed him in.

"Black Star, you shouldn't just charge into the hospital room! Maka might have been sleeping or the doctors could have been here making sure she was okay."

The kid with the blue hair, his name was Black Star right? Well, he looked over at the tall Japanese girl. "But Tsubaki! She wasn't asleep! And the doctors weren't in here!"

A girl with short blonde hair ran in and jumped on top of me. She hugged me tightly with a laugh. WHO THE HELL WERE THESE PEOPLE?

"MAKA-CHAN!" A girl who looked similar to the girl who was squeezing the air out of me came in, except taller and with a darker blonde color for her hair- and yelled,

"PATTY! GET OFF MAKA BEFORE YOU HURT HER!" The younger girl jumped off me and I sucked in a breath. A boy with pitch black hair walked in. I'm pretty sure those stripes were painted or something.

"Sorry Maka, how are you feeling?" I took in a deep breath, then yelled,

"WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?" Everyone who had just walked in looked shocked.

"HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM? I AM THE GREAT BLACK STAR!" The blue haired one yelled. I looked at him blankly. He was even more annoying that that redhead, my supposed father.

The girl with the long ponytail put a hand over her mouth and gasped. The black haired kid tilted his head slightly. I have to admit, it looked kinda cute.

"So you don't remember any of us?" I shook my head.

"I don't remember seeing any of you before in my life."

The albino, I remember his name, Soul Eater, sighed. "She has amnesia…" The redhead that was my father was whining about something… I know I heard my 'name' a lot coming from him. He was really a strange person. They all seemed a bit strange!

The screw guy chuckled, "We should probably reintroduce ourselves to our little mental patient." This pissed me off to no end.


Soul Eater huffed, "Yeah Professor, she's not mental like you. She just can't remember anything."

So he was a professor? Didn't seem like the kind of person who would be teaching any students. He has a friggin screw in his head for crying out loud! What kind of person would even allow this guy to teach at a school?

The kid with the blue hair started laughing and I rolled my eyes.


The girl with the long black ponytail bowed her head "I'm Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, his weapon partner." I blinked in surprise. Weapon partner, what? Were these all people who just escaped from some wack-job facility?

"B-but you're a human… How can you be a weapon partner?" Everyone started laughing at me and I turned a bright red. What was so funny?

"You really don't remember anything! How uncool!" Soul Eater smirked. I wanted to hit him in the head with something… But if I really did have amnesia and it would be bad of me to do that to him… Then they probably would think I was a mental patient.

"Would you mind explaining?" I said sourly.

Professor Screw-head chuckled "Well it would probably be easier to just show you, Ms. Albarn." So that was my last name? Albarn? Well, it seemed like a pretty nice last name… "Soul? Would you mind demonstrating?"


Soul's PoV

This was probably the most uncool thing that has ever happened to me. My meister got hit in the head during our last mission and now she can't even remember her own name! If I had been able to protect her, none of this would have happened.

"Soul? Would you mind demonstrating?" Professor Stein broke my thoughts and I quickly tried regaining my coolness.

"Uh, Yeah sure." I looked at Maka in the hospital bed and felt a pang of guilt. I could have protected her and I just let this happen… Well it did happen. Now I'll try my best to fix it!

I held out my arm and it curled into a scythe blade with red and black and a zigzag pattern. It must have startled Maka pretty badly. Because she screamed. Loudly.


Maka's PoV

My heart raced in my chest as I saw the blade curl from the albino, Soul Eater's arm. It glinted almost menacingly under the florescent light bulbs in the now crowded little hospital room. I sucked a quick breath into my lungs, and then let out a high pitched wail. Now I know that all these people are strange! They could turn into weapons that could slice someone open in an instant! I could hear my heart pounding in my ear drums when I stopped screaming. I could feel my eyes were wide with terror at the sight of the red and black blade connected to Soul Eater's shoulder.

He must have seen, and of course heard, how scared I was and the blade morphed back into his arm. He reached out to me and I shrank away from him as best I could.

"Maka, I'm not gunna hurt you…" I could feel that I was trembling from the frightening experience a few seconds ago.

"How do I know that? You could have just sliced me open without a problem!" I screeched. He looked a bit taken back by my accusation. I felt a soft hand on my other arm and flinched, still panicking over what I had seen. I turned my head to see the girl with the ponytail, her name was Tsubaki I think, resting a comforting hand on the top of my arm.

"Maka, it's okay. None of us would ever try to hurt you. You can calm down and relax." I knew she was a weapon too, but she seemed so nice… I knew I couldn't trust her because she could rip me apart like I was just paper whenever she wanted… But I still felt myself relax. I guess I could let my guard down… Since I supposedly lost my memory I shouldn't be picky about whom I accept…

I sighed, "Okay… I guess." The short blonde haired girl started laughing,

"I'm Patty! And this is big sis, Liz!" The taller blonde smiled slightly. The raven haired boy huffed,

"I'm their meister; my name is Death the Kid. I'm the son of Lord Death." Patty cackled loudly, and frankly, it sounded quite evil.

"Kid-kun is asymmetrical!"

Striped hair guy- uh, Kid, gasped and fell to the ground. He started cursing himself saying things like, "Asymmetrical garbage…" and "Worthless trash…" and etcetera. Was this guy serious?

"Uh…" I was thoroughly confused by his antics. "Is he okay?"

Soul Eater chuckled, "He has OCD." Well, I guess that explains his behavior… But if he's obsessed with symmetry then what's with the stripes in his hair? They don't seem very symmetrical to me…

Blue hair, uh… His name was Black Star right?- he was laughing at the boy on the floor. The tall blonde, Liz was her name, was trying to calm Kid down.

"Kid it's okay! You aren't asymmetrical trash!"

Patty laughed, "Soul-kun has to introduce himself now!" Soul Eater chuckled; my attention turned to the albino once again.

"I'm your weapon partner, Soul Eater. But you can just call me Soul."



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